Potential trade target: Mike Cammalleri

February 13, 2014, by
Source: Calgary Herald

Source: Calgary Herald

As the Rangers chug along towards a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference, they will likely be buyers at the trade deadline. They’ve already made one significant move, trading Michael Del Zotto to Nashville for Kevin Klein. The move addressed two holes for the Rangers: A right handed shot to solidify the third pair, and a physical presence on the blue line. Since the trade, the Rangers have looked much more stable on defense.

One other hole is a top-six forward, as the top-six so far have been relatively inconsistent. That’s where Mike Cammalleri fits in. Unlikely to re-sign in Calgary, thus likely to be dealt at the deadline, Cammalleri would give the Rangers added secondary scoring, and serve as insurance in case a forward gets injured. When the deadline comes, the Rangers would be able to fit his $6 million cap hit under the cap. His contract expires after this season as well, making him the perfect rental candidate.

Injuries are a big concern for the 31-year-old winger, as he hasn’t played a full season since the 2008-2009 campaign. He played 44 of 48 games last year, but he missed 20 games so far this season with various issues, the most recent being a concussion.

On the ice, there is no denying that Cammalleri is a goal scoring threat. On a scoring deprived Flames team, Cammalleri is currently seventh in scoring despite missing 20 games. His line of 13-8-21 in 41 games is second behind Jiri Hudler in terms of points per game.

His #fancystats look good from a relative stand point, remembering that Calgary is a possession black hole. He is a positive relative Corsi (+5.0%) despite facing the opposition’s top players (29.4% TotTm% QoC) and starting less than 50% of his shifts (48.3%) in the offensive zone. All that shows that he is succeeding despite his team.

Cammalleri won’t come cheap. Aside from Thomas Vanek and Matt Moulson, he is probably the most gifted scorer available. The asking price from Calgary may start at a young roster player, but I don’t think any competing team would meet those demands. I’m going to ballpark his value at a good prospect and a pick. The pick will depend on the prospect.

Cammalleri definitely fills a hole for New York as they enter the final stretch before the postseason. But he might also be one of the riskiest acquisitions. His injury history doesn’t work in his favor, especially after suffering a concussion this season. He is most likely be a pure rental, so there is no commitment to next season.┬áHis production is certainly tailing off, although that has team-effects written all over it. If the price is a prospect and a pick, then it might be worth the gamble.


  1. Brent says:

    Can u give write who u think they would have to give up? what specific players, picks?

    • Dave says:

      My guess is that if they send a tier 2 prospect (Lindberg, Fogarty), then they would have to send a 1st round pick. If they send a Tier 1 (Fast, Kristo, Skjei, etc), then it would be a 2nd round pick.

      I don’t think they will need to send a roster player over to Calgary because Cammalleri is a pure rental.

      • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

        Dave, would you make that deal (either of two scenarios you pointed out)?

      • Ray says:

        Don’t think he’s a top nine forward with the Rangers anyway — and Miller can fill in in case of injury. Wouldn’t give up a #1 or a Tier 1 prospect in a stand alone deal.
        I’m still hoping Lindberg is a Tier 1 prospect — Kristo is certainly Tier 2 at best (he was traded for Thomas after all).

  2. HARLEMBLUES says:


  3. Walt says:

    As stated, Cammalleri is on the downward slope. Knowing that, I wouldn’t trade too high a pick, or a very good prospect. I would rather build from within!!!!!

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      That kind of trade doesn’t really hinder the Rangers future. They can still build while trying to win now. This core has a ton of playoff experience and all while playing together. I’d pass on Cammalleri but I’m not against taking on a rental or adding for the playoff run. I still think Stewart is the best bet. He’s a Righty

  4. TxRanger says:

    Eh, we don’t have good history trading with them at the deadline. He’d probably pull an Olli Jokinen here.

    • Chris A says:

      Idk, that Prust guy wasn’t half bad.

      A Second or Third Round pick for Cammi wouldn’t be awful. Maybe the Rangers can make it a conditional pick based on how many games he plays down the stretch or how many rounds the Rangers advance in the playoffs.

      And Walt, I get what you are saying about building from within but Cammalleri won’t be blocking anyone. He would be a former Ranger by July.

      I would also kick the tires on Brad Boyes in FLA if the Rangers are interested in right shooting rental wingers.

      • Walt says:

        We all know he will be history July 1, that is the reason I said what I did!!

        Why waste good talent for a guy who won’t be here beyond that date?? To me, it makes no sense, and usually the player going the other direction comes bad to burn you!!

        • Fotiu is God says:

          You speak gospel, Walt.

          I mean, have we suffered collective amnesia over another concussed winger from the Western Conference we bit on at last trade deadline, Ryane Clowe? Ugh.

  5. AD says:

    It would be typical of Sather to trade a high draft pick or two (e.g., trade for Ryan Clowe) for a rental on the downside of his career, based on a hope and prayer said player can help catapult the Rangers into the Stanley Cup finals.

    Cammalleri? Please, no.

    Can we offer out our GM for a draft pick?

    • Chris F says:

      The Clowe trade was fine. In fact, it would have been pivotal if Clowe didn’t get injured. He was REALLY good while with the Rangers, and let’s not forget that NY wanted to re-sign him, and would have if the Devils didn’t drunkenly offer him a 5 year, $25 million deal.

      With that said, I don’t feel right offering anything good (1st or 2nd pick / Kristo type prospect) for Cammalleri this year. I’m skeptical of the impact, and honestly, the need for someone like Cammalleri this season is much less than last year’s need for a scoring power-forward like Clowe. The Rangers were desperate for his physical presence.

      • AD says:

        The Clowe trade was not fine; the guy was damaged goods before the trade, and quickly showed he was incapable of absorbing hits shortly after the trade. He showed it again after signing for the Devils.

        The trade has to be assessed on what actually transpired; not what woulda, shoulda or coulda transpired. I am not trying to be a smarty; Sather has executed these types of “rental” trades on numerous occassions during his, what, 15yr tenure.

        I am not aware of even one of those trades making an impact on the team’s playoff success.

        • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

          John Scott in 2012.

        • Chris A says:

          What fantastic talent did the Rangers miss out on to acquire these rentals?

          I don’t see any recent former Ranger picks tearing up the league.

          And please lets stop talking about Sather’s entire tenure. You have to come to terms with the fact that the team/farm system was awful when Neil Smith was done with it. It took about 6-7 years to fix all the scorched earth that was left behind trying to win one more cup with an aging core and, unfortunately, a franchise goalie that saw his career come to an abrupt end along with his heir apparent having his shoulder explode into a thousand pieces.

          • AD says:

            It is interesting you mention the farm system being depleted by Neil Smith in defending Sather’s record, yet you advocate he continue to trade draft picks for rentals. The two points seem at odds with one another.

            Can anyone identify one “rental” trade Sather has ever made that benefitted this team’s playoff objectives? I don’t recall that having occurred.

            2nd round picks rarely “tear up the league” so I think the question is: which of our 2nd round or lower picks have had much NHL success? Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Lundqvist are some examples. Odds are that these types of players won’t come about of 2nd round or lower picks but you never know. What has been proven is all good teams have solid players that come from the draft. If you trade your picks, you eliminate that opportunity.

            The Hartford Whalepack are one of the worst teams in the AHL this season; after a handful of quality players, it is barely an AHL squad. We don’t have the luxury right now to trade picks for rentals. I don’t think that is in our organization’s best interest, at all.

            • Mark says:

              I would not trade a number one pick having lost one recently. Besides that, the Rangers despite needing 1 more goal scorer could use size. They already have Haglin, Zuccarello, Callahan, all on the smallish side and are top 6 or so forwards. One thing that these 3 point games have brought about is a lack of trading partners. Most teams can hang in there till at least March with some thoughts of playoffs.

            • Chris A says:

              Two points:

              1) The record of the AHL team is really not important. The better teams in the AHL tend to fill their rosters with career AHL types, so called AAAA players – to borrow a term from baseball. The Rangers don’t care if Hartford wins, they only care about giving minutes to their top prospects. Also, Hartford losing their goalie all season (Talbot) probably isn’t helping them win games either.

              2) The Rangers have a ton of quality prospects in the pipeline (AHL, NCAA, Juniors) now so moving a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year won’t set the organization back. 10-15 years ago their was nothing coming through the pipeline so the Rangers needed to start stockpiling picks.

              Think back, there was a time when a hot Ranger prospect was the likes of a Dan Goneau, Christian Dube, Jamie Lundmark, Ken Gernander or Dale Purinton. Thankfully, we are far far far removed from those days.

      • Walt says:

        I’m in your court on this one my friend!!!!!

    • Centerman21 says:

      What do you think the fans in Pittsburgh say about Shero? Yet from here in NY he is a good GM. Sather has done a good job here in NY. Shero has 2 of the best forwards in the game and a few other dangerous secondary scorers in Neil & Kunitz to name 2. Yet his team has been bounced out of the playoffs each year since 09′. In embarrassing fashion the last 2 years too. Sather has not had that kind of fire power to work with yet this Ranger team has gotten better and closer to a cup year after year. This team is one to be noticed in the East IMO.

      • AD says:

        Other than one recent 2011-2012 season, the Rangers have been a bottom seed playoff club, or have not made the playoffs, for most of Sather’s 14yr tenure. I don’t see how we are getting better and closer to the Cup each year. It seems like a great deal of sideways motion, yes, but getting better and closer to the cup each year?

  6. Spozo says:

    I know you guys have to write these types of articles so this isn’t a bash on that.

    But how does it make sense that Sather is willing to trade Callahan so he doesn’t lose him for nothing, and then he would consider a trade for a rental player?

    • The Suit says:

      The best rental player the Rangers will have is Cally. No sense trading for one, especially for a RW where we are more than covered.

  7. Erixon20 says:

    I still want Chris Stewart, who addresses 2 needs, but don’t want to give up Cally to do it. Maybe Hags or Boyle (love both players btw) plus a Tier2 prospect gets it done? I would like Cammellari but for Tier2 guy and 3rd rounder max.

    • Centerman21 says:

      The Blues might just want Boyle and a pick or prospect for Stewart. They add and shed some salary in that trade.

    • Zen says:

      I am with you Erixon. Stewart intrigues me to an extent. My only worry is the salary cap implications. With Cally, Girardi, Stralman, and Zucc in need a somewhat big raises… and young guys like Brassard, Kreider, and Moore also needing contracts… what does that look like with next year’s cap? I’m not so sure a Richards buyout, ultimately replacing him with an UFA (Statsny?), and the cap increasing covers all that.

      The key here is that Stewart, unlike Cammalleri, is NOT an expiring contract.

      • Chris A says:

        Exactly, you add Chris Stewart at the cost of not only the assets you surrender to acquire him but also the NHL player (likely Brassard in this case, their cap # is roughly the same) you are going to have to move this summer to keep the cap in order.

        Cammalleri likely won’t cost much in assets and there is no commitment past this June. That lack of a commitment frees up cap space and roster space for any of the prospects to step in next season.

  8. Craig says:

    I’m really high on getting Steward! He has already scored 28 goals one year and can give you 20 goals a year. He is only 26 years old, and can scrap with the heavyweights. This guy has the potential to possibly develop somewhat into a Lucic type power forward in the future. The question is what the Blues will take for him. I think he will really add toughness, size and some skill. Sather go get him if we can get a good deal! Boyle and a pick or prospect for Stewart? In a heartbeat!

    • pavel_burrito says:

      Are we sure Steward was not a one hit wonder? He hasn’t done much with the Blues, and they have one of the best coaches around. Some say that the system isn’t right for him, but I’m not high on players that are so inflexible.

      If Cally sticks to his, IMO, less the reasonable demands, we are better off getting Steward for him than losing him for nothing.

      • Craig says:

        Check out Stewards stats my friend:
        He has 15 this year so far (potential 20-25)
        2010-11,he had 15 goals in 26 games played
        2011-12, He had a down year of 15 goals in 79 games but in 2012-13 he had 18 goals in the shortened 48 game season
        Also I’m not sure how many minutes he averages a game over his career. Don’t forget he is only 26 years old and he does more then score goals with his physical presence

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        It’s Stewart and he led the Blues in goals scored last season. So I don’t think Stewart is a one hit wonder at all. Hitchcock is one of the better coaches but he is also a Defensive minded one. For whatever reason Stewart hasn’t had much success this year and is in his coaches “Chateau de bow wow” and was playing on the 4th line. A change of scenery could be all Stewart needs to go on a scoring tear. Especially if you’re a believer in the law of averages.

        • Walt says:

          Stewart may not be the fastest skater, but this is a trade I would make!!!! And if anyone knows Hitchcock, he tend to wear out his welcome in 2-3 year time frame, so I’m not so sure it’s the kid in this case.

  9. paulronty says:

    Sorry but we don’t need a rental. Why give up prospects for nothing. Nyet to Cammelleri. I know it’s fun to talk trade but the best trade for the rest of the year is no trade, unless we are forced to deal Cally.

  10. Paco33 says:

    No, no, no! Not a Cammallari!First, making a move to upgrade means that a position is getting upgraded. Whom does Cammallari replace on the left? Kreider? Of course not. Hagelin? Ok, then he moves to the 3d line and what do you do with Pouliot? But second, and more importantly, the teams biggest need is not just more scoring but more size/grit/nasty. If that comes with more scoring as well then great, but in the playoffs we’re going to need to be a bit bigger – a need that Sather tried to address with Clowe last year. A healthy Clowe is exactly what we needed against Boston but, unfortunately, he was hurt and NJ overpaid him as a UFA.

    We’d miss Hagelin’s speed but if he (and maybe a sweetener) could fetch us a solid, two-way, 2d line wing with bit of a mean streak that could be interesting. But the new guy would also have to be signed beyond next year at a decent price. Not easy to find. The better more realistic option is to upgrade Pouliot. A Pouliot-type who actually plays as big as his size would be perfect. And at that point I’m not that concerned with the new guys contract.

  11. Leatherneckinlv says:

    In the end when it is all said and done The Rangers will sign Girardi but will lose Callahan. So best to pick up first round picks, not give them up. Cally will get a good return, a 1st, a prospect and a salary player. Kristo can come up and show us something if this does happen. Hopefully cally will lower his demands and we sign both

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      So just like that. Callahan is a goner? I don’t see it happening. A team letting their captain go. Not likely. Callahan is just playing hardball knowing Sather will come in low initially. Both sides will come to an agreement. Callahan is not a $7 mil a year player. He’s got 11 goals & 24 points. I personally think he wants years on the contract that the Rangers are hesitant to give.

  12. TeaneckMike says:

    You make “rental” deals when you have a chance…this team lacks the physical presence both up front and on the D necessary to win a cup, or even make a deep run. Don’ rent, we are not that close…You need two bangers (not goons)that will make the other team keep their heads up and mind their manners…and if one could score goals that would not be bad either.

    • Chris A says:

      I am not sure which team you have been watching the past two months. The Rangers have three D that basically nullify their matchup all game and can play over 25 minutes. Those three shutdown D are more valuable than some banger that runs around to make hits and is constantly out of position (think of Phanuef or L. Schenn)

      As far as big bangers up front that aren’t goons and can play in the top 6, there really aren’t that many in the league. And you certainly aren’t going to see one on the Rangers anytime soon, though that Kreider guy seems to fit that bill. And even if the Rangers acquired that type of player, who are you sitting to accommodate that player?

      Bottom line, with their depth and speed at forward, three top shutdown D and the best goalie in the league, the Rangers have as much of a chance as anyone to win a cup this year.