Game 72: Build on the big win against the Devils

March 22, 2014, by
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Last night, the Rangers went out and beat a Columbus Blue Jackets team that was ahead of them in the standings with games in hand. Now, the Rangers hold a two point lead on the Jackets (yes, they still have a game in hand) and have the tiebreakers (ROW, head to head record) as well. As long as this club continues winning and getting points, the Blue Jackets will not be able to catch them. The Devils are tonight’s opponent, and building on that big win against a non-playoff team is critical.

The Devils employ a 1-2-2 forecheck which they’ll use aggressively in the offensive zone or passively in the neutral zone as a trap depending on game situation. In the defensive zone, Deboer employs a hybrid overload/zone defensive system depending on whether the puck is along the boards or at mid-ice.

On special teams, the Devils employ an umbrella/1-3-1 power playOn the penalty kill, the Devs rotate between a box and a diamond depending on puck location and the setup of the opposition.

Rangers Lineup (confirmed):

Chris KreiderDerek StepanRick Nash
Carl HagelinBrad RichardsBenoit Pouliot
Martin St. LouisDerick BrassardMats Zuccarello
Brian BoyleDominic Moore-Dan Carcillo

Ryan McDonaghDan Girardeau
Marc StaalAnton Stralman
Raphael Diaz-Kevin Klein

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start

Scratches/Injuries: Derek Dorsett (flu), John Moore (concussion symptoms), Ryan Haggerty (healthy), Justin Falk (healthy)

Game time is 7pm on MSG. Don’t forget to check out our Rangers Tickets link for deals to attend games.

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  1. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    I thought I had heard Dorsett would play again tonight. I did hear Diaz was in. He’s gonna play with Klein? How things change huh. Two righties on the bottom pairing. We are rich in righties now!

  2. Chris F says:

    Dan Girardeau? Interesting.

  3. Spozo says:

    Moore is out with concussion like symptoms. It’s interesting that he was allow to come back for a couple shifts. Doesn’t he have to go to a “quiet room” for a diagnosis whenever a hit to the head occurs?

  4. Chris F says:

    How does Philly win again today? I thought for sure that St. Louis would end their surge… This is getting ridiculous. The Flyers –and especially Mason– are not this good.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      I feel the same way bro. I thought for sure the best team in the NHL would knock them off their little cloud.

    • Gary says:

      They are not that good. Or maybe it is just my bias because I hate them. No, not that good. Just on a hot streak.

      Rangers may not be elite but folks, they are creating an identity now. This swarming, attacking team is now adding in some relentlessness w/ the playoff push and desperation. I like watching this better than the Black & Blueshirt who I loved.

      The key here is discipline and relentlessness. When MSL gets going…

  5. Chris F says:

    Question for Justin (if you’re around)-

    What are your thoughts on Broduer ‘ s gamesmanship, disregarding he being one of the –if not the– best goaltenders in NHL history?

    Perhaps it’s that of the goalies I see routinely –Lundqvist, Fluery, Nabokov, Rask, Miller, Holtby, Anderson, Broduer, etc, in other words East Coast goalies– Broduer appears to have the highest propensity to dive and take cheap shots. Maybe it’s this smaller sample size of goalies that I’m familiar with that Broduer’s antics seem to stand out. Or maybe it’s just that I’m a Rangers fan.

    In your opinion, is Broduer the worst? I’ve heard rumors about guys like Mike Smith, but I haven’t seen enough of him to make a judgment.

    • Chris F says:

      And I’m referring to true NHL goaltenders –current–, not bums like Emery.

      • Spozo says:

        I’ll preface this by admitting I have a Ranger bias. Brodeur is arguably the greatest goaltender to live. Personally I think Hasek had the best 2-3 years of any goaltender ever and there’s an argument for Roy over Brodeur.

        With that said, I think Brodeur is a cocky arrogant prick. You never hear him own up to a bad game. He never says “we didn’t win tonight and I could have been better”. He flops on the ice when he is brushed up against. You don’t see Hank ever trying to sell a call.

        • Walt says:

          Spot on with the “cocky arrogant prick”, remark.

          Now his numbers are wonderful, and any above average goalie who played in front of the Devils defenses over the last 20-22 years would be the same, if not better than Fat boy’s! My opinion is base on fact, and dislike of the cocky SOB, and being a Ranger fan doesn’t help any either.

    • Gary says:

      Marty is the worst.

    • Justin says:

      I think your observations about Brodeur’s gamesmanship are pretty accurate. By nature of the position, most tenders are pretty mild mannered, easy going guys. Marty’s always been out for that little edge (maybe part of what’s made him so good).

      I don’t think it tarnishes his legacy or anything like that, but it becomes completely understandable why fans do other teams (especially rivals) would detest the guy.

  6. Seahorse says:

    very impressed with diaz especially on the power play

    • Gary says:

      Want to see them both on the same line sometime. I know that weakens the D of the 4th line but it would be fun. Yeh I know, it’s about winning, not fun. But I want to keep both of these guys around next year.

      Diaz, sheesh, got him just in the nick of time.

  7. mikeyyy says:

    Uncle daddy is one messed up individual. But then I guess you have to be to have people shoot pucks at you all day.

    I’ve never met a “normal” keeper

    oh and you have to be real slime to get a nickname like uncle daddy