Goal breakdown (sorta): Rangers/Canadiens

April 13, 2014, by

This is going to be a brutally honest post: I did not watch the game last night. I had another commitment, but I DVR’d the game to do the goal breakdown this morning. Alas, there were no goals scored at all that were worth breaking down. And by that, I mean I’m not breaking down a penalty shot. I saw the replay, was the right call on the play. So, there is no real point of a goal breakdown today. The game was meaningless, and the first time since the end of the 2011-2012 regular season the Rangers have played a meaningless game.

So, the Rangers have clinched the #2 seed, and will play the Flyers in the opening round. Game 1 is on Thursday, giving the Rangers four more days of rest before the playoffs. Time of the game is TBD, but we can assume that since Game 1 is Thursday, Game 2 will be Saturday, Game 3 Monday, etc.

It’s the first nice weekend we’ve had here in New York since…October? Something like that. Go out, enjoy. Use this as your open thread for the day. Talk about whatever, but keep it civil.

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  1. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    It was an entertaining game. If the Rangers could handle a pass all night that could have been 3 or 4 zip by games end. Pouliot missed an attempted 1 timer that he had time to settle the puck and wrist it over price. Brassard had a glorious 1 timer in the slot that he also rushed. Had he waited Price was about to make the 1st move and over committ. Nash had a mini breakaway along the RW boards and shot. Price was standing near the Hash marks. Nash could have slid the puck around him with a nice fake shot.
    All night long it seemed the Rangers were not connecting on passes nor were they making good decision which scoring chances. Not a big deal since Talbot built a brick wall behind him. IMO even with the Rangers out shooting Montreal. Talbot was the better goalie. Price sucks the Rangers just didn’t pick corners and shoot high enough on him. They did outplay Montreal for 55 mins of that game.

  2. bloomer says:

    For a game that was apparently meaningless the two teams went at each other quite hard. Cam talbot put on a very awesome display of goaltending that impressed hockey fans in canada. The rangers again like in the buffalo game had numerous scoring opportunities but had trouble burying the biscuit.

  3. Ray says:

    The game wasn’t meaningless to Montreal. And the amazing Cam Talbot passed Josh Harding on the GAA average list to take the lead among goalies who have played more than two games.

    It was a remarkable performance by Cam. He posted a 1.64 GAA and a .941 save percentage. Since the lost season, this is among the top three performances in both categories among goaltenders who played in five or more games in a season. Josh Harding exceeded both one year, but played only seven games that year. Brian Elliot posted a 1.56 GAA two years back and Craig Anderson once matched the .941.

  4. Walt says:

    Watching the game last night I couldn’t help but see how many times Diaz was out of position. I don’t see him as anything more than a depth player for this team!!