Start a fire – NYR win battle in Columbus

March 22, 2014, by
I win.

I win.

Getting the two points last night almost seemed liked the cherry on top. For me the sundae was finally seeing Rick Nash play like the power forward he was billed as when we first acquired  him.

Nasher played with a lot of emotion. He was physical, driving to the net, and just making ‘stuff’ happen below the dots. As for the fight, typically you don’t want one of your best goal scorers dropping the gloves, but hey sometimes you have to stick up for yourself. All said, if last night was the spark to ignite the fire in Nash’s belly, then hopefully it burns awhile.

As for the rest of this game, it was great to see such emotion from everyone up and down the bench. This was the first game since the Cally trade where the boys finally looked liked they had some wind in their sails. Hopefully this continues as games aren’t going to get any easier here on out. Still no sign of MSL though.

On to the goals:

Blue Jackets 1 – Rangers 0

Stick break or no stick break, Benoit Pouliot didn’t make a smart pass and gave Nick Foligno a beauty of an assist. Given, this was part of a controlled break out and the pass back to a d-man is likely one of his options, but you have to make a read.

Great shot by Foligno, quick wrister blocker side.

Blue Jackets 1 – Rangers 1

Two Blue Jackets (Comeau and MacKenzie) bit on Ryan McDonagh after he wheeled behind their net, which left Derek Stepan wide open in the slot for a one-timer. Some say shot location doesn’t matter. On this play, Bob probably disagrees.

Blue Jackets 1 – Rangers 2

The game winner came from Derick Brassard on a quasi wraparound goal. Stralmania chipped the puck down low to Brass who was undefended behind the far side post. Bob was in a butterfly but looked around his left shoulder even though Brass was behind his right shoulder.

Brass simply banked the puck off of Bob’s rear and in. I’m no expert, but I think Bob should have hugged the post on that play. Good for us.

Blue Jacket 1s – Rangers 3

Empty netter from Hagelin. No breakdown.

Fenwick Chart:

5 on 5 Fenwick

5 on 5 Fenwick

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  1. Joel says:

    Can Dave Maloney PLEASE replace Joe M as the analyst? Nice to have someone who actually ‘sees’ the game and accurately tell us how a play started. Love his insights.

    • Gary says:

      Being stuck w/ Center Ice, I am usually subject to the other team’s broadcast crew or worse yet, when they play Boston the Uber Honk, Jack Edwards. “DON’T POKE THE BEAR!!!” roars the pencil necked geek. But I digress…

      I agree about Maloney. Really like him. He’s humble and knowledgeable. Joe M honks the opposing team too much, sort of like JD used to do. Very annoying.

    • Chuck A says:

      Stemmer’s good on color, too. First time I heard him last night.

  2. Becky says:

    Who the heck is MSL?

  3. Ray says:

    Didn’t see the game, but nice to see Lundqvist earn #1 star from out of town press in a games where he got neither a shutout nor a milestone. More than anything, the Rangers need great goaltending.

  4. Bloomer says:

    Lundqvist did have a solid game, however its important to also give the team credit for the win. Next up are the Devils who give always the Rangers trouble. New York can’t afford to put in a half ass effort here as they are in a dogfight for a playoff spot.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      They’ve also played more games. Making each game a must win to keep the pressure up on the CBJ & Philly.