BSB playoff live chat


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  1. rags need to stay discplined and let their speed, defense and goaltending do the talking

  2. 5-1 huh Justin?

    Nice call, almost nailed it.

    Glad Game 1 is in the books.

    Glad the Rangers basically spit on any crap the Flyers tried to pull. If the Rangers’ PP keeps looking dangerous like it did tonight that’s a better deterrent than 10 heavyweights.

    Rangers played a near perfect game. The rest of the series won’t be this easy. Great start though!

    • SO if you look from the VERY VERY first time this blog mentioned buying out Richards, I said INSANE.

      Richards was the best player on the ice, buy him out? INSANE.

      Please apologize to me immediately.

      • This is going to be interesting. If he keeps playing like this, it’s going to be hard to see him go. I wonder how a move like that would affect the locker room and GM/player relations moving forward. But everything is about money. I still think he gets bought out. He’d have to score like fifteen goals and have four game winners in the SCF to avoid it.

      • Love the way he is playing, but no amount off great play can fix the contract. No one owes you an apology.