Lundqvist fined for spraying Crosby

May 12, 2014, by

Henrik Lundqvist was fined $5,000 for spraying Sidney Crosby with his water bottle after he speared Dominic Moore in the onions. The incident came at the end of the second period in Sunday’s 3-1 victory that forced a Game Seven in Pittsburgh. Crosby was not fined for his spear of Moore, nor was he fined for his slew foot of Dan Girardi.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Good for the Rangers for not taking any crap from the prima-donna Crosby. I guess Lundqvist had enough of the slash and hacks he been taking all series. Game 7 will be a good one, the Rangers just need to continue to play hard, win the battles and go for it. Safe is dead.

  2. joe719 says:

    So it starts already! I thought they would at least wait for the opening minute of the game to bend over for Cindy; but I guess not. No matter. They know what to expect from this League. Just go in there, don’t get caught up in the nonsense, and try not to fall into the trap. Just play the game and whatever happens, happens. The first few minutes are going to be key. An early powerplay chance by the Pens is almost guaranteed. They need to expect this and be prepared. Hank has to be a Rock!!! Pitch a shutout!!!

  3. Chris F says:

    5k for Hank for the water squirt after play was dead.

    2.8k for Thornton spraying Subban from the bench while play is in progress and Subban has the puck.

    0 for Crosby for any of his antics, including spearing and slew-footing.

    Classic NHL.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      I think the fine is based on you tube views.

      Sissy boy had it coming.

      This is just fuel for our boys.

    • Walt says:

      Too bad Hank couldn’t have pissed on the pretty boy instead of using water!!!!!!!

      • Scully says:

        LOL agreed, but pretty sure between the two Hank’s the prettier one, he’s just so good people don’t even notice how pretty he is anymore. That’s Crosby’s true gripe with him Walt… Hank’s prettier than him :D.

    • Kevin says:

      The fines are based on player salary and 5k is the max… If Thornton’s actions didn’t get so much attention, then neither would’ve been fined. Since they had to give Thornton something they kind of had to give Hank one too. All in all, who cares… let’s just win tonight so we could move on and face our toughest match up of the entire playoffs.

    • Dave says:

      Fine is based on salary I believe.

  4. Spozo says:

    That’s the best 5 G’s Hank will ever spend.

  5. Chuck A says:

    Hank, forget the water; summon your inner Gerry Cheevers.

  6. Tim B says:

    Can someone start a petition to get Crosby fined?

  7. SalMerc says:

    Cindy works the refs before during and after each period. He can do no wrong on the ice. I predict he draws a few more penalties tonight and skates away without a single minute in the box.
    Maybe the NHL fines refs who call penalties on Cindy.

  8. Alex K says:

    What was Cindy’s penalty for spearing DMoore and slew footing Girardi, much more serious offenses than spraying the tears out of Cindy’s eyes?

  9. Evan McG says:

    I don’t care much about the off-ice penalties, just stay out of the box!