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Stepan, Lindberg travel to Montreal

May 27, 2014, by

Per Pat Leonard, Derek Stepan indeed traveled with the team to Montreal for Game Five tonight. Alain Vigneault noted that Stepan will get a look in the morning skate before he makes his decision on inserting him into the lineup. As expected, Stepan will wear full face protection (cage) if he plays.

Also, Oscar Lindberg traveled with the team to Montreal. per Arpon Basu. The highly touted prospect has yet to play an NHL game, but played a very strong campaign in the AHL, his first in North America, putting up a line of 18-26-44 in 75 games. It’s safe to assume that if Stepan cannot go, then it will be between Lindberg and Jesper Fast for the fourth line spot. J.T. Miller, who played in that spot in Game Four, played just three minutes before being cross-checked into the goal post (no penalty was called). He did not return to the game.

Miller did not travel to Montreal.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Just a brutal crosscheck from behind on Miller. He did every thing he could to avoid the Montreal goalie and got hurt doing so. The Habs are slime balls they really are, I hope the Rangers finish their whining asses off this game.

  2. Walt says:

    In case Step can’t play, I hope the Lindberg kid gets a shot at playing. I read so much about the kid while he was in Sweden, and I just would like to see what he is made of.

    They say he is an excellent two way player, and he could be our new 3rd, or 4th line center next season. Again, only if Step can’t play tonight!!

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      I wouldn’t want to put Lindberg in to play man coverage even on the 4th line unless I had to. Fast is the better option.

      • Walt says:

        Puck Luck

        I’m not too sure about that. Lindberg was the MVP of the SEL last year, the kid has skills!!

  3. brooklynVic says:

    Heard great things too. I love the hype of young kids in the NHL. Reminds me of these young prospects they bring up to the international soccer clubs… The ability to shine is there. The stage is there. Their talent level has proved them worthy… time to see what the kid has got…

    Always get pumped when young potential stars get opportunities in games like these.

    I saw Price was skating. What a botch coaching job that would be if Price was inserted into this game. Not sure who I would rather face, Price or the Rook. Probably the Rook.

    Lets go Rangers. Feels sooo good to still be watching hockey

  4. ROBERT MINTZ says:

    I am very disturbed about the Miller incident.

    No penalty was called, no discipline from the league. Sorry, this was a penalty. Why no call?

    This is very dangerous and could end someone’s career.

    IF, we win tonight, I would refuse to shake hands with them. Tell ’em that there is no Gentleman’s Agreement to do so.

    • WayneG says:

      RobertMintz- Spot on with the comment regarding the play on Miller. I guess this was another call the officials weren’t watching- as far as the handshake- I’d rather rub their collective noses in a 4-1 “send them home” in spite of the Canadian bias. I always liked the highroad- especially when we win.

  5. FL Swarty says:

    Hope its Steph but if not I think its time to give Lindberg a shot – Fast has looked tentative and uncomfortable.

    Given the Habs semi-goon style this spring I hope they give Steph triple padding – because “they do know where he is injured”

  6. Scully says:

    Stepan will play tonight. He won’t miss the opportunity for retribution in the form of going to the cup. Why? Where will Stepan be willing to go?


  7. Chris F says:

    Anyone know if Stepan skated this morning?

    AV said yesterday that if Steps skates in the morning that’s an indication that he’ll play; if he doesn’t skate, he wont be playing.

  8. frank cerbone says: