McDonagh out and day to day, Moore in tonight

Per Andrew Gross, defenseman Ryan McDonagh is out tonight and is day-to-day after being on the receiving end of a questionable hit –that received no supplemental discipline– from Alex Burrows. John Moore, who has been out since March 21, will take McDonagh’s spot in the lineup.

6 Responses to “McDonagh out and day to day, Moore in tonight”

  1. Hey Dave:
    If Shanny isn’t meting out any disciplinary measures from on-high, we should send Car-bomb, Derek Dorsett, Kyle Beach in waves at Burrows next time we get Vancouver.

    Though Brandon Prust priced himself out of a Blueshirt, he nonetheless would’ve been the first to answer that kind of cheap shot on a teammate.

  2. Ahhh, the good old days, where retaliation was a useful tool to settling issues. Now we have an ex-player who decides on a whim who to and who not to penalize.


    Some comments from AV and Dorsett on the Burrows hit.

    And I really don’t like AV’s comments on Miller. He’s ruining the kid’s confidence. Unfortunately, it’s becoming doubtful that Miller has a future with the Rangers. AV seems intent on running him out of town.

    I recall Miller did have some attitude problems when plating with the US Development Team. Is it possible he hasn’t really matured and has either work ethic or attitude problems?