Injury/Lineup updates: McDonagh 100%; Vets getting rest

April 12, 2014, by

Per Andrew Gross, injured defenseman Ryan McDonagh has confirmed that he is 100%, and will return for the playoffs. McDonagh has been out since April 1, after taking a “questionable” hit from Vancouver’s Alex Burrows late in the third period. Although he is 100%, he will not be playing tonight in Montreal.

In addition to McDonagh, Dan Girardi, Martin St. Louis, and Henrik Lundqvist will also be out of the lineup tonight to get some much deserved and/or needed rest. For Girardi, this will be just the fifth (!!!) game he has missed in his entire NHL career (two last season, two in 2010-2011).

People may not agree with Alain Vigneault here, but the game tonight is meaningless. There’s no point in ruining Hank’s confidence (he has a better shot at being president of the US than winning in Montreal it seems); it’s a good idea to give Girardi some time to order some new robot parts for his body; and it’s probably a good idea to get MSL out of his own head.

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  1. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    I agree with everyone AV has sitting tonight except MSL. He’s beginning to find his game now. Nash could sit tonight as well. Why chance him getting injured?
    I think I know where Girardi gets his cyborg body parts from. They come from a secret underground plant that makes robot parts and cyborg chips like the terminator for the black market. Some believe its a soviet era shop made up of ex KGB operatives.
    They should call up everyone they can from Hartford and give them a taste of the show. I’d love to see Miller-Kristo-Lindburg and Fast mixed into the lineup tonight. It’s a meaningless game. Let these kids see how high of a level of play they need to make an NHL roster for good. I think that’s important. Whoever is on this years taxi sqaud should play tonight. Anyone have an opinion or an
    A-Hole. All kidding aside I’d like to hear what the BSB readers & staff have to say on the kids playing an NHL game tonight in a pressure cooker at the Bell Centre!

    • Walt says:

      The other day I said that is this game ment nothing in the standings, we should play a few kids, and agree with you there!!

      I’d like to see Connor Allen play in Dan’s place, and see what he can od. I wouldn’t expect the Canadianes play their A team, so they would be match evenly!!

  2. Spozo says:

    I wouldn’t have minded Mac getting a game in before the playoffs to get his timing back but I’m sure AV thinks his all world (is he there yet) defenseman will be just fine.

    But seriously when’s the last time the Rangers were able to do this? They haven’t had a meaningless last game of the season in a lonnngggg time.