GIFs: The thee unreal Henrik Lundqvist saves

October 11, 2015, by

It’s a quiet Sunday, so enjoy the gifs of the three ridiculous saves by Henrik Lundqvist last night, from nyrgifs.com.

And one of Hank digging through his pants to find the puck:

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  1. Bobby B says:

    That is why he is the KING! !!

  2. paulronty says:

    That display was one of the greatest goaltending displays of all time. Magic!

  3. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Incredible, but not at all surprising. For a decade now, we Rangers fans have been spoiled because we (or at least most of us) know we are watching a future HOF goaltender excel far more often than not. I predicted in the beginning of the season he would have a Vezina caliber season, and I think he will. Just a remarkable athlete and class act.

    Hank is THE reason why the Rangers have been legit Cup contenders these last few seasons, and THE reason why we are again and for the foreseeable future!

    • Walt says:

      this is becoming funny, you stole my thunder again Ed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      your absolutely right on the mark…….

  4. JoeS. says:

    Can we now officially end the ridiculousness that is “Henrik’s crazy contract”? Worth every penny I say!

  5. Mythdoc says:

    The windmill stop is my favorite, because it is the best “pure hockey play,” based on sublime ability at the position. The bad bounce dive save is instinct, while on the puck that got caught in his pads, if you look the shot was not on net. I’ll be happy we got all three! The guy is unreal.

  6. 43 says:

    The THEE?

  7. 43 says:

    For being “such a bad stick handler” that stick save was virtuoso stick work by The King.