Rangers drop close contest to the Sharks

March 17, 2014, by

The Rangers were home for a matinee matchup yesterday against the Sharks, who came in battling the Ducks for top position in the Pacific Division. The Rangers were fresh off a win against Winnipeg which featured Carl Hagelin’s first career hat trick and Henrik Lundqvist’s 301st career win, which tied him with Mike Richter for the lead on the Rangers’ all time list.

The first period opened with an onslaught of offensive pressure from the Rangers. Despite 14 shots in the first 11 minutes of the game, Antti Niemi was on point enough that the Sharks were able to capitalize on only their 4th shot of the game. To add insult to injury, this goal was a shorthanded breakaway goal that was scored by Logan Couture as he deked and put a backhand shot over Lundqvist’s outstretched glove. This unfortunately was the only goal of the game, so let’s go over some points to take from it.

–          Marty St. Louis has now gone 7 games without a goal in a Rangers sweater.

–          Ryan McDonagh had an outstanding game, putting 6 shots on net and blocking 3 shots in 27:18 minutes of ice time.  He also nearly tied the game after Dan Carcillo fed McDonagh a beautiful cross ice pass that was only thwarted by the stick of Marc-Edouard Vlasic.

–          While they generated some chances, the Rangers were unable to capitalize on their three powerplays. Their powerplay has been very inconsistent lately, looking rushed and disorganized.

–          The Carl Hagelin non-goal should not be discussed, and here’s why: at the end of the day, though we all saw one angle that kinda sorta showed it going in, there was no conclusive evidence of this being a goal scored. Furthermore, the Rangers needed more than one goal to win this game, which they never got.

–          Although he gave up Couture’s shorthanded goal, Lundqvist was superb as he kept the Rangers in the game despite many phenomenal chances from the Sharks including their first shot of the game, a one timer in the slot from Patrick Marleau.

–          The Rangers will need much more from Nash, St. Louis and Richards if they expect to make the playoffs as they are now in a precarious spot holding onto the second wild card spot.


The Rangers will have tomorrow off before starting a road trip that they will need to do well on in order to solidify their hold on a playoff spot. The road trip kicks off against a struggling Ottawa team on Tuesday night at 7:30. Let’s hope their shower situation winds up better this time.

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  1. Walt says:

    Toronto took a goal from us that cost us the game. How many more times will we continue to get the shaft without the KY jelly?????

    • Becky says:

      You must’ve seen some other goals scored that I didn’t, then.. wasn’t aware that a 1-1 tie would’ve been a solid end

      • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

        To back up Walt here, a Ranger goal = at least 1 point in the standings. Coin flip whether that becomes 2 points based on OT.

        • Dave says:

          Not necessarily. You never know if SJ plays differently if the game is tied.

        • Becky says:

          Absolutely can’t play that game. You just can’t “what if” — we have to stick with facts, those being that the goal did not count as a goal and the Rangers lost 1-0

      • Paco33 says:

        I think it rather obvious that a 1-1 tie would have been a better outcome than a 1-0 loss. Not to mention the opportunity to gain another point in a shootout and that you’re assuming that nothing else changes if the Rangers tie the game with so much time remaining – maybe we score again, maybe SJ scores, maybe it ends 1-1 (see The Fallacy of the Assumed Run in baseball).

        Oh wait, my bad….I see we were told that this was a subject that should “not be discussed”. Sorry.

      • Walt says:

        When a team scores, and ties a game, the nature of the game becomes very different. There was no guarentee for a victory, but we would have at least gotten a point, and I would take my chances with Hank in a shoot-out any day of the week!!

  2. steve says:

    Hagelin shot the puck into the pad of niemi, who did not move at all after the shot. The only shot was him taking the puck out of the net how is that not conclusive evidence?

    • Chris F says:

      Because no video contained footage of the puck completely over the line. What we saw was the footage of the puck coming out over the line (at the end of the play).

      We all know it was in. But the way the rule is written, without a visual of the puck over the line showing white space, we can’t make that call.

      The rule needs revised.

  3. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    This comes down to the 2 losses before Winepeg. The Rangers lost the easier games leaving the 2 tougher ones as must win games. Had they got even 2 points from those 2 games, they wouldn’t be in this situation. They may have been gripping the stick a little with the pressure on against a big tough team.

  4. ranger17 says:

    Need to get Kreider away from Nash , need any of MSL – Zucc – or Hags with Nash and either MSL or Zucc with Kreider .MSL played the point in Tampa let him do it hear McD MSL Zucc Step Nash .2ed unit J moore BR Kreider Brass MSL. Can’t hurt to try something it is not working lately .Why did we pick up Diaz , let him play a few games not like Stralman or even Moore can,t sit a game

  5. Gary says:

    A good game. A lousy outcome. While Hank was very solid I am glad to hear all the Hank worship now a thing of the past. This year has featured several opposing goalies playing to and beyond the level of the ‘King’.

    It’s a good hockey team folks. Something is being built here that I really like. MacD is a beast back there. A terror, now that he is realizing just how much of a game changer he can be as an OFFENCEman… to go with his M.O. as a great DEfenceman.

    I still lover the swarming, attacking style but unfortunately I don’t think the work is finished yet. Richards just seems out of sync with the whole thing. Not thrilled w/ Stralman. Need a replacement for Richie and somehow an upgrade on Stralsie. A bigger, tougher upgrade.

    Then I think this thing will be just about done.

  6. SalMerc says:

    I watched a little of the Blackhawk game this weekend then the NYR yesterday. Great teams seem to play at a higher level of intensity day in and day out than we do. I feel we have talent, but effort and heart seem to be down a notch.

  7. ranger17 says:

    SalMerc Spot on