Lavoie: Talks with Stralman not going well

June 26, 2014, by

Per Renaud Lavoie, talks between the Rangers and UFA defenseman Anton Stralman are not going as planned. The Rangers are allotting $4 million to Stralman, but it definitely seems that Stralman will get north of $4.5 million, probably closer to the $5 million that Andrew MacDonald got from Philadelphia. If AMac’s contract wasn’t enough proof, Nikita Nikitin got $4.5 million from Edmonton after trading for his rights. Nikitin, mind you, is nowhere near a $4.5 million defenseman, but that’s the market.

All signs point to Stralman getting an enormous contract elsewhere.


  1. Gary says:

    Goodbye Anton. Thank you for the great playoff run. He was rescued off the scrap heap and Tortorella’d into becoming a serviceable D. Good for him, but the Rangers don’t need to play a ridiculous market. They do need to find another Stralman though; someone to come in and benefit from the already strong D ahead of him the way Stralsie did.

    Love to see McIlrath ready and/or Connor Allen. But they may need to look elsewhere for a minor trade.

  2. Walt says:


    Your right, he was a piece of junk, and became a decent player on this team. He was made to look good because he skated with Staal, and had Hank there to cover up any mistakes.

    Anton, farewell, go someplace else and show how marginal you really are. Good luck, you will not be missed. Next season when we win the cup, you won’t be there to enjoy it all!!!!!

    • Chris F says:

      While I’m fine with letting him walk if he’s making excessive demands, I think it’s revisionist to suggest Staal made him look good. Stralmans numbers are impeccable and to be honest Staal was fairly mediocre this year.

  3. SalMerc says:

    All the more reason to play our young defensemen.

  4. Chris A says:

    I figured this was going to happen. Philly screwed the market again (shocker!).

    Oh well, I think the Rangers can get by without Stralman. Likely have to keep Diaz on a one year deal for depth. Also need to bump Klein up into the top 4 and hope that McIlrath or Connor Allen are ready to play some NHL minutes this year.

    The thing that really scares me is what will Staal command after next season? I assume a Girardi contract ($5M cap hit) will do the trick. Of course, the Rangers could ship out Staal this summer and sign Stralman instead.

    • mattimar says:

      Need to trade Staal while they can. tough to lose 2 dmen but cannot afford to have guys like Staal and Stralman making 5MM, even if that is the market.

  5. paulronty says:

    To listen to some people Stralman was the second coming of Bobby Orr–talk about exaggeration & overhype. Give every GM in the league the choice of Staal or Stralman & who do you think they take? Like Prust & Cally before him, adios and you will be replaced.

    • Chris A says:

      I think you are probably correct. The thing that scares me is that Staal seems to be trending downwards while Stralman is trending upwards. It’s hard to tell who was making who look better on that second pair.

      The advanced metrics point to Stralman. Staal has the shinier pedigree and longer positive track record.

      Also, guys like Prust and Cally are very replaceable. D men that can play 20 minutes per game at a high level, aren’t as easy to replace. This is a huge decision and is going to shape the next 4-5 years.

      • paulronty says:

        I hear you, but the fact that AV lauded Staal all year tells me that AV thinks he’s really good, not-wistanting what the metrics say. Staal also was coming back with two serious injuries which likely affected his early progress.

  6. Frank Cerbone says:

    If Stralman leaves, get Staal out of here.
    Staal is close to being a minus defenseman with Stralman and a BIG MINUS defenseman with everyone else.

    Klein can be moved up to a top 4 pairing, but neither Girardi nor Klein have done well in pairing with Staal. Staal needs a mobile right side defenseman who is excellent at making the outlet pass. Staal has always struggled at getting the puck out of his own.

    Remember when Del Zotto was like a plus 20 playing the left side with Stralman-2 defensemen good at getting the puck out of their own end.

    Oh well, with Stralman gone, maybe Rangers will go after Gilbert or Benoit.

    Sather really blew this with Stralman. Those of us who have been pleading Stralman’s case all year knew Stralman was better than Staal for the 3rd year in a row and Stralman would be a bargain at $2.5-$3 mil.

    Well, the rest of the NHL now knows Stralman is a real solid 27 yr old defensemen.

    Now it looks like both Stralman & Staal will be gone & Lundquist will really have a pretty ordinary defense crew in front of him.

    Goodbye playoffs & goodbye Sather.

  7. FrankCerbone says:

    So Benoit, Fayne, or Gilbert are Ranger options for UFA defensemen.

    However, that assumes that Sather has half a brain left after losing Stralman & ridiculously underestimating his skills.

    Finally, if Stralman leaves, that means Sather probably has a poor opinion of Hagelin’s value to the team as well.

    I’m sure Lundquist will be heard at some point in time and maybe Lundquist will want out of New York.

  8. Frank Cerbone says:

    I don’t see anyone producing any NHL stats showing Staal is anything more than a 27 yr old journeyman defenseman who has peaked and rides on the coat tails of Stralman & Lundquist.

    Where are the stats?

  9. Frank Cerbone says:

    Google defines journeyman as a sports player who is reliable but not outstanding

    Wish I didn’t have to teach English as well having to explain strategy, budgeting, and basic finance.

  10. ranger17 says:

    Gilbert Stoner Benoit . Stoner i think is the toughest , but Gilbert could be had for 2M per for say 2 or 3 yrs

  11. Frank Cerbone says:

    If Sather loses both 27 yr olds Stralman & Pouliot, he might as well as pack his bags and leave town.

    Both guys could have been resigned earlier before the playoffs, but Sather is not the brightest light in the forest.

    Ask your guys to have great years, and when they start playing great don’t resign them….wait til the end of the season when they can file for UFA status. Sort of like closing the barn door after the horses have already left.

    Real smart, real smart.