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Pronman: Buchnevich, Duclair atop prospect list

August 19, 2014, by

Per Corey Pronman (subs. req’d), Pavel Buchnevich and Anthony Duclair sit atop the Rangers prospect list this year. Although the Rangers are ranked 28th in the league (by Pronman), it’s worth noting this nugget:

Following the graduation of several top prospects, dealing away top picks and the simply fine development of some of their early-round picks, the Rangers’ system is a little light at the moment.

The Rangers are at a point in their system where they’ve seen a lot of talent hit the NHL level, and they have a bit of a gap before the next crop hits. While they don’t have the top-end talent, they certainly have guys that can plug holes:

The Rangers may not have a strong system, but they do have potential plug-in options in case of injury to their veteran roster. Kristo, Lindberg, Fast, Haggerty, Dylan McIlrath and Allen could all reasonably find ways to get into the lineup, although all probably in depth roles.

I didn’t have Danny Kristo in my Top 25 Under 25, but Pronman had him in the top-three prospects. That’s the beauty of prospects.

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  1. Chuck A says:

    I guess we take a #28 ranking as a euphemism for “the Rangers are doing fine” for the future.

    • Dave says:

      The reason why the system is so low is because they’ve graduated/developed a ton of solid players recently. When that happens, the cupboard needs to be restocked.

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        That’s true Dave we have graduated a lot of talent to the NHL level and have some unproven talent. like Linberg & Fast who have yet to hone their skills to the North American ice.

        I find that ranking to be bogus and not many teams can show the kind of talent the Rangers have without a 1st round pick 3 years in a row. Including next year. Something I feel Sather should be looking to get back into. With the way the press is compairing the 15 draft to some of the best of the past.

        Sather and his staff do well at finding talent in the 2nd and middle rounds. I also think the depth added to Hartford especially at Center. Combine that with a full year of playing together Linberg, Kristo, Fast, and others will have breakout seasons in Hartford. My money is on Skjei turning pro towards the end of this season. He’s filling into his body and getting stronger. He will end up being the future offensive defenseman sites claim the Rangers lack. Along with a 2 way ability.

  2. Frank Cerbone says:

    You should have a couple of people graduate from each draft class make it to the NHL.

    Lsst guys to make it from the NHL draft was Miller from 2011, Kreider from 2009

    Out of fourteen #1 picks since Sather was brought
    on board Staal, Kreider, Hagelin, & Miller are the only #1 picks still with the team,

    Not even average record.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      It’s true that Sather and management had a different phylosophy than the one they use today. Since 2008 he’s used the draft to build the team on the fly. Not like a full on rebuild like Pitt, Chi, and Fla, and Buffalo are currently working on. Sather never had 3-5 top 10 draft picks to develop. Forget about pre 2008 and look at his body of work since.

      He also gets advice from scouts and assistants says well. Every team has draft busts. Look on NHL.com at past drafts by year. Even just the 1st round from 04′ to now and look at how many players you never heard of because they never played an NHL game.

      I hope we get Hayes. Give him an opening night spot and if he can’t play D or looks overmatched in the NHL then send him to Hartford. He could always round out his game and make it back up for a late season cameo.

  3. Frank Cerbone says:

    Oops, forgot Hagelin & Stepan were not #1 picks, and Talbot was an undrafted free agent

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Never mind those ridiculous comments. Sather has changed his building phylosophy.