Quick lineup change: Dorsett in for Carcillo

March 11, 2014, by

Per Pat Leonard, Derek Dorsett will be taking Dan Carcillo’s spot in the lineup tonight against Carolina. Dorsett’s last game was March 5th against Toronto. This move might make some people angry considering Carcillo’s strong play with the Rangers, but Dorsett is the more balanced player. His ability to take shifts in the defensive zone late in the game –not to mention his ability to kill penalties– makes him a more valuable asset on the ice. It was really just a matter of time before Dorsett took over Carcillo’s spot full time.

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  1. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Speaking of PK, I just saw last night that Pittsburgh is first in the league in PP% and PK%. That’s insanely impressive. Their even strength play must be close to average or they’d be leading the President’s Trophy race.

    I’m curious…is strong special teams play an indicator of playoff success?

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      To be more specific on the question (of course strong special teams is important), what is the leading indicator of playoff success? Possession, special teams, best goalie, luck?

    • voidoid says:

      I actually researched the stats on this a couple of years ago, and the results were pretty mixed (I looked at teams that made the conference finals.) Better penalty killing teams tended to go farther, but the power play numbers were all over the map. The 2011 Bruins were 20th in the league in the regular season, and downright atrocious (11%) during the playoffs.

      Chicago last year was 17th on the PP during the season and 3rd on PK, and similar to Boston in 2011 they were terrible during the playoffs with a man advantage (but killed penalties at a 90% clip.)

    • Walt says:

      If I recall correctly, the 1994 Cup team led the NHL in PP, and PK! I would think that if you do both, the odds are in your favor to go pretty far, as in possible champianship!!!!

  2. Ray says:

    I wouldn’t read so much into this change Dave. It may just be a case of trying to give Dorsett some playing time so that he will be more useful down the road. With Hagelin, Nash, St. Louis, and Zuccarello, the Rangers are awash in PK wings of high quality.

  3. Frank Cerbone says:

    With JT Miller & Lindberg playing here next season, paying Dorsett $1.5 may not be a good idea. Both Engelland & Tanner Glass are UFA next season & McIlrath is not going to Hartford for a 3rd season-so hard to believe there will be a spot for Dorsett

    • Chris A says:

      Glass is older than Dorsett and will likely cost more than the $1.5M Dorsett is making next season. They are essentially the same player, not sure why you are willing to pay more for the same thing.

      As for Engelland, he’s Stu Bickel, just six years older.

      The Rangers, thankfully, have moved past using punching bags. If Pitt. was healthy most of the season Engelland and Glass would surely have played a lot less for that team. Remember, Pittsburgh was so desperate for players with NHL experience earlier this year they gave Taylor Pyatt 20 games this season.

  4. supermaz says:

    Good thing Dorsett will be back in the lineup, our penalty killing needs more practice.

  5. JS says:

    I think we will see both Carcillo and Dorset both get their chance to play right through the end of the season. Dorset is trade bait this summer and without proving he has recovered his value is diminished. Carcillo has been disciplined and the 4th line has been more effective with him on it. Should be an interesting story throughout.