Stepan has surgery for broken jaw

May 23, 2014, by

Per Renaud Lavoie, quoting Alain Vigneault, Derek Stepan had surgery on a broken jaw today. The injury came from the hit delivered by Brandon Prust.  This is not good news for the Rangers.

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  1. ROBERT MINTZ says:

    His jaw did not get broken from getting hit in the chest.

    Prust needs to be suspended for a shot to the head.

    The Referee who skated by without making the call needs to be disciplined.

  2. LFOD Bleeding Blue in NH says:

    Can we finally get rid of the potvin sucks chant and change it to “F*!# YOU PRUST!”

  3. Chris F says:

    For f@cks sake! And Habs fans all day have been accusing Stepan of embellishment. What a shit fanbase they have.

  4. brooklynVic says:

    With Step and Car Bomb likely out for a while – does this only leave us with Fast and Miller as replacements?

    Is our depth now not an asset?

    Step played the rest of the game. Cant he put a Crosby Cage on?

    • LFOD Bleeding Blue in NH says:

      Seems like no one knew about it until a specialist took xrays this morning…read something about a hairline fracture. I would hope he could come back soon, as AV not giving timetable yet, but I would have to assume he misses some time as they are saying he’s in surgery today.

  5. Hatrick Swayze says:

    Will we see him in game 4?

    Would a Getzlaf inspired face shield/jaw guard be enough to protect him?

  6. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Ughhh not another Ulf Nilsson situation….Prust better get a 11 game suspension if Stepan is out for the rest of the year. If I am a betting man I say stepan will be back a la Getzlaf

  7. Ray says:

    If neither Stepan nor Brassard can go Sunday, might we see Oscar Lindberg? I don’t think AV wants to trust Miller with center responsibilities at this point, but of course he doesn’t want to throw a new guy into the fray either.

    Incidentally, for those who haven’t noticed, Hrivik is playing for Slovakia and Powe is no longer listed as a scratch so the Rangers only have three black ace forwards (Lindberg, Bourque, Kristo), which is suddenly relevant.

  8. SalMerc says:

    Watch how Prust gets less or a suspension that Carcillo. One set of contact was malicious (Prust) and Carcillo’s was due to the intensity and over-reaction.

    Stepan will sit in G4 and return G5.

  9. pavel_burrito says:

    That, and Prust has been very vocal about the need to get out and hurt Ranger players as payback for Price. He was talking mostly about hurting Hank, but still. That has to go into consideration

  10. Pete says:

    Prust got 2 games…, what a joke the NHL is, really.

  11. Pete says:

    I was hoping for an exciting series, not an injury fest. Lost all respect for Prust too, what a clown.