Should the Rangers trade negotiating rights of Boyle / Stralman?

June 26, 2014, by
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Based on the comments made by both Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman, it looks like both will be playing in different uniforms next season. Boyle has said he is looking for a bigger role –likely a third line role with less defensive zone starts– and won’t get that in New York. Stralman is looking for “security” for his family, which is code for “money and term.”

We haven’t heard much about the ongoing negotiations with Boyle’s camp, but the Stralman negotiations aren’t going so well. Stralman wants more money and –likely– years than the Rangers are willing to offer. Considering Nikita Nikitin’s absurd deal ($4.5 million for a marginal defenseman is indeed absurd), Stralman is likely getting at least that, and probably more, over a longer term. That’s too expensive for the Rangers.

With the draft just one day away, it makes you wonder if the Rangers should pursue trading their negotiating rights to recoup draft picks.

In trading their negotiating rights, the Rangers will communicate to the fans that these two players are no longer in their plans for the future. That’s a decent risk, as both players were important to the run to the Stanley Cup Final this year.

However, it is also an attempt to recoup the draft picks. The Rangers had five picks last year, four the year before, and are looking at four picks this year. All of those traded picks have led to a bit of a bare prospect cupboard.

Boyle may not fetch more than a late round pick, but Stralman should fetch something interesting, perhaps upwards of a third round pick (Dan Boyle fetched a fourth rounder, and Stralman is considered a prize this offseason). Adding a pair of picks to either this year’s or next’s draft will be critical to a team that is in the middle of three straight years without a first round pick.


  1. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Question is, why wouldn’t they?

  2. Tim b says:

    Trade Stralman for a 2nd and Boyle for a 4th or 5th. Then replace Boyle from within

  3. Ray says:

    I think it’s too late. Haven’t we got to the time when all of the teams are allowed to talk to all of the free agents? What good are negotiating rights at this point? Regarding Boyle, the Islanders got to talk to him before anyone else got in.

    • Dave says:

      They can talk but they can’t sign, and they can’t talk specifics. Technically they aren’t supposed to have verbal agreements, so if there’s “interest from multiple teams,” this still gives one team the edge.

  4. Chris F says:

    I’m not sure anyone would trade picks for negotiating rights considering free agency is just a few days away.

    Might be worth some very late rounders just to get that first offer in, but I wouldn’t part with anything too meaningful just to get a couple extra days of negotiations in.

  5. SalMerc says:

    We needed to make this decision a week ago. As we move within hours of the draft and days away from full free agency, I cannot see too many teams trading away anything more (at this late stage) than a 5th rounder.

  6. Walt says:

    If I were a GM, I’d wait for the July 1 date and go from there. Why in the world would I give anything for these guys, without knowing that I’ll be able to sign them in the first place? This should have been an option the day after the SCF!!!!! Again a day late, and a dollar short!!

  7. Frank Cerbone says:

    Rangers are done if they lose both Stralman & Pouliot. May not even make playoffs next season.

    Fall back position is not a good one-basically RW Setoguchi & right side defensemen Fayne or Benoit.

    • Bloomer says:

      Fayne stock is on the rise, I like him as a defenceman and always good thing signing a rivals players. The Rangers have a lot of Setoguchi type players on their roster, I rather see them make a play for Bolland.

  8. rich says:

    how about Dylan mcylrath for cam fowler?

  9. rich says:

    Glen Sather for anyone. Even a water bottle!!!