Series far from over: Galchenyuk’s face wins it in overtime

May 23, 2014, by
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Alex Galchenyuk took a puck off the face in overtime to win the game for the Habs, drawing them closer to a series tie with the Rangers. Galchenyuk crashed the net on Tomas Plekanec’s shot, and the ensuing rebound went off his face and into the net for the overtime winner. This came minutes into overtime, just after the Rangers tied the game dramatically with a goal in the final 30 seconds of the game.

Dustin Tokarski was phenomenal in the game, stopping 35 of 37 shots and truly preventing the Rangers from breaking the game open in the first period. He also appeared to have MSL’s number, stopping him with numerous glove saves at point-blank range. Hank stole Game Two for the Rangers, and Tokarski stole Game Three.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Habs 0

P.K. Subban had his shot attempt at the point blocked by Carl Hagelin, leading to a two-on-one with Martin St. Louis. Hagelin’s pass to St. Louis went through, and Tokarski made a stellar save, knocking the puck in the air with his glove. Hagelin whacked the puck out of midair for the goal.

Habs 1, Rangers 1

This isn’t really a goal you expect Hank to give up, but there is also fault on both Rick Nash and Derek Stepan, as neither picked up Andrei Markov on the far side, despite Ryan McDonagh waving to cover him. Max Pacioretty hit him with the cross ice pass, and Markov beat Hank with the low shot from the circle.

Habs 2, Rangers 1

Habs criss-cross to enter zone, which throws Benoit Pouliot off his coverage. Danny Briere dropped the puck to Rene Bourque, who was Pouliot’s man at this point, for a rocket of a shot that Hank made a great save on. The rebound went right to Thomas Vanek, who shot it wide with Briere coming behind the net. Briere threw it in front, and it went off McDonagh’s foot and into the net.

Rangers 2, Habs 2, 

With Hank pulled, the Rangers sustained some real pressure for the final 90 seconds, generating a ton of offensive chances. Eventually the puck wound around the far boards, where Dan Girardi pinched to keep the puck deep. Girardi threw the puck at the net from the corner, where it banked off Chris Kreider, then off Alexei Emelin and behind Tokarski for the tying goal with less than 30 seconds to go.

Habs 3, Rangers 2

Kevin Klein backed off Plekanec, allowing the shot from a distance. Hank stopped it with his pad, but the puck rebounded off Galchenyuk’s face –with John Moore not taking the body– and into the net.

Fenwick Chart:

Courtesy of Extra Skater

Courtesy of Extra Skater

The Rangers dominated the puck possession game, and really got back to their game and doing what they do best. If there is a positive to take away (and there are), this is one of them.

The Canadiens still have only beaten Hank clean once this entire series, and that was in this game on Markov’s goal. The other two goals this game: Weird bounce. Game Two: Weird bounce. Game One: Weird bounce and a goal with eight guys on the ice. But it doesn’t matter, since Montreal won the game and is now down by just a single game in the series. Game Four will be on Sunday, and the Rangers are now in a dangerous spot. This game may have become a must win for them now.

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  1. supermaz says:

    Just a shitty way to lose, they need to take advantage of the dozen or so excellent scoring chances they had. From where I’m sitting the Rangers completely dominated this game. St Louis never missed those chances when he was an opponent.

  2. Gary says:

    Process complete… Man crush on Prust now turned to utter hatred. Got to love the playoffs.

    Rangers are a better hockey club. More disciplined, faster and more consistent. That said, it’s a series now and the Rangers have a couple days to wrap their heads around that.

    They’ll be ready for game 4. Agree w/ supermaz though, that was a shitty way to lose, but it was reality. Now Canadiens face the grind of playing their emotional, sometimes dirty style against a machine that is tuned up and rolling.

  3. Walt says:

    I’m pissed after the way we lost, it just wasn’t meant to be last night. I said before, we can’t take this team too lightly, they’re for real.

    Now to Chris F:

    The other day you made a big to do about Pouliot, and the hit from behind. You questioned me on how many times Montreal did the same. I just hope you had your glasses on last night when Prust hit Stepan, late and high in the face, or when the scumbag Subban slew foot Dorsett, and slashed Nash three times on the same play. And wasn’t it Emlamen (spelling) who hit Brass late the first game, having him miss the three games played.

    So before you come down on people, watch the game, see the crap Montreal is employing, then you can spout off.

    • Chris F says:

      Dude, just shut up already. The Pouliot hit was a bad, dangerous hit. I knew it when I saw it and I know it now. Nothing that Montreal has since done changes that and no one should be glorifying it no matter what has since transpired. It was and remains a bad hit.

      Prust’s hit on Stepan was outrageous, late and reckless. I only wish Dorsett actually punished him for it. Obviously I was pissed off about that hit. I’m just glad Steps made it back seemingly no worse than before.

      As a Rangers fan, I am not obligated to stand by every poor play and bad hit they deal out, nor overexaggerate the actions of opposing players. I’m a Rangers fan through and through but I’m also a fan of the game. I don’t check my objectivity at the door.

      • Walt says:

        Cram it kid, don’t tell me, or anyone else to shut up you piece of garbage. You love spouting off with you insight, and be critical of others, but when someone comes back at you, well “shut up”.

        There are many opinions on this site, many that I agree with, and many that I don’t, but I try to show respect to all. If you can’t do the same, well as stated cram it where the sun doesn’t shine!

        • Becky says:

          Children, relax..

        • Chris F says:

          Walt, you sit there telling me to watch the game before “spouting off” simply because I called Pouliot out for a bad hit. You’re a homer and you make everything personal. You’re one of the few people on this board who repeatedly talks down to and disrespects others.

          I didn’t even comment on this thread and yet here you are calling me out for an opinion that I shared days ago. An opinion that has nothing to do with Prust’s hit last night.

          You do it all the time. Never once have I brought you into anything other than directly responding to your comments.

          Why don’t you do the same.

        • Dave says:

          Ok. Both of you relax. You know our mantra here:

          Comment Rules: Write only what you’d say to a person’s face. Keep it civil and when you disagree, propose an alternative. Thank you for adding to the conversation.

  4. @ChrisLeonard22 says:

    Agree with Gary. We fell prey to Habs 1st period tactics and lost focus. Non call on Prust blindside to Stepan did not help. (NHL should go back to one ref. Two refs don’t make any better calls and just get in the way of play). This was by far Rangers best game of series from possession standpoint even with McD, Nash and MSL having off nights. But we did not have the puck luck (PDO) we enjoyed in Games 1 and 1. Last night Rangers: 93.4%, Habs 106.7%. Habs will continue to emulate Philly. Tokarski steals maybe 1 more. Rangers in 6.

  5. Bloomer says:

    The Rangers played a good game just couldn’t finish. The young Montreal goalie had a very good game, New York will have to get him moving side to side to beat him. Even then, it will take a good shot. St Louis had a glorious chance off a cross ice feed but his one timer was denied. If he had waited out Tokarski there I think be beats him. The Rangers didn’t win but they played well. A repeat effort like last night and they will take game 4.

  6. LGR7895 says:

    Anyone who expected a sweep was foolsh. It was just a matter of which game the Hags were gnna win.
    I am actually more confident now than I was yesterday. This is the same Ranger team as yesterday but now you add an edge to their game. They are more angered by that loss than anything. I dont see a drop of self-doubt creeping in.

    Cant wait for Game 5! Lets Go Rangers!

  7. LGR7895 says: 4.

  8. SalMerc says:

    Can someone teach the forwards how to win a face-off. Other than Boyle, we are sub-par. Also, I think the Brassard chemistry is missed on that line. He provides much-needed glue there. Bad hit on Stepan, but can Stepan hit the net? He skates and throws shots everywhere but on goal.

    Interesting Game 4 coming

  9. The Suit says:

    Steady boys.

  10. Dave says:

    No one expected this to be a sweep.

  11. Hatrick Swayze says:

    I’ve yet to see mention of any disciplinary action, phone interview or in person hearing on Brandon Prust.

    Egregiously late. Check
    Contact to the head. Check
    Arguably predatory, dangerous and from the blind side. Check, Check and Check

    Very rarely do I lost my composure watching a game, and if I do, chances are we are playing the Flyers, but that hit last night was enough to put me over.

    3 games should be the minimum without question. I would accept a 2 game ban if that’s what the NHL came up with. I (with a slightly biased opinion) would give him 4 and guarantee he not be able to play for the rest of the series.

    Damn you, Prust. Oh how things change…

  12. Leatherneckinlv says:

    What I want to know is why the linesman decided to grab Carcillo. He had no business grabbing him like that. All of this falls on the missed call. Had the call been made none of this would be relevant. Let’s see if Prust gets his but handed to him now.
    The Rangers lost because they could not outscore Montreal, plain and simple. They were the better team. Tokarski made some incredible saves and add to it the Rangers missed quite a few shots on net and finally the puck luck Montreal had and we had our result. I do not mind losing the way we did last night. It is Hockey and it happens.

  13. Leatherneckinlv says:

    It is the game 4 loss against Pittsburgh that I detest, this game was not a bad loss

  14. PAL says:

    Really frustrating – how do 4 refs all miss the Prust hit? But the boys played very well; just keep playing at this level, and we’ll win the series.

    Believe it or not, I think LA, Chicago and Montreal would all prefer to be in our position than the ones they are in at this moment.

    And check this out:

    Only 6 games ago, the Rangers were given a 1% chance to win it all. To be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but a reminder to be grateful for where we are.

  15. brooklynVic says:

    Its easy to say whoever expected a sweep was foolish but why shouldn’t we have. Game one – domination. Game two we were out played and saved by hank (thats what we hope he does day in and day out). 2 Wins on the road with momentum and a win and game three sets that up perfectly. Not discounting habs but a sweep was very much in playing hand.

    Prusty may get suspended. Roenick was stating he hit chest first which wasn’t the case. Almost decapitated Step.

    Thought AV said “if I was a betting man, brass would be in for game 3” wonder what the set back was and if this is worse than we had imagined. I hope note because we need him to gel that line together.

    PS: I wish we could stop scoring on ourselves 🙁

  16. Ray says:

    The Rangers have now lost 14 of 15 with the series lead. Is it Hank? His head just wasn’t in the game last night. The third goal was a weak shot and a horrible save that put the puck in dangerous territory. He did not make a great save on the second goal. It was an excellent stop, but the juicy rebound led to the scoring sequence. There were a handful of other juicy rebounds this game as well.

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      As good as Lundqvuist is, there is a lot more he has to work on to be even better. He is a rebound Macj
      hine and the other flaw is he does not move the puck well. If he fixes these and also add to it getting out of the net on certain plays and stand up he will be like a wall with no cracks in it. Reflex saves are only so good.