HF: Skjei tops Rangers prospects

September 3, 2014, by

Leslie Treff at Hockey’s Future has updated her prospect rankings, and Brady Skjei has taken over the top of the list. That is different from Corey Pronman’s rankings, that had Pavel Buchnevich as the top prospect in the system (Skjei was ranked #4). Treff noted that Skjei has found some offensive upside in his game, and he is adding that to his already stellar defensive play. Buchnevich, Anthony Duclair, J.T. Miller, and Brandon Halverson round out the top-five.

Danny Kristo continues his slide, as the former top-ranked prospect barely cracked the top-ten. Dylan McIlrath fell, but mostly because of the serious knee injury he sustained. I do disagree with Treff on his blurb, as she noted the Rangers will likely use him as a third pairing defenseman. The Rangers already have a top-six and a few spare guys to fill that seventh role, so unless there’s an injury, McIlrath will get his much-needed playing time in the AHL.

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  1. frank cerbone says:

    Colorado had Halverson ranked as a 7th rder.
    McIlrath, I like a lot, but he is no more than a 3rd pairing defenseman and a wasted #1 pick.

    Skjei is a 3rd pairing defenseman, who lacks both a scoring touch and physicality to his game.
    Either Staal or Moore have to be moved for Skjei to make this team.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      That’s interesting because the people that watch kids like him from before they are drafted have him ranked as the Rangers top prospect. You must live in Minnissota and see him play every game to have that assessment.
      The teams management thought he could forgo this season in college to turn pro. He opted to play one more year at the collegiate level to hone his game a bit. He’s a gifted skater and has a nice shot from the point. He will play in Hartford next season and go from there. By then there will certainly be an opening on the Rangers blue line.
      McIlrath has to work on his skating. The Rangers drafted him to be a big presence on the back end. Likely on the bottom 4 and he’s only had a season of pro hockey. Give him a minute to adjust, jeez. No patience at all. Right now the team is set on the back end. No rush on either of those defenseman. If Staal is gone at some point Conner Allen is a perfect short term replacement at the least. He’s ready for the pros now but they want him to play. Not be a scratch as a 7th defenseman.
      I agree with Leslie Treffs assessment of the Rangers prospects. I haven’t seen much of Skjie but after a season he went from possible dissapointment to leading the farm. That kid is going to be a great 2nd pairing defenseman some day. His skating alone will make up for inexperience.

  2. Chuck A says:

    Good article – here’s the link, though I’m sure Dave embedded it.

  3. Al says:

    It’s starting to look like Ryan Malone will be in camp

  4. Crank Ferbone says:

    Just as I said, Kristo will never make this team. Too small, no passion or drive. Again Gordie Clark will get no blame for hiding poor drafting (Christian Thomas)with a botched trade. Clark had to have Kristo even though Gorton had found out Montreal was willing to deal left wing prospect Bratslav Korzecklislav for Thomas. Look up Korzecklislav on the Montreal
    prospects site. 22 year old kid, stands at 7 feet 2 inches and weighs close to 420 pounds. How many times have I said Clark wants
    a small team.

  5. Ryne Muller says:

    Rangers were considering Malone before signing Hayes, whose signing maxed out Ranger contracts at 50. What have you heard?

  6. frank cerbone says:

    SBNation had an article on Colorado’s appraisal of the the 2014 draft prospects.

    Colorado had Halverson ranked as a 7th rder & Iversen as a 4th rder.

    Colorado’s NHL prospects are much better than the Rangers. That is why Colorado can draft a Paul Stasny & Ryan OReilly!!! IN THE 2ND RD

    ONLY 12 people disliked my post?
    And now I have some person “Crank Ferbone” with a bogus post?

    I am so impressed with the TOTAL lack of hockey knowledge put out there.

    Do you think I made up that Skjei “1) plays soft for his size, not a hard nosed kid, 2) lacks offensive skills?

    Those comments all came out of “Central Scouting” and SBNation, but I guess no one has ever heard of Central Scouting or SBNation.

    • Bob says:

      Sbnation is a fan blog no. They’re not experts.

    • Paco 33 says:

      But what I want to know, since it’s acknowledged as the most accurate and objective indication of an 18 year old hockey player’s value, is how did Colorado rate Brady Skjei in the 2012 draft?

    • Walt says:

      Although I may disagree with you Frank on some of your posts, I dislike the personal nature of some of the others who may think they know it all!!!!!

  7. paulronty says:

    It’s clear that Mr. Cerbone suffers from a clear case of NPD for which there is no cure. I refer to individuals with this affliction as “brain blind.” They can lead a productive life however in the financial industry, politics or in Hollywood.

  8. Spank Hisbone says:

    Bogus names now? This is getting really childish!

  9. Dave says:

    Guys, fake names isn’t right. Disagree all you want, and I disagree with about everything Frank says, but no need for that. Keep it civil.

  10. frank cerbone says:

    “Crank Ferbone” not bogus?????

  11. Chris "the draft bust" Kreider says:

    Pfft . Frank obviously knows what he’s taking about

  12. Dave says:

    Side note: I know who it is with the fake names. Cool it.

  13. voidoid says:

    Fogarty just got named a captain for the Irish:

  14. frank cerbone says:

    Fogarty is 6-2, 195, a right handed shot, but very raw according to Hockey’s Futures. Wonder if he could attand one of the “power skating” schools a number of Rangers have attended…. or is that forbidden to college players