Thursday Musings: buyouts, contracts, pipe dreams, & more

March 13, 2014, by
Moving on up?

Moving on up?

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Before we jump into this week’s musings, I first want to thank everyone for their patience as our site’s server was recently upgraded and we were unable to post anything for the last 24 hours. As Dave stated yesterday, hopefully this upgrade will help the site run a little smoother and faster.

Back to business. Below are this week’s random thoughts on the state of the Rangers. As always, feel free to pop off in the comments section below.

The last Stral?

This past week Larry Brooks reported that Anton Stralman turned down a three-year, nine million dollar contract offer from the Rangers. Two thoughts on this. First, Stralman isn’t worth much more than that. While he’s been a dependable defensemen, Diaz and Klein – both right-handed shots – make Stralman expendable. Both guys were accustomed to playing around 18 minutes a night prior to their trade to the Rangers.

The other interesting thing about this news was that Stralman’s agent denied the report, which leads me to believe the Rangers leaked this to Larry Brooks and not Stralman’s camp. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I’m getting pretty tired of these public contract negotiations which seem to be happening more and more with our current players. I wonder if they’re getting sick of this too.

Contracts Staal-ed

Speaking of contract situations, if you thought Girardi’s, Cally’s, Hank’s, Stepan’s, etc. were contentious, just wait till this summer when the rumor mongers turn their attention to Marc Staal’s situation. I know people are tired of the whole ‘Staal could go to Carolina to play with his brothers’ thing, but trust me, that narrative isn’t going away any time soon.

Next season the Rangers will likely have some $20-$25M in cap space dedicated to their blueline. I wonder if it’s even worth it to hand over another $6M or so in cap space to yet another defensive defensemen.

Richie’s Buyout Situation

A few people have mentioned that the addition of Martin St. Louis could persuade the Rangers to hold on to Brad Richards this summer. While it’s certainly possible, I don’t think it’s probably. At this point, Richards has not been worth his contract and falls into a large pile of UFA signings that didn’t live up to the billing.

This season he’s on pace for 56 points, his lowest of his career. AV has not been able to squeeze any more juice out of this guy than his predecessor. And that’s not a shot at AV, that’s the reality of a declining career. I don’t care if the Rangers win the Cup this summer off a GWG from Richie. He has to be bought out this summer.

Of course that leaves us short on top 6 centers, which isn’t an easy hole to fill. Perhaps the Rangers look at Statsny this summer. Perhaps Sather will sniff around Spezza since he’s a UFA in ’15, probably a pipe dream, but I’ve always loved Spezza. Maybe Lindberg will be ready for NHL action next season. Either way, I doubt our depth chart down the middle looks the same come October.

Question time:

  • What is Stralman worth?
  • Will Staal be resigned?
  • Will Richie be bought out?
  • Who will line up at center for the Rangers next season?
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  1. Chris F says:

    Steal stated the other day that he wants to resign this summer to avoid the trade deadline, mid-season fiasco that surrounded Lundqvist, Girardi and Callahan’s negotiations.

    Any thoughts on the Haggerty signing?

    • Chris F says:


    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      I thought I read he has to report directly to the Rangers and isn’t AHL eligible since he was signed beyond some deadline or another. I don’t see him listed as a contract on Capgeek or in the lineup on NHL site. Does he count towards the 50 contract limit? I’m interested in hearing more on him. I heard he was highly sought after Un-drafted Free Agent. Is he a righty? Center or Winger? I think you can catch lightning in a bottle with low risk signings like this kid. I hope that’s the case with him.
      I hear AV talking or at least thinking about making minor changes to the lineup. He should switch Kreider with Hagelin. I think MSL will better use Kreider’s size and speed and Hagelin will help the top line with his possession numbers. Turn pucks over and get Nash the puck. The 3rd line needs to be left alone. Zuc looks hesitant to shoot. Maybe wrist or entire hand still bugging him a bit!

  2. TxRanger says:

    Stralman has no value to us, he’s an average defenseman on a team with a surplus of defensemen just as good.

    Hopefully Staal resigns.

    Richards should be bought out, even if Marty resigns after next year, Richards contract will outlast that. We need the cap space. Do compliance buyouts count against the cap?

    Probably Lindberg, hopefully Stastny.

    Who is this Haggerty kid? Rumor is he is gonna join the big club, and not go directly to Hartford.

    • Ray says:

      Because this is a late signing, Haggerty is ineligible to play for Hartford this year.

      • TxRanger says:

        is he even nhl ready? he went undrafted or didn’t enter? I dont know much about this stuff.

        • Ray says:

          No reason to believe that he is. Signing him for a contract starting this year instead of next and having him start with the Rangers are more for his benefit than the Rangers – perks which helped convince this very promising free agent to sign.

  3. Ray says:

    * $2.5 million
    * Yes. I don’t understand the pessimism. Leaving the Rangers means walking away from his teammates, his home, his fans. That’s giving up a lot more than the opportunity to play with his brothers, at least I suspect for most people. I’m not saying the Rangers can take his long term commitment for granted, but I doubt he has one foot out the door.
    * I think so, but only put the odds at 2-1 (not near 100%). The question is what Sather can buy next year for that money.
    * Miller is ready now and I think Lindberg is at least close. I don’t think the Rangers have a problem at center.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Miller is close and Lindberg has picked up his play of late. He may need another season or 1/2 to hone his craft. The problem is the Rangers are real thin after them 2. Fasth & Kristo remain but that isn’t much of a team. The Rangers management need to draft well this summer. They may even want to trade someone after the season to acquire a high 1st round pick. Even get another 2nd round pick back. Hartford needs replenishing and some college kids & CHL guys aren’t ready to make the jump to the pros. Duclair might but they need more than that. Nieves is at least a year away. Likely 2 years. Skjei is an unknown. There’s a few kids in Europe that little is known about outside the organization. I doubt there’s a diamond in the rough from overseas.

      • Ray says:

        Assuming they do a decent job with their free agents, the Rangers don’t need prospects to come of age next year – Miller, Fast, Lindberg are plenty. The problem is long term. Except for this trio – and maybe Duclair – it is not clear that the Rangers have any prospects that will ever be ready. That is not to say that there are not some others that have a shot, e.g. Kristo, Allen, but even this second group is quite small. It’s hard to be competitive without a few young bargains on the team.

  4. Walt says:

    Strahlman is worth what he is being paid, not a penny more!

    I think that Staal will be moved sometime this summer, or early next season.

    Richie has to go, Step, Brass and Miller top three cnters, with possibly Lindberg as the 4th line guy if a move is made wih Boyle, which I believe would be sad to see him go. We could see Stasney signed, but for how much???????

  5. paulronty says:

    Spezza? Please! He sucks big time. Even a lot of Sens fans can’t stand Mr. Vanilla.