Strang: Rangers interested in Dan Boyle

June 25, 2014, by

Per Katie Strang, the Rangers are one of multiple teams who have shown interest in defenseman Dan Boyle. Boyle –a right-handed shot– is coming off a 12-goal, 36-point season with the Sharks, where he spent the last six seasons. What we know about Boyle is that he is an offensive defenseman that excels on the powerplay, and could probably serve as a powerplay QB for the Rangers on the short term. What we also know is that he is 38 years old and would be a risk on a multi-year deal. It’s why the Isles passed after acquiring his negotiating rights from San Jose.

Boyle would certainly slot it nicely if Anton Stralman leaves, but the questions around his foot speed and his ability to keep up with faster forwards would need to be addressed. He’s not a tire fire in his own zone or from a possession standpoint, but speed is the game now, and speed is Alain Vigneault’s system. Plus, he might cost a pretty penny.


  1. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    I thought he passed on the Islanders, having no intention to play for them.

    A two year deal is the most I’d go, but due diligence is needed to make sure he fits the system.

    • Dave says:

      Nah, he passed because they wouldn’t go for two years.

    • Mark says:

      No question Boyle doens’t want to play for the Islanders, nobody seems to want to play for them! However that is where Nash needs to go and we need to take the 5th pick in the draft that Snow wants to give up along with Grabner and a prospect, Grabner would also replace Boyle on the PK since there is no question Moore wants to be a Ranger and take a discount unlike Boyle. Forget another 38 year old player who is slow that is not what we need! Build more speed on this team more than we had before and nothing can stop us! Picking up Stastny would be a great way to spend Richards and Nash money!

  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Nooooooo….move on…we do not need another small over aged player on this team

  3. mikeyyy says:

    Isn’t the real question in all of this

    Can we trust and develop our youth on the big stage?

    Diaz fits this role, you need to give him the green light to roam.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Hard to argue. The only thing I’d say is if we’re always clamoring for a PP QB, isn’t it worth a look at a player that may fill that role? Otherwise I’d dismiss him pretty quickly.

      • Dave says:

        Was talking to Fear the Fin (Sharks blog). They said that Boyle would need sheltered EV minutes, but is still a monster on the PP. Figure he would be a Marc-Andre Bergeron type.

        • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

          So pretty much replace Klein’s minutes as he moves up to the second pairing with Staal.

    • Frank Cerbone says:

      Not replacing 27 yr old Stralman with 39 yr old Boyle making Brad Richard’s money at $6.7 mil. Probably means Ranger’s losing Pouliot as well.

  4. Frank Cerbone says:

    Never happen; Rangers have Girardi, Klein, McIlrath under contract, with Stralman, Diaz having contracts expiring.

    How many right handed defensemen do you need?

    Boyle at $6.7 mil replaces Richard’s contract & forces rangers to lose, Stralman (ony 27) & probably Pouliot..

    Does not compute.

  5. Walt says:

    Here we go again!

    We are in cap trouble, in dire need of a quality #1 center, and we’re looking at an over the hill old fart, for big money no less, what are we thinking????? Worst case use Diaz, quicker, younger, cheaper, and gives us options with the cap. NO NO NO NO, stay away from him!!!!

  6. Frank Cerbone says:

    Rangers best served resigning 27 yr old Stralman for four years.

    In 2 years maybe Rangers move Girardi or Klein & Rangers promote someone else to replace them.

    That person is not currently in the organization. Hopefully, Rangers will draft a right side defenseman in this draft and McIlrath is traded (terrible draft pick, but a tough guy who might be able to play 3rd pairing minutes this season). If there was an opening on the right side-there is not.

    39 yr old Boyle does not compute money wise.

  7. Bloomer says:

    Stralman has one goal in the last 100 plus games. I rather see the Rangers sign D Boyle for a couple million more as he can work the point and improve the PP. Stralman is highly overrated in my books.