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Breakup day notes: Stralman, Boyle could be goners

June 16, 2014, by

Today was breakup day for the Rangers, and there were some interesting quotes from some of the players, and not all were good.

Dan Girardi suffered a broken pinkie in Game Two against the Kings, per Andrew Gross. I thought he was hurt, but I thought he was more banged up.

Anton Stralman said that his family and security are his primary concerns, per Seth Rothman. That sounds like someone who is looking for a big deal, and it may not come from the Rangers. As for Brian Boyle, Rothman also quoted Boyle saying he would like more responsibility. Boyle’s role with the Rangers will continue to be the same, if he stays. Losing one or both of these guys would be a big blow to the Rangers.

Per Larry Brooks, Cam Talbot suffered a broken hand during warmups of Game Six against Montreal. Talbot, who relieved Hank in Game Five of the same series, did not participate in warmups or practices following the Eastern Conference Final. There were rumors that he was hurt during Game Five, which wouldn’t have been surprising considering it was his first action in two months. It is assumed he will be good to go by next season.

One final note: Thomas Spelling, the Rangers 5th round pick in 2012, is now an unrestricted free agent. The Rangers decided to pass on signing him by the June 1 deadline. This isn’t really surprising news, as he bounced around the Euro leagues following his draft year.

"Breakup day notes: Stralman, Boyle could be goners", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.


  1. joe719 says:

    Look, losing Boyle or Stralman would be a blow. But if you are going to overpay somebody to stay; these are not the 2 you do that with. They might be able to be replaced from within; if we believe AV’s idea that prospects need to get into the lineup. Both the Thorton boys (I know, they’re not related) are said to be available; Joe in San Jose and Shawn in Boston. Also Spezza is out there. Should we have any interest in any of them?

    • bayman says:

      I can see Joe Thornton as the guy to bring out the best in Nash. I took some abuse on another post for suggesting he might be of interest, but the Boston Globe reports today the Rangers are interested in him.

      • Chris F says:

        I don’t particularly care for either of those guys, to be honest.

        Thorton, Joe is another aging vet that this team has had far too many of already.

        And, Shawn, well, I just don’t like him. That Orpik incident and his antics against Montreal really turned me off.

        • joe719 says:

          I agree Chris, but if they don’t resign Carcillo, he might be an interesting option for one year; even at 35. Without Carcillo in the lineup, there’s not a lot of snarl there. I just read where Aaron Rome is being bought out by Dallas. He was in Vancouver for 3 years before Dallas; although I don’t know if AV coached him. He might be of interest as a 6th or 7th D man.

          • Chris F says:

            If Stralman walks, we’ll certainly need a replacement, even if not specifically for Stralman’s role, for sure.

        • Chris A says:

          From everything I’ve read this year, Shawn Thornton’s legs are gone. Boston wasn’t scratching him because he is essentially the team mascot. He will be 37 this summer, there’s a good chance he’s another Aaron Asham at this point in his career.

          I’d pass.

          PS. Orpik had that coming. You can only take runs at players for so many years before someone makes you pay the piper. It was ugly when it happened but it was deserved.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      A couple months back, I was saying the same thing on these boards. Not necessarily advocating that we should go for him…. more to the tune of “I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sather acquire Joe Thornton for a few reasons.”

      – He meshed well with Nash in the 2010 Olympics… worth considering given Nash’s struggles to find the scoresheet in the playoffs
      – Successful and productive power play center
      – Bonafide #1 center
      – Sather has been known to chase big name centers in the past (albeit usually via free agancy, not trade)

      At the end of the day, Thornton would help our team. The question is a matter of cost to acquire him, and age/term left on deal. If he doesn’t work out, 3 years at ages 35/36/37 might be painful at a 7 mil cap hit.

    • Walt says:

      No to Joe, maybe yes to Shawn??

      Joe has never been a big time player, regular season great, but PO not so. As George Steinbrenner once called Reggie Jackson Mr Oct, and Dave Winfield Mr April, or something like that. That applies to Joe, Mr Sept!!!!

      Shawn is a tough player who can score on occasion, but I believe that AV wouldn’t want to have him on the roster, too much baggage?????

  2. SalMerc says:

    Thorton is an overpaid, overage vet. Right is Sather’s wheelhouse.

    As far as Strallman and Boyle, I only sign Stralman if I find a way to move Stall.

    Boyle, as much as he is a stud, cannot be paid like a 2nd line center if we use him as a 4th line center and PK expert. Just have to spread the dollars farther.

    Sather usually finds a way to sprinkle in 1 or 2 kids (JT/Fast/etc), a guy who wants to prove himself on the cheap (see Zucc/Pouliot) and a past star who thinks his career can be re-vitalized in the NYR sweater.

    • mattimar says:

      Keep Stralman and Boyle, Trade Staal, sign Niskanen if he can and get another Center after letting Richards go.

  3. Walt says:

    I know that there are plenty out there who aren’t big fans of Boyle, but I for one would hate to see him go. No way we pay over $2-2.3 per season for a 4th liner. He has played well for us, but in a cap era, he sees a big pay day, and will walk.

    Strahlman is a bit harder to replace, but there are kids in the system that will be given a shot to earn a place on the roster.

    In any case, if both walk, I for one will thank them for their service, and wish them all the best, in the western division!!

  4. paulronty says:

    I’m fine with letting Stralman walk, just as I was fine trading Callahan because these guys are looking for the big payday and they aren’t worth it. There are some really good kids in the system and they deserve a chance. I would do Boyle at 2 mil no more and I’m still not a Pouliot fan, it’s Miller time there.

  5. Ray says:

    Unless he has a better option, I think Sather will pay Stralman a lot of money. It’s a poor free agent year, the Rangers have more free agents than most teams, and the Rangers have relatively few tradeable assets. It isn’t a question of whether or not to overpay – it’s a question of where. You can’t let a good top four defenseman walk with nobody in reserve. That being said, if Sather wants to restructure the top four, say to make it bigger and tougher, there’s no easier route than replacing Stralman.

  6. frank cerbone says:

    About a wee ago there was a posting with Corsi Puck Possession Stats, Stralman was the best Rangers defenseman at driving puck possession. By the same token, every Ranger defenseman that played with Stralman had their stats improve dramatically.

    The Ranger defenseman that had the BY FAR worst puck possession stats without Stralman was Staal.

    So if Stralman goes, Staal goes. He’s one year away from being a UFA anyways.

    Starting from scratch, Klein would have to get a new partner, and maybe McIlrath pairs up with John Moore. Lundquist will have a stroke if Stralman goes.

    The sports commentators on the Ft Myers feed down here in Ft Myers, FL said all along Stralman was a top 4 defenseman, but Sather traded 2 draft picks for unused Raphael Diaz & Justin Falk anyways

    • frank cerbone says:

      Let’s see; Del Zotto is a +20 with Stralman; Staal is a minus 4 with Strlmn who islike a plus 16

    • mattimar says:

      Seems like the rangers should be able to get a player and a prospect for Staal if he really is a top 4 dman. Not sure they can replace him within the organization but what about Niskanen..he would help the PP but i think he is right handed. Girardi had a nightmare in some games against the KIngs but he is a warrior in a sense and he has a new contract so I think if Sather wants to reconstruct a bit he should start with Richards and Staal.