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Carcillo’s suspension reduced to six games

June 3, 2014, by

The NHL has reduced Dan Carcillo’s suspension from ten games to six games, following a hearing with Gary Bettman on Friday. Carcillo was originally suspended ten games for abuse of officials. Carcillo has already served three games of his suspension, and would be available for Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Categories : Suspensions/Fines


  1. Fotiu is God says:

    Clearly, Derek Dorsett’s given us great minutes/shifts, especially in the Montreal series. But Car-bomb played a catalyzing role against his former Philadelphia teammates. Moreover, he pitched in with some key goals.

    Having the Carcillo option, his lining up–again–irking, chirping and agitating his former Kings’ and Flyer teammates (Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, et al.) could be a boon to us.

    Let’s see how Dorsett fares through Game Four, then give Car-bomb a look.

    Switching wings, any word on JT Miller’s injury progress?

  2. tmd39 says:

    Even when the league reduces the length of the suspension, they make up rules as they go. Bettman says the actions really fit rule 4.04 (3 game suspension) instead of 4.03 (10 game suspension) and reduces the suspension to 6 games? Where did he come up with 6 games?

    • Bort says:

      The rule says “not less than 3 games” so 3 is really the minimum rather than the required length.
      I would guess 6 comes from two things: 1) Carcillo doesn’t exactly have all that great if a reputation, and 2) him coming back for Game 4 makes a more interesting story line partway through the series.

    • BrooklynVic says:

      It’s really a shame as the rules are there for a reason. If carcillo immediately gets game misconduct and a 10 game susp. Because of 4.03 then when the reasoning for the reduction is because it fits 4.04 more so he should have received a 3 game susp.

      This is the leagues way of saying we have the power so shut up because if we gave you a reduction to 3 games as our rules call for it then we would look really really dumb… As if they don’t already… ie. Avery rule ie. Stepan missed call ie. probably other too