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Dan Carcillo appeals suspension

May 28, 2014, by

In unsurprising news, Dan Carcillo has appealed his ten game suspension for abuse of officials. Carcillo’s appeal will be heard on Friday by Gary Bettman, per Larry Brooks.

It’s pretty cut and dry in the rulebook about the ten game suspension, so I don’t expect anything to be overturned. Carcillo’s reputation is working against him here, even if it is obvious he was trying to get away from the linesman, and not abuse him.

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  1. bayman says:

    Not that it matters much, but have the last two days counted toward the suspension if the appeal fails?

    Another thing…anyone besides me think about this after the Rangers tied the game at 4 last nite…wouldn’t it be weird to ice the series with Talbot in goal? Instead of being the usual center of attention, Hank would have been on the outside.

  2. mikeyyy says:

    Its a ridiculous suspension. The refs have been giving Montreal the benefit of the doubt to the point the announcers are bringing it up.

    Funny prust gets two games for breaking someone’s jaw and carcilli gets 10 for defending himself from a referee.

    From embellishment to hacking people with their sticks the Canadiens are getting this series giftwrapped to game 7.

    Also of note the new player safety guy was spurned a coaching job with the rangers. Guess he wasn’t happy about that huh?

  3. brooklynVic says:

    Game 6 vs NJ Devils ECF 1994. After the empty netter there is a scrum where Scott Stevens tries to take on Glen Anderson and there is quite the scuffle between Stevens and the referee… Carcillo should show this in his defense… was the rule in place then?