St. Louis Post-Game Speech

May 12, 2014, by

For those of you who missed it, the NHL YouTube channel posted a locker room video of Martin St. Louis giving a nice speech to his teammates following the Rangers win last night against Pittsburgh. It’s definitely worth a watch.

As an avid Hard Knocks, 24/7, it was pretty cool the NHL was able to capture this. Hopefully they post more behind-the-scenes footage like this through out the playoffs.

Scope it out.

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  1. WayneG says:

    Cheering for your team is sooooooo much better than booing.

  2. Spozo says:

    And I couldn’t be prouder to be a f*ckin New York Ranger with you guys.

    Great stuff.

    • Gary says:

      F*ckin A right!

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      I don’t wanna start the celebration just yet. I’m proud of this team taking games 5 & 6 from the Penguins. However all time the Rangers are 0 for 16 in series they trailed 3-1. Last year the stat was
      0 for 5 in game 7’s on the road and we whipped the Caps 5-0 at the Verizon Center. Can this be another goose egg breaking game for this team? Idk. I do look at Nash and his career stats. He is long due for not only a goal but then a hot streak at a great time. He leads the playoffs in SOG. It’s bound to happen. I just hope it’s a hat trick in the biggest game of the year and the 1st goal early again.

  3. Fred Stratton says:

    This is the kind of leadership that the Rangers have been in need of over the last couple of decades. On to Pittsburgh, and let’s win there!

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      If we win game 7 and go on to win the cup. Who does Bettman call over to “come get the cup”? There’s Richards, Staal, and I think Girardi have the A’s. However would it be the right thing to let MSL be that guy? His mother dying might have galvanized this team to the point of top performance from all 18 skaters and Hank. They’ve been pulling the same rope since Mrs St Louis passed away. He’s obviously a leader in the locker room letter or not. He was also the captain of Tampa before the trade for our captain.
      Aside from that. Next year I think Nash should get the C. That might just get the Rangers more from him. I don’t like the best player getting the C but in this case Nash hasn’t been the same since the weight of the captaincy in Columbus was lifted from the trade to NY. Any thoughts on that? I know Mac deserves it but he does his job no matter what. Nash might feel like the guy again. Something he was glad to get away from but he’s been a passenger too long here. Give Nash the C.

      • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

        Cant support giving any player the C based on the thought that he MIGHT play better. It’s really not in the spirit of the tradition. The players would see right through a charade like that.