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Poll: Who would you rather face in the Cup Finals?

June 1, 2014, by

The Chicago Blackhawks did everything we asked of them by forcing a Game Seven. The game will be played tonight at 8pm EDT in Chicago, and it looks like the Hawks have a big advantage over the LA Kings by playing Game Seven at home after winning two straight to force this best-on-one. If the Hawks win, they will have two days off before the Rangers come to town for Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday. If the Kings win, they will likely fly home on Monday, giving them 1 1/2 days off (traveling isn’t really relaxing in my book) before the Rangers come to town.

The Kings have Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Marian Gaborik, Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty, and Anze Kopitar. The Hawks have Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith, and Corey Crawford. I don’t┬áreally know who I would want to face. Crawford is the weaker goaltender, but he’s weaker in the sense that Carey Price is weaker than Henrik Lundqvist.

So who would you want to face?

Categories : Playoffs


  1. Harry says:

    LA because they have played more games.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      It’s only 2 more games played. The Kings have depth up front and are strong down the middle with some big forwards. The Kings D is big but only have 3 good mobile defenseman. The bottom pair skate on cinder blocks but they have Quick who had a bad series by his standards but is able to take over a series.
      The haws have a very mobile defense and some star players at the top of lineup. Their forwards are top heavy tho and Crawford is no Hank. Hard to say but I think the Hawks since they play the same possession game as the Rangers and we have a much stronger shutdown D than the Hawks. Also beat them twice in regular season. I’d take the Hawks. If they win, let down will be a reality when the finals start 2 days after game 7 in the west. LA is big and fast up front. Big on d but slow. Root for the Hawks to complete comback.

  2. Alain says:

    I believe that we are an underdog team who, no matter who they are destined to oppose in the cup finals, are going to be the underdog. In saying that, I believe that the Kings are also in a similar underdog type situation. When it comes to who I want to play I think it is important to take into account which teams have more very solid players, although not all stars, that can be a threat to us. In my opinion the Rangers have a higher chance to go on and win the cup if they play the Chicago Blackhawks, being that although they have more star power, they have less skaters that will be a threat to our chance of winning.

    • Gary says:

      I picked the Hawks too, but it’s a tough pick your poison type of thing. Probably because Quick scares me more than Crawford.

      Also, we are a 4 line rolling, coming at you in waves AV-injected machine. I think that the Rangers’ speed element can neutralize some of what the Hawks do or at least play tit for tat to a degree. The Kings have some speed, a lot of talent and a ton of grit. A faster and maybe even more talented version of the Bruins.

      That said I have been on this Ranger bus since December (with the caveat that we needed Hank to be Hank, which he is) and I pick the Rangers over who ever they face. That’s not just homerism (though I’m not from NY). As Marty said, “this is our time”.

      If Hank continues to be Hank, the offense rolls 4 lines and the D plays like it can and should, we win. Let’s try to keep the doubt that always seems to surface when the inevitable adversity comes about tuned down.

      We are winning this cup. It is time.

  3. LFOD Bleeding Blue in NH says:

    Hawks. While neither goalie has looked great, Crawford seems the weakest right now. While both teams are very skilled, LA is an odd combo of skill/size/speed/finesse/relentless grinding/puck pursuit. It is a combination that doesn’t make logical sense, but they do it. I think we have D and defensive forward depth to deal with the skill aspect, the other stuff would require perfection along with a little luck to beat.

    Also they use all that in combination of a heavy dose of deflections and screens, which seems to be about the only way to beat The King most games right now.

    • Scully says:


      Also Chicago’s D is less mobile… paging Michal Rozsival… paging Michal Rozsival… YOUR FAVORITE FANS ARE HERE TO SEE YOU!

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        Rozsival is an above average skater. That’s why he’s remained on a Chicago team through 2 cup winning runs. He’s a 2nd pair d in Chicago. Overall the Hawks have a pretty mobile defense. They may not be the greatest at Dzone coverage but the Hawks D can keep up for 200 ft. The Rangers may be able to exploit their bottom pair a bit but as far as defense goes. The Hawks are the more solid team.
        IMO the Kings have 3 or 4 defensively responsible defenseman. That’s because Muzzin learned quick. It also is 3 or 4 depending on what you think of Martinez. He’s solid in the offensive zone but I wouldn’t want him carrying the puck up ice for my team. Aside from the Kings top 4 Dmen. Green & Mitchel would be great skaters when compaired to say John Scott. Maybe even Stu Bickel. The Kings have depth up front and adding Gabby may make them a better scoring team than the one that took the Cup in 12′. They lost some depth on defense tho when Scudeiri left. I think CHI would be the easier matchup but only because their scoring is from 2 lines that play over 20 mins a game each. The Rangers will wear them down. Especially if the sit Versteeg in favor of 7 defense. Oh and Crawford is an average goalie. Capable of an amazing game and then a stinker or two in a row. He reminds me of Fluery in that once you get a few past him. They come easier and easier. Crawford also seems unsure of his glove hand. Never looks comfortable making a glove save. Like it’s more motion than it needs to be. That’s my opinion but the Rangers can beat either team.

  4. Fotiu is God says:

    Pick your poison, eh Dave.

    For the past week and a half I’ve been telling all my fellow Blueshirt fanatics and more clued in puckheads that I’d much rather draw The Indian Head.

    To begin with, The Kings are deep, bring serious heft up front, and arguably dress the best D-corps in The Western Conference. Doughty and Muzzin are playing at a level neither reached during the regular season (I live in Cali). Then there’s Jonathan Quick.

    Up until Game Six I saw Quickie pulling a Henrik, willing his side to victory by virtue of athleticism enhanced by near flawless mechanics. But somehow JQ’s lost a bit of focus.

    I see Capt. Serious and the Hawks advancing. And this Ranger fan of 32-years rejoices, albeit quietly.

  5. Walt says:


    For all the listed reasons above, plus their size, I would prefer to not play LA. They also play a meaner game than does Chicago, and after 20 games, do we need our guys beat up in another series. In any case, both team would give us a heck of a time!!!!!

    It should be fun.

  6. ROBERT MINTZ says:

    This series has looked like an LA slam dunk at times, yet other times the Hawks have fought back. The Kings were the

    Playoff scoring leaders

    LA = 1, 2, 3, 6, 7
    Chi = 4, 5, 11, 13, 14
    NYR= 15, 16, 18

    Suppose Chicago is the lesser of two evils

    Has anyone noticed that the Ranger plus/minus leader is Kevin Klein and Chris Kreider scores on 21.10% of his shots on goal?

  7. Chris F says:

    I have to go with Chicago.

    LA has a frightening combination of elite scoring, speed, size, defense, goaltending and snarl. They’d be a handful every single shift.

    I think Crawford is slightly more exploitable than Quick, and the Rangers speed can somewhat neutralize some of the Hawks front end skill.

    Not to mention, Michael Roszival is a mainstay on Chicago’s blueline. Didn’t we get rid of that dinosaur like a decade ago? Sure seems like it.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  8. Chris F says:

    Any update on Miller’s injury?

    Also, read today that Talbot didn’t practice today due to an undisclosed injury. Any insights on that one?

    • Ray says:

      LeNeveu accompanied the Rangers to Montreal. In hindsight, Talbot was probably at least suspect then. It had seemed an odd mvd at the time.

  9. wwpd says:

    Gabby has got Hank’s number

  10. Bort says:

    I’d rather Chicago just because the Kings are a deeper team. We’ve seen first hand what over-playing star players in seven game series’ can do to a team, especially against a deeper, better rested team.
    Either way it’s going to be a rough road ahead, but as long as Hank keeps doing that thing where he stops pucks through sheer force of will, and we keep up with the awesome teamwork, we have a better shot than most (non-Ranger fans) give us.

    This could actually be it.

  11. mikeyyy says:

    Hawks. A comeback of that magnitude will sap their energy. They will be more tired and easier to stop. Plus I don’t want a former ranger to come burn us. Gabby is playing well. And could torch hank.

  12. Scully says:

    A Crown for a king.


  13. TxRanger says:

    I’d say Chicago for many reasons.

    The first, I work with this guy from Chicago, and he’s a real flamboyant jerk, if you catch my drift, and he is a real big Blackhawks fan. He’s always getting under my skin, and I’d love the Rangers to take these guys out in the finals.

    Secondly, Crawford has let in 23 goals in six games. Thats not very good, and he is by far the lesser talent.

    Though, I’d hate to see Chicago even get back to the finals.

    This is gonna be a stressful few weeks. Spurs and Rangers in the Finals. Oh boy!

  14. flaswa says:

    8:00 starts instead of 9:00 starts.

  15. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Ahhh the agony of waiting for Wednesday to play the winner of tonight’s 3 OT game 7 winner…lol

    • Chris F says:

      Nice to see Kovalev come around and support his roots, the team that drafted him and led him to his only Stanley Cup. Especially, playing against Montreal who he spent a 5 year stint with.

  16. cv1919 says:

    The way we are playing I could care less. We are now the team to beat. Other than the Bruins, it’s been that way since the end of December.