Zuccarello wants term, not dollars

According to Norweigan reports, RFA winger Mats Zuccarello is more interested in staying with the Rangers and winning than he is with getting top dollar. Per the translated article, Zuccarello is looking for 3-4 years on his contract, but doesn’t want to hamstring the Rangers with his salary. Naturally talk is one thing, but if Zucc follows through and signs a team-friendly deal, then this helps the Rangers retool in an offseason where they will see significant turnover.

8 Responses to “Zuccarello wants term, not dollars”

    • my words exactly and you beat me to it. How can you not love this guy !!!!!!!!!!!! Looking for my Zucc jersey today 😉

  1. If true,GREAT!!! But always remember,’….when they say it’s not about the money, it always turns out to be about the money.’

    • Yup. This has to be filed under “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder.

      • Honestly, this seems perfectly reasonable to me. If you give a hockey player a choice, an eight figure contract and a Stanley Cup, or a nine figure contract and no Cup, surely some of them would opt for the former.

        If you give Zucc a fair but not exorbitant four year contract, he is set for life. Why shouldn’t the next priority be a winning team instead of even more money?

  2. This guy loves the city, team, players on it, and wants to stay. That is great news, and I hope Slats gives the guy the term, and a nice raise to boot, to stay for four years!!

  3. What an amazing turnaround. Early in the season I had very serious doubts that he had a place on a team with Cup aspirations. I could not have been more wrong. Whether it was with Kreider & Stepan when Nash was hurt or with Pouliot & Brassard for the rest of the year, his line was our most consistently effective. He was easily our #3 MVP behind McD and Hank. He’s exactly the kind of player an organization makes a commitment to. Sign him for 4 years at, what, $3.5 per and count our blessings.