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Thursday Musings: Rangers vs. Rangers edition

March 20, 2014, by

With the Rangers playing the Rangers rejects (or is that the Blue Jackets playing the Blue Jacket rejects?) on Friday it seemed like a good chance to throw up a Musings ahead of Friday’s game in Columbus. So, let’s get to it.

The fact that there is even a debate as to who won the Nash deal (so far) is proof enough that Nash has underwhelmed so far in New York. Nash was by far the best player moved in the deal but while the ex-Rangers in Columbus have developed quite well Nash has left the Rangers fans always wanting more.

Given the likelihood of Brad Richards leaving in the summer, you think the Rangers would live either of Dubinsky or Anisimov back? Dubinsky has 41 points so far, as he’s playing major minutes and a good two way game for Columbus while Anisimov is on 19 goals for the season and playing a very solid year to date. Both would still be solid players for the Rangers.

Speaking of ex-Rangers; how many fans would still love Fedor Tyutin back?

I didn’t think I’d ever see the day but the Blue Jackets – throughout their organisation – have scary talent lined up for the future. A stack of quality prospects on the way while they have kids like Ryan Johansen, Boone Jenner and Ryan Murray learning on the job. They could be a deep, talented team in a few short years, especially now they’re not headed up by incompetent management.

10 Rangers have scored at least 10 goals this year (allowing the swap of St Louis for Callahan). Yet only Nash has so far got to 20. That to me highlights the Rangers depth up front but also highlights the inconsistent season the team is having. Too many players have had too many peaks and troughs this year.

Thinking ahead to the summer: how much would you be willing to give Marc Staal to lock him up? Amid a strong (and healthy) season Staal is a pivotal Ranger and unless receiving a player of equal talent in return, they cannot afford to move him.

How will the recent arrival of Martin St Louis affect the long term development of wingers like Danny Kristo and Jesper Fast?

Here’s a thought: Should Ryan McDonagh be in the Norris trophy conversation this year and is he a sexy enough name that he’ll get into the conversation with the usual suspects?

Question Time:

  • Would you retain Benoit Pouliot beyond this year and if so, how much is he worth?
  • How many goals will Nash end up with and what is an acceptable amount?
  • If you can only retain one: Dom Moore or Brian Boyle?
  • Armchair GM: How should the Rangers resolve their centre position in the summer?
  • Who has disappointed you most on the Rangers this season?


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  1. TxRanger says:

    Give Marc a little less than Girardi.

    St. Louis isn’t effecting anyone’s long-term development. (keyword: long-term)

    Ryan McDonagh should win the Norris and should be our Captain right now.

    I’d resign Pouliot with a mild raise. He’d probably love playing for the same team in consecutive seasons.

    Nash will get like 27ish.


    Sign Stastny.

    St. Louis, Stralman, Callahan, Stepan, Asham…

  2. Rangers11 says:

    Nash 25 goals
    biggest disappointment is Stepan, thou he passes the puck well and plays good defense, his offense is terrible

    • Ray says:

      Fifth highest paid forward is tied for team scoring lead and his offense is terrible??

      • Chris F says:

        Yea, Stepan has not been “terrible”by any means. But he hasn’t been that force that he was last season, and I’d like to see more goals from him. HE seems to have a turned a corner recently though, so let’s see how he finishes out the season.

  3. chuck says:

    I agree on signing Pouliout with slight raise.
    McDonagh should be a Norris candidate but wouldn’t be
    Boyle over Moore
    Biggest disappointment has to be Nash can you say buy out

    • TxRanger says:

      I don’t get how our leading goal scorer is the biggest disappointment? He’s seventh in points, only thirteen less than Stepan, but has played almost twenty less games. This is just poor logic to call him disappointing. He’s having a good year, especially considering he is recovering from a concussion.

  4. Chris F says:

    -I would absolutely keep Pouliot on. He’s on pace for a little over 30 points, but the bulwark of those have come in the second half of the season. He seems to have found his game and is playing an important third line role where he’s found chemistry with Brassard and Zuccarello. I like his game and would offer him $1.5 million to stay.

    -Nash will likely finish with 26-28 goals. Anything less than 35 goals is really unacceptable.

    -Tough one, but I think I keep Dom Moore. He’s as good a 4th line and PK center as Boyle, but he’s quicker which seems to be the ideal AV trait.

    -I’d love for Stepan to show us what he did last year wasnt a fluke and step up and play as a #1 C in front of Brassard and Miller, but I don’t think he’s going to do that. So I suppose buyout Richards and go after Stastny. The money is a wash and he’s much younger so what’s the worst that can happen?

    -Nash, Stepan, Callahan, Staal and lastly MSL (slight pass for small sample size).

    • Chris A says:

      Nash is on pace for a 33 goal season you know.

      Also, based on how he looked at the time, he may have come back from his concussion about two or three weeks too soon.

      • Chris F says:

        Nash is on pace for 33 goals in a full 82 game season. This season he is projected for 27 goals in 65 games. Definitely not terrible, but also definitely underwhelming for a player of his caliber and salary.

        It’s not simply goals either–though I set the mark for him at 35 goals. He has to be a dominant presence and a threat on the ice to open up his teammates. He hasn’t done that consistently this year. Also, while Nash has shown flashes of being able to work the puck through multiple defenders to get to the slot, more often than not too many sticks get in the way and he turns the puck over.

        With his shot, he needs to stop trying to do it all, enter the zone, carry the puck to the slot, and shoot. Instead he needs to get to the open areas of the slot and make himself available to receive a pass where he can quickly get off that nasty shot of his in a prime scoring location.

        I don’t think Nash has been bad, but he hasn’t been the force he has needed to be and that makes him a disappointment.

  5. Frank Cerbone says:

    At end of Knicks 1st half yesterday, James Dolan was interviewed and said Phil Jackson “teached me a lot” so I decided to bring him on board.

    “Teached me a lot” about basketball in just a couple of hours, and I realized I was much better at running companies.

    Incredible. Dolan is an idiot. Where are are the sports commentators remarking about Dolan’s

    Did somebody say James Dolan enjoyed 1st grade…the best 5 years of his life?

  6. Ray says:

    *Resign Pouliot at maybe $1.5M, perhaps a shade more. You want to be able to trade him if Miller, Fast, Kristo all emerge.
    *28 goals – need 42 in a full season.
    * Boyle (but not if Moore is much cheaper).
    * Stastny, I suppose
    * Lundqvist of course. How can anyone answer otherwise? He is an average first string goaltender this year, not bad but hardly acceptable for a perennial Vezina candidate.

    You don’t pencil in any of the kids except perhaps Miller, but you carry several forwards who can be traded if the emergence of youth makes them expendable.

    Re the Nash trade, we forget how down everyone was on Dubinsky at the time and that the Nash trade was a way to unload an overpaid skater. In hindsight, shame we didn’t keep Dubi and give up Cally instead.

  7. Frank Cerbone says:

    Staal has missed 10 gms this season with 12 gms remaining. Healthy season???????????

    Staal a -5 has worst +/- of Ranger defenseman.
    No matter who you put with Staal, he still is a minus defenseman. He won’t defend the net, is not good in the corners, and is basically a finesse stickchecker with size & quickness

    NO MENTION OF BOTH BRASSARD & ZUCCARELLO BEING EACH A +4 IN THEIR LAST GAME. When was a single Ranger let alone 2 Rangers having +4s in the same game?

    • Chris F says:

      The team has to actually score at least 4 goals for that even to be a possibility. So, that sort of answers your question.

  8. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    If I’m Sather and looking at the salary cap space he may not have at the end of the season. I think I’d try to trade Staal and dump his salary off the books. Maybe try to get picks and/or prospects in return for him. If not a young impact player in return for him. Things are looking kind of tight on his finances going forward. Staal is a great player but rather than go through another contract squabble. Just clear the space and get a package of picks in return. I think it’s a smart move. Retool the farm system.

  9. Chris F says:

    Unrelated, but MDZ was a healthy scratch last night for Nashville and Trotz is none too pleased with his defensive effort of late.

    Also, Nash spoke pretty honestly about the personal and emotional element to his return to Columbus. Now it’s time for him to go out and prove that NY got the better end of that deal! Hat-trick!

  10. wwpd says:

    tomorrow would not be a bad day for st louis to score his first few goals as a ranger.

    just saying.

  11. Becky says:

    Keep Dom. Keep Pouliot. They’re two of the toughest, hardest working on the ice day in and day out.

    • TxRanger says:

      I respect Dominic Moore. I really liked him in Montreal and was pulling for them a few years back when they almost made the cup finals, because of him and Moen. When you think about all he’s been through, its undeniably admirable. He deserves comeback player of the year if that’s an award. But Boyle is core, he’s a great defender and this team would lose a lot more letting him go than it would letting Moore go.

      • HARLEMBLUES says:

        Boyle isn’t a great defender,a good one not great.D.Moore is a far better skater,better with the puck and a better scoring threat.Oh he plays good defensive to.Boyle is so replaceable.Some don’t give him credit others give him to much.

      • Becky says:

        I think in a perfect world we have them both, but taking away any personal information we should look at the following:
        1- leadership skills – where I think Dom clearly edges Boyle out
        2- $$ – at 33, Moore will demand less to play
        3- skating ability

        They’re both essential on the PK, I just think that Moore is the more affordable and stabilizing choice

  12. WilliamW says:

    Staal will get a contract comparable to the one given Girardi, either by NYR or another team. I’d offer him that over the summer and avoid the headaches with a key player

    St Louis will have a minimal impact on those guys. They are depth call ups who need to seize te opportunity if given. Don’t forget Duclair and Buchnevich are only a couple years behind

    Love McD and he should be in th conversation but not to win it this year. He’s s in that next group behind Weber, Doughty, Suter, Karlson and Keith in my mind

    Would keep Pouliot on a slight raise

    Nash will end up around 25-28 which is acceptable given injury


    Buyout Richards, avoid Stasny and target a Legwand/Grabovski type player and allow Miller and Brassard to compete with that. Keep some space and talent available if an elite C becomes available. No one on the market is a big enough upgrade over Stepan to commit big dollars and term

    The general consistency has been most disappointing. For one player Dorsett

  13. Surly says:

    Just my opinion but here I go:

    Staal: Similar contract to DG unless Carolina wants to give us a nice package for him.

    Richards: Buy him out re-sign Brass and let Miller take over BR spot. Not reason to spend the on Stasny when he might become the next Richards/Gomez etc.. I think Miller will be ready for a 3C role.

    McD: Def a Norris conversation, probably won’t get enough consideration until his offense explodes like a Subban

    Def. re-sign Pouliot for the right place.

    I’d keep Moore over Boyle. Moore will probably cost less.

    Biggest disappointment has been MDZ? if not him still BR he’s been better but def. not worth that contract going forward.

    I think Fast/Kristo can make the team next year and take of Pouliots spot if he doesn’t re-sign.

  14. Frank Cerbone says:

    Buyout Richards
    Buy out Richards

    Sign Stralman
    Sign Pouliot for 2 yrs @ $3.5 mil
    Sign Dominic Moore

    Move Staal before he gets hurt again
    Move Dorsett

    Let go Carcillo or resign for same $775K

    Let go Falk
    Let go Boyle

    Sign Tanner Glass or Engelland. Neither one are a PM machine like Dorsett but much better fighters
    and much more physical without taking extra PM.

    • TxRanger says:

      I agree with most of what you said, but we should not resign Stralman. He shouldn’t even be dressing.

  15. Frank Cerbone says:

    Another stat besides +/- and interesting to
    note over a 60 min gm are turnover/giveaways.


    Nash 2.79 giveaways
    McDonough 2.12
    Stralman 1.98
    Staal 1.95
    Girardi 1.94
    Zuccarello 1.67
    Stepan 1.59
    Brassard 1.50
    Klein 1.40
    Callahan 1.14
    Diaz 1.12

    It would appear that guys like Stepan, Brassard,Klein,Callahan, Diaz are pretty

    FYI UFA defenseman Tom Gilbert 1.22

  16. Chris F says:

    Columbus and Philly win tonight. There is no margin for error right now.

    Blueshirts gotta find their game and not let up.

  17. mattimar says:

    1) Give Staal a lot less than Girardi. He is a turnover waiting to happen but most frustrating is his knack for getting his own shots blocked.
    2) Not too concerned either way with Pouliot.
    3) Would keep Boyle over Moore but its close.
    4) I am ok with Stralman but would rather see a tougher to play against dman signed. As i have said before on this blog..the dmen (outside of Mcd) are a homogenous group.
    5) Somewhat disappointed with Stepan, and Nash and Staal and just a little (and for the 1st time) with Lundquist.

  18. flatbush says:

    Like Chris F reply. Playing GM
    MOST disappointing Stall n Stephan
    NASH gets 30-35 goals that’s ok but he needs to play well in all the other ares of a game. If he scored 40 goals it doesn’t change the team.
    CENTER Staal is the bait and you could add either Moore/Boyle to get that scoring center.
    ST LOUIS does not hurt someones long term development
    Stralman/Pouliot can stay but can’t get much more$$
    Richards buy out
    MAC will be in a brief conversation re: Norris
    CAPT Callie is a free agent HAHA

  19. Gary says:

    1) Yes, 2.5m
    2) 26, it’s acceptable if he ramps it up in PO’s
    3) I don’t really care
    4) #2 Stepan, #3 Brassard, #4 Lindberg, unfortunately there is no #1 as of now.
    5) Stepan. I know he is improving lately, but he’s dropped off from last year.

    Also yes, I think MACd is a Norris candidate right now. Minute eater, solid D and now realizing what a beast he can be in the O zone. Just love this kid. Next year he’ll start getting some consideration.

  20. Douglas Peters says:

    I hope that “Slats” will learn that SIZE, skill, & speed matters in the new NHL.

    Look at all the teams on top in the West and Boston in the East. Watch the up and coming Blue Jackets tonite. In fact, NYR gave this team a lot of their size, skill, & speed.

    Can we get JD to replace Slats. Wherever JD goes (St Louis, Columbus) he seems to build winners!