How Rick Nash can become a Ranger legend

May 22, 2014, by
Win a Cup, be a Legend. Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Win a Cup, be a Legend. Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s funny how some things turn out. Rick Nash has often been derided for his play in the postseason as a Ranger, and he certainly deserves his fair share of criticism for his lack of production. All of a sudden however, Nash has a modest two-game goal scoring streak to back up his excellent work off the puck and his play on the penalty kill. The Rangers also find themselves within two games of the Stanley Cup Finals with two elite wingers (including Martin St. Louis) slowly heating up. Things could be worse in Ranger town.

Much like Marian Gaborik once was, Nash has been accused of letting his teams down when it mattered most (the postseason). His lack of goals has often overshadowed the fact that Nash has been a solid contributor in so many areas of the game this year for a Rangers team that has spread the wealth offensively. The Rangers are where they are because they can ice four lines that can hurt the opposition. Luckily, Nash hasn’t needed to be brilliant offensively.

With his modest streak, Nash is on the cusp of something special. If Nash can continue to score, can pot a handful of goals between now and the end of the season, then the Rangers truly have the opportunity to win it all. With Henrik Lundqvist in net, the defense on song and a team depth so far unmatched, Nash can become the exclamation point, the difference maker on this team. In short, he can become what he was brought in to be: The finisher, the sniper, the guy that puts this team over the top.

If the Rangers were to win the Cup all would be forgotten. This team would become part of Ranger folk lore and Nash would surely be front and center. This team can only win the Stanley Cup if Nash continues to build on his recent form and his improving production. This team does not have the high end skill to match the Hawks, nor can they match up physically with the Kings, but they do have a few difference makers. Nash needs to continue to be one of the key guys.

The Rangers have a great opportunity to finish off the Canadiens quickly and get some much needed rest ahead of a Stanley Cup showdown. It excites the mind to think what a well rested Lundqvist could achieve in the Cup Final, what a healthier Ryan McDonagh could be capable of, and what an offense could achieve with a returning Derick Brassard.

The Rangers have a unique opportunity, starting tonight, and it needs to begin and end with Rick Nash – as it so often does. Despite an underwhelming start as a (postseason) Ranger, Nash is just six wins short of making himself a Rangers legend. It’s down to him.

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  1. Walt says:

    If Nash comes up big, well that’s the reason he was traded for. Hay we gave up a lot for him, and now we are seeing the dividens which are long overdue!!

    That stated, let’s all hope that he does score big time, and make himslf a name along side of some of our greats!!!!!

  2. Spozo says:

    Nash has always been a streaky scorer. The team weathered through one of his dry spells so hopefully he continues to light the lamp. Remember what he did during that streak before the all star break? He scored like 10 in 12 games. That would be the stuff of legend if he could heat up like that right now.

  3. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Legend may be too strong of a word. He could be a key piece to a championship team, remembered fondly for closing out the playoffs in style.

    It is encouraging to see him score in his last two games, and the thought of what could be, let’s hope that he brings it tonight in game 3 and keeps the good vibes going.

    • Chris says:

      Legend is tongue in cheek but with less than a handful of cups in this franchise’s entire history, if he is a focal point of a cup winning team he’d be more than fondly remembered.

  4. Dave says:

    It was only a matter of time before his shots started going in.

  5. mikeyyy says:

    Ie messier.

    Still a legend after he ran off to van

  6. SalMerc says:

    Maybe we can get Nash to guarantee a win and score a hat-trick too!

    That’s what legends do!