Brooks: Rangers may target Mark Fayne, Ryan Carter

June 30, 2014, by

Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers may target ex-Devils Mark Fayne (27-year-old right-handed defenseman) and Ryan Carter (30-year-old left-handed center). It is assumed that Carter could feasibly replace the minutes played by the soon-to-be-departed Brian Boyle, and Fayne could replace the minutes played by the surely-to-receive-a-ridiculous-contract Anton Stralman.

Looking at Fayne first, compared to Stralman, there’s a noticeable difference in relative CF% and in quality of teammates. Fayne would more or less be a poor-man’s Stralman. The good thing is that Fayne is 6’3″ and 215 lbs, so he’s a big body that the Rangers could really use on the blue line. He can also move pretty well for a guy his size. That said, he’s not a bruiser. Here’s how he compares with Tom Gilbert, another potential poor-man’s Stralman.

As for Carter, we know him well from the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals. He did pretty well in a mismatch against the Rangers fourth line. He’s got some speed, some nastiness, and some halfway decent size (6’1″, 200 lbs). He can chip in offensively too. Here’s how he compares to Boyle. For the fun of it, here’s how he compares to Boyle and Dominic Moore.


  1. Rangers Fan in Boston says:


    Just curious, why does this site prefer Corsi over Fenwick? Isn’t Fenwick generally preferred over larger sample sizes as it is considered a better measure of possession?

  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Clayton Stoner, David Bolland, Joel Rechlicz, Ryan Carter, Tom Gilbert and Devin Setegouchi are players I think the Rangers are looking at

  3. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Cup board is bare this year but Setegouchi is probably the best fit for the Rangers

  4. Walt says:

    I still like the idea of Fayne on our team. He didn’t have a great collection of D-men playing with him in NJ, but I believe he can do a nice job with our crew. I also like his SIZE!!!!!!!

  5. Frank Cerbone says:

    Rangers won’ target right side 31 yr old defenseman Tom Gilbert as they already have 2 right side defenseman 30 yrs old in Girardi & Klein.

    As I have posted before, 27 yr old right side defenseman Fayne & 30 yr old left side puck moving defenseman Benoit.

    Setoguchi is a possible right handed 27 yr old RW thatmight be a replacement for Pouliot

  6. supermaz says:

    Just let the kids play, cheaper and probably better than journeymen retreads.

  7. Spozo says:

    Nashville did not give Del Zotta a qualifying offer. He’s a UFA now.

  8. Bloomer says:

    Carter, Fayne like em. 2 other players I like to see on the Rangers radar, Jarrett Stoll and Colin Fraser they bring some moxie to the table that the Rangers need.

  9. Chris F says:

    Assuming a Stralman, Boyle, Pouliot departure, we’re looking at some pretty substantial holes:

    1) Either legitimate #1 C, or at least a solid 2-3 depth C;
    2) A top 4, RH defenseman;
    3) A top-6 LW who can create traffic and drive the net;
    4) Multiple 4th line wingers (calculating the loss of Dorsett and likely departure of Carcillo).

    If they give Lindberg an opportunity as a bottom 6 C, along with Moore (hopefully) that’s a “from within” solution to the Richards hole. It’s risky, but the kids gotta play sometime.

    Miller hopefully can step in for Pouliot, another “from within” plug.

    Then I can see the team targeting a top-4 RH D. But hopefully not Boyle. Additionally they go after some 4th line depth pieces.

    However, they need to weigh the options and the price, and if they don’t have a strong candidate in mind in the free agent market, then they really need to pursue Stastny or at least Grabovski.

    The loss of Stralman, Pouliot, and Boyle frees up some cash.