Why the Rangers should retain Dominic Moore

March 30, 2014, by
(Photo: LoHud)

(Photo: LoHud)

Throughout the Rangers recent stretch of form (the Calgary game aside) a key aspect to the Rangers’ success has been the consistent performances from the role players. Whether it is Brian Boyle, Derek Dorsett or veteran Dom Moore, the Rangers have gotten great performances from their lesser lights.

Dom Moore in particular has been a quality player most nights. He has consistently displayed a high hockey IQ, he’s got defensive prowess, and for a team that struggles to score consistently, his 18 point season is no bad thing from your 4th line center.

Retaining Moore in the summer is a no-brainer. Given the likelihood of significant change at the center position retaining Moore gives the team some continuity at the position. With Moore, they’ll retain a player that is part of a strong penalty killing unit who is also both cheap and unlikely to upset the apple cart in the event of being handed a fringe position on the roster.

Keeping Moore in New York also doesn’t block any prospect’s path to the big leagues, as a short-term deal for Moore would be a low cost move. Perhaps most importantly, Moore could be a great example to younger players. As a veteran player who has (to put it mildly) faced plenty of adversity and has been around the league a long time, younger prospects like Oscar Lindberg or even JT Miller could learn a lot from being around people such as Moore.

When Dom Moore burst on to the scene as a rookie with his three point debut way back in 2003 people may have expected more of an offensive player to emerge. However, what Moore has carved out for himself is a nice career as a defensive forward whose calling cards are his consistency and defensive reliability. For a team that relies on their defense to keep them in games, another year of Moore would be a safe move to make for the Rangers this summer.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Burns my ass that the Rangers traded Dom in the first place. He would of been a very useful player for the Ranger throughout his career. Anyhow, sure sign Moore for another year he skates well, plays with some moxie and gives the team some depth.

  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I concur, Moore is an asset not a detriment. This 4th line dominated Calgary and yet our 1st line was a detriment to where Nash and St Louis showed why they can not be on the same line,

  3. paulronty says:

    Let me say that I love Dom Moore & I have no problem retaining him but I think the Rangers need to give a long look to Ryan Bourque next year. Ryan is having a breakout year for the Wolfpack & he is much like a younger version of Moore. Great skater, very good on PK and he’s got moves because I saw them in Junior. The only negative is that he is very small but would be OK with Boyle & Dorsett. Ryan Bourque is a much better player than people realize.

    • Chris says:

      I’m a fan of bourque and would love to see him make the team. I like the fact the franchise haven’t given up on him and have shown patience. He’s got a chance at being a solid player.

  4. Chris F says:

    The real question though is who is #46 in the photo above?

  5. mattimar says:

    Dom Moore is playing well (18 pts is a lot more than their 4th line center had last year) and so is the entire 4th line and they were playing well with Carcillo too. But the Rangers need more size.. We can talk all we want about Moore, and Miller and the possibility of Borque but they have a smallish team and the big players mostly play small. Keep Moore or maybe Borque makes it but add a little useful size to the lineup and maybe they will all be a little more effective.

    • mattimar says:

      That should have read “Bourque” i think..

    • IKE says:

      I really would like to see Dom get re-signed the guy I am tired of seeing is Boyle he is one of our biggest players and yet gets pushed around alot and GOD forbid he hits an open net even though he got lucky the other night I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the kids replace him the only problem is he’s the only one who wins faceoffs consistently why we can’t find someone to do this baffles me

  6. Frank Cerbone says:

    Rangers drafting JT Miller over Jenner, a power forward that plays a real physical game was a stupid draft decision by Sather, one of many.

    Smurf Bourque is one concussion away from

    Rangers give up possible 2 number one picks if Rangers make conference finals, even if St Louis
    scores ZERO GOALS

  7. Walt says:

    Like the write up, and if I were the GM, Dom Moore stays at least one more year.

    Mattmar said it right, if we add Ryan Bourque, we become the smerfs again. That would include MSL, Zucc, Bourque, and you may as well include Step, he plays that small himself.

    Watching the Bruins today, they have it all, elite goalie, strong big nasty forwards, and d-men, except Doug Hamilton, that’s the kind of team I would love to see on MSG ice!!!!! And, oh, they won the cup 2 in four years???? But, we go after retreads like MSL, instead of Stewart, which would have been a good begining.

    But as a poster wrote, why bring logic to this site????

  8. Lou says:

    Hindsight on MSL is a non-brainer. What the coaching staff and Slats forgot is size DOES matter.

    Stewart on a lazy day would have been a better fit than Marty.

    That said, regrettably Moore must go –need to get yuonger and nastier with the 4th line. Its JT Miller’s spot next season! Plus he also adds scoring, and, possibly maybe even move to the 4th line.

    Next season — Richards sent packing, Statsny signed and your centers become Statsny, Stepan, Brassard and JT Miller —SOLID 🙂