Rangers trade Derek Dorsett to Vancouver

June 27, 2014, by

The Rangers have traded winger Derek Dorsett to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for a third round pick (#85) in this year’s draft. With the cap rumored to be around $68 million, the Rangers needing to sign some key UFAs and RFAs, and the emergence of Dan Carcillo as a viable option for the fourth line (plus a few bottom-six kids that may be ready), Glen Sather felt the need to shed payroll a bit. Dorsett was a productive Ranger, but the $1.63 million cap hit for a fourth line player was expendable.

Dorsett played 51 games with the Rangers after his trade from Columbus, putting up a line of 4-4-8 and 128 PIMs.

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  1. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I hope they take a very hard and long look at Kyle Beach as his replacement. If so I like the trade

  2. mikeyyy says:

    I expect more of this as we need to stock the cupboard.

  3. SalMerc says:

    This may be the first of a few moves as Slats reviews salary, line-up and value. We have a highly paid goalie, an expensive defender and big contracts with Nash/Step/MSL. Since we had to overpay (based on average salary) for some of these, Slats must begin to underpay in other areas. If he sees 3 kids making the team, then they may be the under-paid. If we sign a Stastny, we may need 6 rookies on the team.

  4. Stve says:

    Dorsett played hard to the puck every time he was out on the ice. Watching him in the playoffs, he never seemed to be all that good of a skater. A 3rd round pick is good value and nice to reclaim some additional space under the cap for other moves.

    Any thoughts on what this might mean for Carcillo? Based on the roster as it currently exists. this team is pretty soft.

  5. Johnny Red says:

    I’m posting this in hopes Ranger fans will wake up and see this team for what it is under Sather’s leadership. In 15 years this man has made only a handful of good moves while trading away draft picks, getting older players and signing free agents for too much money. Tell me what team in any sport would not have fired him years ago!! In 15 years we have 1 trip to cup finals, (which cost 2 1st round picks for a 39 year old player who’s best days are behind him)and 1 to Eastern finals. That’s something to be happy with? Don’t make me laugh. Wake up fans, stop going to games and buying their stuff and maybe Dolan will finally get rid of this man. Just look back yourselves and see how little he’s done all these years!!!!!!!

  6. Johnny Red says:

    Also no 1st or 2nd round pick last year, no 1st this year and no 1st next year! Is that how you build a team and stock your farm teams for the future? I don’t think so!!! In a salary cap era you have to be able to bring young players up when you lose guys who become free agents.