Has Derick Brassard done enough to return next season?

May 9, 2014, by
Brassard needs to be more consistent if he's to be a long term Ranger Photo: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Brassard needs to be more consistent if he’s to be a long term Ranger Photo: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Derick Brassard has a ton of ability and has flashed it countless times as a Ranger. Along with Mats Zuccarello and Benoit Pouliot he was part of the Rangers’ most consistent line all season, however was Brassard individually consistent enough to warrant being brought back next year?

Brassard came in from Columbus last year and was an impact player for the Rangers. Brassard was one of the few Rangers who distinguished themselves in the playoffs last season, but this year has been different as Brassard has been underwhelming in the playoffs following a streaky regular season.

Two big questions surround Brassard’s future in New York. How much of his (limited) success was a result of Mats Zuccarello’s breakout year and how much will Brassard demand to stay with the Rangers? Both questions aren’t easy to answer. The chemistry that Brassard showed with Zuccarello and Pouliot isn’t easy to measure or replicate. Secondly, given the weak free agent class this summer Brassard could make more money on the open market, if he gets there. Brassard was the fourth highest paid Ranger forward this year as he made $3.2m in salary during 2013-14.

So how much money is too much for the Rangers management? Brassard had three streaks of four games or more during the regular season – including one streak of eight games –where he failed to register a single point and those kind of streaks simply aren’t acceptable if Brad Richards leaves in the summer and Brassard is expected to step up into a full-time second line center position. Can the Rangers afford to pay a player with a habit of streaky play, upwards of $4m?

With the lack of offense the Rangers have generated against the Penguins during the playoffs the focus this summer will surely be on getting more from the roster and not with the Rangers taking more financial risks.

Does committing to Brassard represent a risk? It depends on the package and the length of the commitment but right now, there are not many sure things on the Rangers roster. Brassard has been a solid addition since arriving in New York but the money needs to be right for Glen Sather and co. to keep him. The Rangers cannot afford to make many mistakes this summer.

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  1. Walt says:


    Lets be real, do you really think the Rangers aren’t going after Stasney? If so, Brass will continue to be our 3rd line center, and should get $4-4.5 a year.

    As your pointed out, the chemistry between that line will be difficult to replicate, so why not try to keep in tact the best line we had overall this season??

    1st line
    2nd line
    3rd line
    4th line
    Moore-Boyle-Car bomb

    At least on paper it looks like a team that can compete with anyone, with potential scoring from all 4 lines!!

    either Allen or Diaz as the 7th d-man

    • Chris F says:

      What’d you do with Hagelin?

      • Walt says:

        Interchangeable with Miller, or maybe trade bait????

        • Chris F says:

          Hagelin is more than a spare part, though. He’s either gotta be put on a line full time, or he needs to be dealt.

          I love the kid, but I think we need to add some grit to the top-9, so I would like to see the team go after a FA winger like Moulson this this summer and see what the return might be for someone like Hagelin.

    • mr.mister says:

      Brass 4/4,5 Zucc?? $$

  2. WilliamW says:

    Yes. Brassard and his line were the key to the offense this year and there are very limited options on the UFA market. Assuming Richards is bought out his continued development will be key to the Rangers continuing to remain a winning franchise

    Don’t think Stasny is the answer here unfortunately

  3. SalMerc says:

    Brassard is the 2nd best center on the club. If there is an upgrade out there for less $, go get it, otherwise we have no center when we release Richards and Stepan gets hurt. Boyle may be gone as well.

  4. Bloomer says:

    The decision to keeping Derek comes down to dollars and cents. I would like to see the Rangers have him on the roster for a couple more years but not commit to a long-term deal. I like the chemistry he has brought to the team, but 2 year 3.8 million is my bottom line. Too many players in the league have been ruin with long-term contract.

  5. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Yes, all 3 on that line have

  6. Chris F says:

    Once you eliminate the Crosbys of the League, all players are streaky.

    4 games without a point is nothing for a guy who’s not even playing top-6 minutes.

    Brassard’s talent and vision are exceptional. The chemistry he has with Zuke and Pouliot is unquantifiable. Great things have happened all year because of that line.

    He needs to be resigned.

  7. Snake says:

    I can’t understand why Brassard would be a topic of conversation about who should return when the Rangers could give themselves a big upgrade with no cap hit by letting AV go. He’s done less with more this season. The Rangers barely scrapped past the Flyers and only because they had Emery in net for part of the series. If that wasn’t the case AV’s team would have been bounced in the 1st round again.

  8. Chris F says:

    St Louis’ mother passed away yesterday.

    He should stay out of the lineup tonight. The guy’s had an emotional year. He should take some time and get himself game ready for next season.

    If a miracle happens, he can slot back in later in the series.

    • SalMerc says:

      Sorry for his loss, especially right near Mother’s Day. Hockey is secondary to family.

  9. Hatrick Swayze says:

    To me, Brassard has looked like our best center at various times throughout the year. Despite his lack of playoff production, I still think he is playing better than Stepan right now.

    For all the skill he has, the guy isn’t afraid to get into the corners and work. I’m all for bringing him back. Ideally, he makes no more than that Stralman proposal (3 yrs 3 mil per), but that would require him taking a paycut which I don’t think is realistic. Given his production (reg strength and PP) and role for his respective club, here are some comparables:

    Nazem Kadri (2.9 x 2)
    Nick Bonino (1.9 x 3)
    Cody Hodgson (4.25 x 6)
    Marcus Johansson (2 x 2)
    Adam Henrique (4 x 6)
    Tyler Ennis (2.8 x 2)
    Tyler Bozak (4.2 x 5)

    They’re a bit all over the map and some players are younger and on their ‘bridge contracts’ (i.e. Kadri) so it isn’t apples to apples….. but all said and done my target deal is:

    3 – 4 years
    3.25 – 3.75 cap hit

    3 x 3.75 or 4 x 3.25…. he chooses term or higher per yr. At the end of the day, he’s earned himself an extension and I’d like to keep him around.

    • mr.mister says:

      Again: What about zucc?

      • Hatrick Swayze says:

        The discussion here is on Brassard. Zuccarello is more important to resign, yes, but that isn’t the topic of discussion.

    • Chris F says:

      His work ethic on the ice far surpasses Stepan. Brass is quick, with good hands, a nice shot, great vision and creativity and, as you note, he actually fights to work the boards.

      Retaining him is a no-brainer. Gotta minimize the roster turnover and keep the guys who bring so much to the table.

  10. Chris. C says:

    You’d be fooling yourself if you think the Pouliot/Brss/Zucc line is not getting resigned. Fact plain and simple. That Line was the cause for us making the playoffs.

    Side Note: Can you make a post on Prospects that are actual ready to make the jump to the NHL.

  11. Dave says:

    Brassard’s QO is $3.7 million. He won’t get less than that.

  12. mikeyyy says:


    Trade away

    Get picks or snipers

    We have playmakers. If we keep brassard.

    We need people that can put the puck away

  13. Ray says:

    With limited draft choices and relatively few prospects up front, the Rangers are going to have to overpay for a couple of players because that’s how free agency works. Everyone laughed at the Kings when they grabbed Carter and Richards.

    Sather will and should overpay for Brassard – the key is to not ridiculously overpay.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      I’m not so sure eyebrows were raised at the Kings. It seemed more questions were directed to Holmgren & the Flyers for those 2 blockbusters.

      Remember, Richards was sent to LA via trade (not FA signings) for Simmonds and B Schenn (who, at the time, was touted as “the best prospect outside of the NHL” by many). Return wasn’t horrible.

      Carter was traded to Columbus (for Vorachek and Couterier draft pick), who then sent him to LA towards the end of that season for J. Johnson.

      So LA gave up Simmonds, J. Johnson and B. Schenn for Carter and Richards. At this juncture, I think most ppl would take the Carter/Richards tandem over the other 3. The cup that LA won with Carter and Richards on the roster probably cemented it as a solid move for the time being.

  14. bayman says:

    One might ask if Brassard deserves some credit for Zucc’s breakout season.

  15. paulronty says:

    I’m more concerned about Stepan now than Brassard. If Step is our #1 next year we will be in big trouble. He can’t win faceoffs it seems and I think he has been a detriment to Nash. I like Brassard but despite the love-in for Pouliot, I’m not sold on him and I think Miller or Hags should take that spot. Time to bring the Diesel in & put somebody who can score on the 4th line.

  16. supermaz says:

    Signing Brassard is a no brainer.
    Stastny may not be the answer, but he is the best available option. I think he is pretty good.
    Off-season plan:
    Bring in Stastny,
    Trade Stepan, Hagelin, and a prospect for Evander Kane.
    Buyout Richards.

    Kane – Stastny – Nash
    Poulton – Brassard – Zuccarello
    Miller – Lindberg – St Louis
    Fast – Moore – Carcillo

    this lineup lacks one more tough RW….
    maybe one more trade to replace St Louis, but i cannot give you a name at the moment.

  17. NY to NC says:

    Trade Nash for Eric Staal.

    I like the idea of getting Kane, but I think Stepan, Hags and a prospect is too steep a price. Stepan has to go. Does anyone know why he gets a media free pass? He has been their worst forward in the payoffs, not Nash or St. Louis. I am sick of looking at him lumbering up and down the rink in a daze.

    • mikeyyy says:

      I’d be game for that. Bring all the staals to ny

      • Chris F says:

        Chicago isn’t letting Kane go.

        I honestly believe that Stastny is the best option on the market this summer. He’s a FA who will be commanding upwards of $6mil+, so in the realm of Richards money, though he’s 6 years younger.

        With Richards gone, Stastny would nicely fill that void. At 6″, 205lb, 28 years old, he’d be a nice addition up the middle, someone who can be that #1, if needed.

        He’s a perennial 55-70 point player, who also has solid two-way capabilities. He didn’t play on the top line much with the Avs this year and he put up 60 pts in 71 games. He also put up 10 points (5 g / 5 a) in the 7-game first round series against the Wild. His face-off numbers are routinely 53%+. He made his case for interested parties this summer.

        He’d provide an immediate replacement and upgrade over Richards. I’d then like to look at signing Matt Mouslon as the 2nd line LW, playing with St. Louis and, possibly Stepan.

        Stepan / Hagelin could also be packaged to bring in a 2nd line C.

        Leave Pouliot-Brassard-Zuccarello line intact.

        • supermaz says:

          Sorry…I forgot about Kreider, wow, how can I forget him.
          Chris F….Evander Kane, not Patrick

  18. Chris F says:

    Did Brassard answer your question tonight, Chris?

  19. Frank Cerbone says:

    The guys that produced this season, ie.Brassard, Zuccrello, Pouliot, Stralman, Talbot have not peaked and need to be resigned. Dm Moore should be brought back as well

    MSL, Boyle, Richards, Nash, Dorsett can be replaced and should be.

    Lecavalier (for Nash),Weise replacing Dorsett,
    Niskanen (replacing Richards or Staal) are all financial improvements or skill level improvements over what we had.

    MSL is a different story as his salary verus his production is so on sided, he just as to go.

    Lecavalieer is cheaper, tougher than Mr Softie (Nash).