John Moore suspended two games

May 28, 2014, by

As expected, John Moore was suspended two games for his high hit on Dale Weise in Game Five. The ruling was that the hit was high, not that it was late. The elbowing call made during the game was obviously wrong (roughing would have been the better call), but the hit itself is almost a carbon copy of the Brandon Prust hit on Derek Stepan. The suspension was expected. Raphael Diaz will likely play in Moore’s spot.

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  1. mikeyyy says:

    This is bs.

    If injury to a player is one of the criteria of how long a suspension is. Then prust should be out longer or Moore out less. Buttman shouldn’t make his disdain for the rangers that obvious.

    Disgraceful and disgusting. Does the NHL want a Canadian team in the finals that bad?

    How about a few fines to the Canadians for blatant embellishment.

    I hope it angers our boys as much as it does me. And I hope we stick it to every one in the Montreal organization and send them all packing their golf bags.

    Milhouse lost a shinpad, go for the bone.

  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    It is BS when the circunstances are not equal, and Weaver got off Scott free on Brassard…pathetic

  3. Bloomer says:

    The ruling was correct…the hit was not that late and the replay showed he did keep his elbow down. But shoulder contact was high which resulted in the suspension. John Moore is a beast when he wants to be, despite the suspension I like to see him use his body more often. Dias will bring some fresh legs in his absence.

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      How do those 2 hits warrant the same suspension? Prust hit…injury, reputation and illegal hit all the way?

      Moore hit….no injury, no previous reputation and a legal hit…the follow through brought the hit to the head…Personally I still cant see the hit to the head….but whatever….

      • TxRanger says:

        I think Diaz will play with a chip on his shoulder as he has something to prove to the team that shipped him off.

  4. Chris F says:

    It sucks, it’s a bad ruling. Moore’s hit was not late (as confirmed by the suspension video), but other than that, it mirrored Prust’s hit which the League ruled interference because it was late. They didn’t see the head as the point of contact when Prust’s shoulder went right through Stepan’s jaw, so I don’t know how they can see it on Moore’s hit.

    But with that said, the two hits certainly have similar optics. The casual sports world won’t really tune in to arguments of .93 seconds versus .5 seconds or incidental versus principle point of contact. So the League chose to suspend Moore and match the suspension of Prust thus saving face with the casual fans. Because that’s what this is about, right? Increasing support for the League among casual and non fans by creating the appearance of consistency? How many diehard fans they disgust along the way doesn’t really factor in to their politicking.

    I don’t think this was about the Rangers at all. Neither Bettman nor Quintal have much love for NY. But, their grievances go way back, and I doubt they are trying to stick it to the Rangers now by suspending a third pair defenseman. This is about politics, and building an image for themselves as fair and consistent. It’s not. But that’s only if you dissect the rules. This ruling was a public show for all those who don’t dissect the rules and therefore wouldn’t understand if the League didn’t suspend Moore.

  5. Spozo says:

    Well I can’t say that I am surprised.

    So the Prust hit was twice as late (.93sec vs 0.5), it caused an injury, and he is a repeat offender. On what planet does that warrant the same suspension? Oh and throw in the fact that Prust was not penalized during the game and that means Moore actually recieved a harsher punishment for his hit.

    I get that I might sound like a whining Ranger fan but my issue isn’t with Moore getting two games. It is with Prust not getting more than two and being able to play the rest of the game. If Prust gets a major penalty then there is a real good chance the Rangers get a goal or two on that power play. But they recieved nothing and actually lost another forward (bonehead play by Carcillo but it still stemmed from Prust being allowed to stay in the game) and ultimately that game. So fast forward to lastnight and Moore gets that major which effectively ended the night for NY. The inconsistency here is a complete and utter joke.

    Alright I’m done. Let’s win tomorrow night and be done with this damn series!

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Please end this. I think we’re all sick of the Canadiens at this point. They have sucked the fun out of this series. To be frank, I think they’re an embarrassment to a proud hockey franchise. The embellishment and whining the whole series has run its course. If the Rangers can avoid getting sucked into it for one more game, they have a good shot at advancing. One more.

  6. joe719 says:

    Let it go already!!!!!!! One victory, and we get to buy some collector t-shirts!!!!! Just win the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Agentsmith says:

    i believe in an interview moore says he has a temper. (see skille fight)

    he was going at it with weise all game and went for the knockout blow. Sounds like from reports he may have been successful (concussion).

    Hello diaz…

    • Gary says:

      I absolutely loved the hit because I liked seeing Johnny Moore with an attitude, running people down all over the ice. It bodes well for next year. The kid may be growing into himself here. He has the tools to be a McD-lite.

      I think we end this tonight. And if not, in Montreal. I was surprised to see someone at BSB post that we definitely will not win game 7 in Montreal. Yes we will, if we get there. This team is going to the Cup finals. Marty says it’s their time and I believe him.

      It’s all up to Hank though. It was disappointing to see his Montreal neurosis show up again the other day.

  8. mikeyyy says:

    Rene borques comments on the king.

    For a franchise that talked about disrespect they sure know how to throw those stones don’t they.

    Really really bad idea. Everyone knows when hank gets angry he turns into a wall.

    I hope someone pinned that quote to his locker so he get down to bidniss.

    • Chris F says:

      What comment?

      • TxRanger says:

        He said something to the likes of “Has Hank outplayed Tokarski in this series? Absolutely not!” It was along the lines of Subbans lucky comment.

  9. Evan M says:

    If a Canadien hit one of our guys like that, people here would be calling for a suspension. I personally don’t think injury should factor into a ruling too much. You can have two nearly identical hits which result two different ways. it’s the hit you penalize, not the injury.

  10. Ray says:

    The hits were not equal and the fact that Prust was not punished on the ice should always merit an extra game. That said, the Moore suspension was correct. It was the Prust suspension that was wrong.