Hockey Gods smile on Dominic Moore, Rangers advance to the Finals

May 30, 2014, by
Do. Not. Touch.

Do. Not. Touch.

For the first time in 20 years, the New York Rangers will play for the Stanley Cup. Coincidentally, for the first time in 20 years, the Rangers won a series in less than 7 games. The Hockey Gods smiled upon Dominic Moore, as he took a brilliant feed from Brian Boyle midway through the second period for the game’s only goal. Moore, the team’s nominee and a finalist for the Masterton trophy, has obviously had some hard times the past few year’s, but he was all smiles today with the Broadway Hat on his head.

Henrik Lundqvist stopped all 18 shots the Canadiens threw at him, including the save of the playoffs on a Thomas Vanek pass that was deflected by Dan Girardi. Hank dropped his stick and swiped his blocker up in one motion, keeping the puck out of the net and the score tied. Dustin Tokarski, who was far from the reason the Habs lost this series, was stellar, stopping 31 Ranger shots. If not for Tokarski, this game wasn’t even close to nerve-wrenching.

On to the goal:

Rangers 1, Canadiens 0


We preached it all year: The Rangers depth was a tremendous asset, and it came through when they needed it most. Derek Dorsett worked the boards low, and Ryan McDonagh made a brilliant pinch to keep the play alive behind the net. McDonagh moved it to Boyle on the opposite side behind the net while Moore crept to the slot. Max Pacioretty was watching the point man as Moore crept in, and Francis Boullion tried to block the pass instead of taking the man. Boyle fed Moore, and the rest is history.

The Save, Part II

This was unreal. Mike Richter will always have “The Save,” but this is “The Save, Part II.”

Fenwick Chart:

Courtesy of ExtraSkater

Courtesy of ExtraSkater

Absolute Ranger domination. This wasn’t an offensive explosion by any means, it was a defensive massacre by the good guys. The Habs managed just 26 total shot attempts for the entire game. At even strength, it was just 18. At 5v5 close, just 14. The Rangers held a minimum 60% Fenwick advantage in all these situations. This was stifling defense and stellar goaltending at its finest.

On May 29, 2013, the Rangers fired coach John Tortorella. Exactly one year later, on May 29, 2014, the Rangers advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 20 years. With five days off until Game One of the Finals, we have time to enjoy this.

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  1. Scully says:

    Everything that I said a few days back after game 4 about how proud I am right now to be a Rangers fan I reiterate. THAT is how you play a third period. Montreal shortened their bench the whole series, and much like we found out two years ago, you have to have 4 lines and 3 defensive pairs of depth to win deep in the playoffs. The Rangers absolutely took it to the Canadiens in the 3rd period. Michel Therrien had no answer because he didn’t have the depth.

    The Canadiens were f*ed from the moment that Brian Gionta dove trying to draw a high-stick, accidentally running Lundqvist, and getting called for the goalie interference in the 1st period. Sorry Canadiens, last night you had to EARN it. It showed. Even in the penalty box at that moment he had a “f***” look on his face. The Rangers were a better team. They dominated play for 85% of the 1st period, 75% of the 2nd period, and 95% of the third period. Montreal’s vaunted power play got almost nothing, and the Rangers supposed shit power play actually produced decently.

    Dominic Moore said, when receiving the Broadway Hat last night for the GW goal, “Boys, great f-ing job tonight. A perfect example of how we need to play there is not much margin of error here and everyone f-ing contributed tonight, okay, and that is how we need to keep focused going forward here so good job.” He’s absolutely right. The best way to make sure you play without making an error when the margin is that slim? Play the game 200 feet from your own goal. If Dustin Tokarski (and now that the series is over let’s give credit where it’s due and say kudos to that kid… he’s a stud waiting to happen and some trade chip for the Habs now) doesn’t stand on his head, we win that one going away in a 5-0 rout from the 3rd period alone.

    We’re going to be considered the underdog no matter who comes out of the west. I’m sure (not that I truly care) that Scott Burnside, after picking Flyers in 6, Penguins in 6, and Canadiens in 6, is already filling out his Cup preview with ____ Western team in 6 over the Rangers. We need to play massively disciplined hockey and use our speed, finish checks, and transfer play between a Tortorella Dump & Chase style with cycling and forecheck, and an AV long pass style… playing north/south and back-checking like mofos. I also think we need to have our wingers playing a mobile defensive game in our own zone like we saw in the 3rd period. We have the best goalie in the world, we don’t need five more on the ice with him.

    We’re close. I can almost taste it.


  2. Walt says:

    The boys came out on a mission last night, and were not to be denied. They played one of the best defensive games I’ve ever seen them play, especially in the third.

    What time does the garbage collector come for the trash, we have to make certain the Canadians are curbside!!!!!!

  3. SalMerc says:

    Yesterday I mentioned who I wanted my hero to be. It was Dom Moore. I was exhausted after watching, what I would say, was the most complete team effort I have ever witnessed.

    There is nothing like playoff hockey in NY. Getting my spot now in the Canyon of Hero’s on or about June 18th.

    I want the Cup!

  4. andres says:

    what an effort! this team has shown so much resiliency these playoffs its amazing to watch. one more hill to climb! one thing im worried about is Stepan is on a liquid diet for 6 to 8 weeks, im nervous this may affect him in the SCF. thoughts??

    • supermaz says:

      I had my jaw wired for 6 weeks, lost maybe 3-4 lbs. Lots of milk shakes and ensure for protein and vitamins. He should be fine.

    • Galen H says:

      He already mentioned using a Vitamix, that thing can puree a steak! He’ll be fine.

  5. Leatherneckinlv says:

    My prediction almost came through ad it not been for Tokarski. His experience will land him a starting job somewhere very soon.
    Dominic Moore was brilliant not because of the goal but leading the 4th line alongside Boyle to dominate the face off circle and keep puck possession almost the entire game. The goal was icing on the cake. The Rangers truly redeemed themselves and the entire team could have had that Fedora.
    The Zuke, Brass and Pouliot line were dangerous the entire game and played in the Canadian zone. That was vital as well. Brilliant game.
    The defense was spectacular from McD to Diaz. Diaz had a couple of beautiful looks on the power play.
    This was a team win, a brilliant game played by everyone. I am very proud of these boys. After game 4 against the Penguins I had doubt. I was on the verge of wanting Nash’s head on a plate, however after that game the team has been surreal and Nash is playing an awesome game even when he does not score.
    Go get em Bos…4 wins, 1 shift, 1 period and 1 game at a time.

  6. WayneG says:

    Thank you. Just thank you all. One more victorious round, please.

  7. Rockdog says:

    Great game, and a really dominant performance by the Rangers. The team seems to have found another gear after falling behind 3-1 to the Penguins and I think that we can compete with anyone right now. Make no mistake: the Hawks or Kings are beasts, but they are not unbeatable. Four more, boys.

  8. SteveD says:

    I cannot be a happier person today. They played lights out like it was a game 7. Great team effort. Now let’s rest up and keep it going.

    Dave – BTW. The Rangers took out Atlanta in 4 games in 2007 and the Devils in 5 games in 2008. Both first round series.

    • Dave says:

      I was being facetious. Obviously it’s not the first time they won a series in less than 7 in 20 years.

      • Ray says:

        Still, third time in 17 years is not very far from what you said.

      • SteveD says:

        Cool, when I saw that I was like really? I had remembered the Devils series and was like is he serious? It seems like 20 years ago for sure.

  9. Bloomer says:

    Those hockey fans who are saying that this win doesn’t matter because the Rangers don’t have a chance against L.A. or Chicago…they don’t know this hockey team.

    • Bort says:

      We were also supposed to lose to the Penguins, and the Flyers were supposed to be the dark horse and beat us in the first round, and the Bruins were supposed to beat the Canadiens, and most had us as the underdog against the Canadiens (especially since we were going to be crushed at the Bell Center as per tradition).
      There is definitely a pattern here.

      Turns out this team is more focused on winning games than media storylines.

  10. FL Swarty says:

    Balanced attack, depth, Great Goalie, TEAM defense, tenacious attitude – that is the recipe for the Cup – The ingredients are all there – lets just get the marination right.

    I have to admit that Dorsett was never a favorite but just as I became with Carcillo – consider me a convert. He hustles his butt off every night, goes tough into the corners, and hits everything in sight. He was they key to the goal last night and didn’t even earn an assist.

    We don’t miss a beat with Diaz out there – I love the energy he plays with.

  11. PAL says:

    Wow, what a satisfying feeling this morning. The Rangers’ defensive shutdown in the 3rd was masterful. I feel especially good that the disappointingly whiny, diving Habs are out – although I must give kudos to PK Subban on one thing – he actually was singing the Star Spangled Banner, which I am not sure I can remember any other (American) player ever do before.

    Can I complain about one thing? I really really dislike this thing where they give baseball hats to the players 10 seconds after the game is over. They are not baseball players. The whole concept is so blatantly commercial with the pre-manufactured Champion hats all ready to be handed out, no matter which side wins, just stinks. I want to see the unbridled emotions on the players’ faces – and we are robbed of that, with the hats from a different sport.

    Thank you. LGR!

    • Dave says:

      It wasn’t even your classic defensive shutdown either. The Rangers dominated the puck possession game in that period too.

  12. Dan S says:

    What a game. The Rangers played the third period of their lives. It was breathtaking. The plaudits for Lundqvist and Moore are certainly well deserved, but in my mind the best player on the ice last night was Zucc. He was absolutely flying, and had a hand in practically every good chance that they had. Just an awesome, awesome performance. And definite props to Tokarski as well. What a game for him. He was the only reason the Habs had a shot. That was what made the third period so stressful. It wasn’t like Game 7 against the Pens, where we were back on our heels, and Lundqvist saved our bacon. Here we were, just crushing them, with a forecheck and neutral-zone play as impressive as I’ve seen–ever. And yet to the very end we were one unlucky play away from going into OT. With 20 seconds left, I texted my brother: “The number that strikes fear into every Ranger fan right now: 7.7.” Fortunately, we didn’t have to worry, as we spent most of the last half minute out of our zone.

    I’m going to assume the line about 20 years since winning a series in fewer than 7 games is a joke, right? Because there have been several series we’ve won in 6, 5, even 4 games since then. The Nordiques (who, in the last year before they moved to CO, were the #1 seed in the strike year of ’94-95) in 6 in ’95; the Habs in 6 in ’96; the Panthers and the Devils in 5 in ’97, and…this is ridiculous, you know this.

    Obviously, the biggest challenge comes now. Whomever we play, will represent a greater test by orders of magnitude. CHI and LA are both stacked teams, with more talent and equal depth top to bottom. The only area where we might have an edge going in would be in goal, and maybe in the PK. Even the goalie advantage would only be against CHI, though Quick hasn’t been consistently lights-out in the playoffs. And Crawford is no slouch. He’s won two SCs. So we’re going to be serious underdogs. It’s not realistic to think we can play like we did in the third period of last night’s game all the time. But if we come close, and on a consistent basis; if we remember what got us here (goaltending, defense, speed, discipline) I like our chances to make this a series. Maybe CHI is a little bit of a better match, since LA reminds me too much of Boston, but both are outstanding teams.


    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      Dan S, everything you said was spot on money magic…. except for Crawford winning 2 cups. He only has 1 in his arsenal (from last year). The previous Hawks team which won in 2010 was backstopped by Anti Neimi.

      Minute detail, though. Rock on!

  13. Chris F says:

    Man, oh, man, oh, man. What a night. What a game. What a win. What a feeling. I’ll be riding this high for days. I don’t know what else to say.

    Thank you, Blueshirts!

  14. joe719 says:

    Montreal never really seemed to know how to deal with this model of the NY Rangers. They seemed to think they were playing the slow, plodding version that was the signature Tort style. The Rangers speed game killed them. And what of PK Subban. If there was ever a guy who forgot to rise to the occasion; this is him. It was so evident that he shot his wad against Boston, and had nothing left. In fact, the whole team looked like they had nothing left after Boston. Their goalie played great, but the rest of the team, at times, look out of it. And so we move on. Not really sure who I’d like next, but I’m leaning towards Chicago. They look vulnerable. Crawford in goal is good, but he can be beaten. On the other hand, Jonathan Quick scares me. And lets be brutally honest; any team on which Michael Rozsival is a regular defenseman, is the team that I’d like to go up against. WE’RE IN THE FINALS!!!!!!! I still can’t believe it!!!!!!

  15. Bort says:

    Screw all you Negative Nancy’s.

    Can’t say I’m not amazed this team has come so far though.

    • joe719 says:

      To be fair, we all were frustrated with the way things were going. Only somebody with their heads buried firmly in the sand(or other places), would have thought after game 4 vs. Pit, that they were capable of getting to the Finals. After the comeback vs Pit, I gave them all the props they deserved and thought the Montreal Series was more than doable. We all want them to win; that’s where all the negative comments come from when they screw up: Pure frustration. Doesn’t make anybody a hypocrite for praising them now; just a fan!!!! We’re all with them now: WE WANT THE CUP………NOW!!!!!!!

      • Walt says:

        Like you Joe, when they play well, we give them credit, and when they play like crap, we call them out on it. I am one of those, and will continue to be. The way this team is playing, I’m not too sure they can be beat!!

      • Bort says:

        The point I wanted to make was that this team has had a lot of potential for a while. Even great teams go through slumps and play some lazy games.
        Hopefully the next time we play like crap for a few games in a row (not until next season I’m sure) we might remember the panic and calls for a complete rebuilding from just a couple weeks ago.

        Nobody’s being a hypocrite, it’s just easier to see when we’re caught up in emotion in hindsight.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      I love it Bort!!!!!

      Keep everyone accountable. That’s what leaders do!

    • Chris F says:

      Crow never tasted so good!

  16. LGR7895 says:

    Great night!! Great game!!

    The depth is the key. Four lines you can trust. Three defensive pairs you can trust.

    Pick your poison! Hawks or Kings. Both are great but I’d rather play the Hawks. The size of the Kings may give our boys more trouble.

    But either way, we’re playing for the Cup!!!!!!!!

    Lets Go Rangers!!

  17. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Hard for me to say which lesser of two Satan-esque evils I’d rather play. We just have to hope for 7 games.

    If that series does go 7, and LA wins, they would have played 7 games in each of the first three rounds. No one seems to mention fatigue with that team.

    • Evan M says:

      LA and CHI both scare me as they’re top notch, elite teams. But do you know what? The Rangers would scare me if I were them. Elite goal-tending, top flight speed, and four dangerous lines that can win a game. We can take what they throw at us.

  18. supermaz says:

    Lundqvist, Moore, Boyle, Zuccarello, all played great, heck everyone had a hand in this win, but I’d like to give kudos to Carl Hagelin, man that kid can fly, love his wrap arounds, almost had another goal that way last night. I was thinking the rangers maybe should think about using him as a trade chip in the off-season, boy was I mistaken, hang onto him, great asset.

    • Walt says:

      Nah, according to Tort’s he sucks!!!!!! Just kidding, don’t take this serious!!

  19. pavel_burrito says:

    Has anyone noticed how that guy who always writes about how bad a GM Sather is, and how terrible we are at drafting, and how terrible Boyle is, etc is strangely MIA?