Rangers still scouting Colorado

January 28, 2014, by
Perhaps McGinn is a target? (Image: NHL.com)

Perhaps McGinn is a target? (Image: NHL.com)

After trading Michael Del Zotto to the Predators for Kevin Klein, many assumed the scouting of some teams would end. This included the Colorado Avalanche, who the Rangers have been scouting for quite some time. Adrian Dater noted that as recently as yesterday, the Rangers were still scouting the Avs. But with Klein on board, the Rangers don’t necessarily need another right-handed defenseman, so the Ty Barrie rumors should be put to rest.

Suit discussed some potential targets from the Avs this month, noting that Ryan O’Reilly (can’t be traded until March) and Paul Stastny are two centers that the Rangers may be targeting. Since Suit discussed the pros/cons of each one, I’m not going to re-hash that here. But it is interesting to note that the Rangers are still scouting the Avs following the acquisition of Klein, who filled two holes on this club.

John Mitchell’s name has been tossed around the interwebs (from a variety of sources), as has P.A. Parenteau’s name. I find that to be relatively humorous, since both were former Rangers at one point during their careers. Parenteau has another two years left on his deal at $4 million, so it’s unlikely the Rangers deal for him if there is no salary heading back to Colorado. The Rangers simply don’t have the cap space.

Mitchell is interesting only because he’s a player the Rangers probably should never have let go in the first place. His expiring contract is a cheap one ($1.1 million). He’s a fourth line guy, and the Rangers don’t really need someone like him at this point. They need a top-nine guy, preferably top-six. Mitchell doesn’t fit that bill.

Since both Stastny and ROR are known entities around the league –and the Rangers have been scouting the Avs for quite some time– a different conclusion can also be inferred. Jamie McGinn ($1.75 million) is a player with an expiring contract. He’s not exactly a guy that lights the lamp (12-7-19 in 49 games this year), but at 6’1 and 210 lbs, he adds much needed size to the forwards. He’s another LW and a left-handed shot though. It’s clear where Stastny and ROR would fit in the lineup. McGinn…not so much.

It is a scouts job to attend games on a regular basis. It’s why I usually blow off the reports of “scouts at XYZ team” rumors. But when the Rangers scouts are on hand for multiple weeks in a row, scouting the same team, it makes you think something is there. Trades don’t happen overnight, and it wouldn’t shock me to see something go down between these two teams. The Olympic roster freeze is fast approaching, which was the main trade deadline four years ago. Expect movement around the league.


  1. Rangers Fan in Boston says:


    You mention the Rangers need a top 6 forward. Are you referring to a second line LW (Hagelin’s spot at the moment)? All other top 6 spots are solidified (unless you consider Callahan a 3rd line player).

    A center may make more sense to bump Richards to wing, giving the Rangers a solid 1-2 punch of 2-way centers.

    • Dave says:

      That’s a possibility. I honestly don’t think they really need an upgrade at any position, but that’s based on the way Pouliot-Brass-Zucc have played. I don’t expect that to continue. Insurance can’t hurt.

      • Ray says:

        I don’t agree about Pouliot-Brass-Zucc. Why shouldn’t they keep it up? All three are in the top 100 in Corsi, while only Zucc is in the top 120 in scoring. So that suggests their production should get better. In light of their career stats, Brass and Pouliot aren’t having above average scoring years. Of course, Zucc doesn’t have a career record, but we are talking about a former MVP in the Swedish Elite League.

        Personnelwise, this Ranger team is decidedly better than the one that nearly won the President’s Trophy two years back. Like the 2012 team (and unlike 2013), they can put eighteen quality skaters on the ice – and they have a few more really good ones.

        • TxRanger says:

          they didn’t win the president’s trophy, vancouver took it. credibility shot.

          • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

            Yeah…he said “nearly won”. Credibility intact.

            • TxRanger says:

              damn, you got me. in mid study break, i guess i missed that. either way, i dont get your disdain for the 11-12 team, they were the best team in the east, they should’ve won it all, but they ran out of gas, they had only five defensemen, etc.

              • Ray says:

                no disdain. i just said this time had better personnel (and why shouldn’t they do as well)

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      The Rangers could still use a top 9 right handed shot. As of now they have 1 on the top 6. Stepan.

  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    It is quite possible they are scouting Stastny to see if they want to sign him next year and that is the end of story right there

    • Dave says:

      Very true.

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        The Avs sites say they are looking for a shutdown defenseman. I think they’d accept the right deal involving forwards but I like how the Rangers D is situated right now. All 6 D are on their side with forehands along the boards. If the Rangers moved a D.
        The only guy I could see the Rangers trading to improve their team is Staal. He’s a Lefty, so much easier to replace. He has a year left at a decent cap value and can easily be a top pair Defenseman. Could Staal bring back one of those 2 defenseman? ROR can be traded as of 2/28.

    • Walt says:

      Great point!

      Why trade for him, when he can walk into our locker room free of charge?????

  3. Hatrick Swayze says:

    Thanks for mentioning Mitchell and the fact that, “he’s a player the Rangers probably should never have let go in the first place.”

    I was disappointed they didn’t qualify him after 11-12 year.

    • TxRanger says:

      there were a lot of guys from that team that shoul’ve been resigned. we would’ve won a cup with that bunch.

      • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

        I disagree. That group sorely lacked offensive firepower. That whole team was made up of grinding bottom 6 players and Gaborik. I believe that team went as far as it could that 11-12 season.

        I think the team currently constructed is much more balanced than the 11-12 team and has a better chance of winning a cup.

        Lundqvist as he was then, and still is now, is the x factor.

        • Dave says:

          I just think Mitchell brought more to the team than they realized. They struggled to replace him for a bit.

          • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

            That’s probably true, but they lost a ton of depth that offseason, and the combination of all the lost players through FA/trades had a cumulative effect. Still though, the losses were all bottom six players, it just happened to be half the team.

        • TxRanger says:

          I have to disagree with you. This team would’ve been successful last season had in not severely lacked the depth that the 11-12 team had. Losing Feds, Prust, and Mitchell, as well as Anisimov really hurt the team.

          I never said they were better than the team now, though. So chill out, bro.

          • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

            I’m pretty chill. Was actually respectfully disagreeing. No need to get defensive.

  4. Kevin says:

    Matt Duchene please

  5. Ray says:

    Presumably Colorado is a buyer in the trade market this year, so the hole this acquisition might fill is the hole created by the trade. Rangers might move a potential UFA – or maybe just make a swap where each team gets a player they like more.

  6. AD says:

    Would a swap centered around Callahan and Statsny be a possibility?

    • SalMerc says:

      Love the possibility

      • AD says:

        It may be “pie in the sky” but I just thought both are UFAs; both would garner interest from the new, opposite team; and both may command free agent salaries their current teams are unwilling to pay.

  7. Ray says:

    Looking at stats, my read is that Colorado regularly uses a forward (Marc-Andre Cliche) who is poor. With Miller in Hartford and Dorsett returning soon, the Rangers have depth. A two for one deal makes sense, e.g. Stastny for Callahan and Boyle or Moore.

  8. Dave says:

    Two separate people saying that we should trade Cally? Did we not read yesterday’s post from Suit?

    • Ray says:

      I didn’t think Suit’s point was that we had to keep Callahan. I think the point was that it appeared to be the best option. I don’t think Sather wants to trade Callahan – or anybody else at this point for that matter. But if someone else is willing to part with a player the Rangers really would love to have, somebody has to go in return. Richards, Callahan, and Girardi are the only major assets the Rangers have whose Ranger future is in doubt. You don’t get Stastny for Pouliot.

  9. Pete says:

    Well, if they buy-out BR then Statsny could be his “replacement” and the scouting makes sense. I dont see how (or even why the Av’s would) they could trade for him. Besides, he’s going to command a decent contract so proper scouting seems logical.

  10. Chris F says:

    Seems to me that Colorado has an abundance of natural LW (Landeskog, McGinn, McLeod, Tanguay, Bordeleau, Van Der Gulik) and C (Duchene, Stastny, O’Reilly, Talbot, Mitchell, Mackinnon). They lack a true RW with the exception of Parenteau.

    The Rangers are actually pretty balanced with LW Kreider, Hagelin, Pouliot, Carcillo, and RW Nash, Zuccarello, Callahan, Dorsett, and C Stepan, Richards, Brassard, Boyle, and Moore. At least this season. I can’t see the Rangers giving Colorado that RW piece that they need, as I will take Nash-Zucarello-Callahan as my Top-9 on the right side all day long.

    Moving into next season, however, that Top-9 Center depth takes a hit with the buyout of Richards. If last season is any indication, Stepan should slot in at #1. The need then becomes a true #2 C. I like Brassard for that role, but I don’t know if he can succeed in setting up Hagelin and Zuccarrelo, all 3 are play makers rather than finishers. And he may be overpaid for a #3 C, yet I can see him do well with (a consistent) Pouliot and Callahan.

    If Stastny is the goal, then wait for Free Agency.

    • Chris F says:

      Rangers reportedly keen on resigning Callahan and Zuccarrello very soon:


    • Walt says:

      What makes you think that if Pouliot continues to play at his current level, they don’t offer him a contract?

      With BR out of the picture, Stastny being UFA, why give up assits for him?

      Ever hear of Oscar Lindburg, natural 3rd-4th line center, solid two way player, with speed, and sound defense, soft hands?

      These are the names we should be considering rather than dismantle the team as suggested by some. The only way Callie is moved, is if he wants to be moved. Girardi may move, he may want too much to re-sign, but at this time I believe he stays.

      • Chris F says:

        Are you replying to me?

        I think there is a good chance Pouliot stays. And I specifically opposed trading for Stastny.

        My proposal:

        Buyout Richards, re-sign everyone else. Sign a #2 C, and rely on Lindberg, Fast, Kristo, McIlrath, and Allen to plug any holes that arise.

        • Chris F says:

          And Miller (in fact he may have Pouliot ‘ s spot next season).

        • Walt says:

          Yes I was!!!!!

        • Leatherneckinlv says:

          If they can manage to keep both Girardi and , a big AND Callahan then that would be optimum, however one is gone in my opinion. Both can fetch excellent returns for now and the future.
          Last thread I mentioned teams like the Ducks, Sabers and Edmonton for possible scenarios. Of the three the best trade candidate with Cally or Girardi is Anaheim. Anaheim has a ton of flexibility and quality players.
          Somehow or another they have become the Penguins of year past drafting very early which they will again this year with two picks one of which will be a top 10.
          We wont get very far drafting 15 to 30 almost every year and squandering Top picks in the top 10…ie Brendl, Lundmark and Montoya.
          We need a few top 10 picks in deep drafts to get quality for the bang. Hungry incredibly skilled players that can become impact players for the Rangers.

  11. Tim B says:

    Here is my guess:
    It’s either Stastny, O’ Reilly, Parenteau, Mitchell or defensmen Erik Johnson
    Johnson is only 25 years old!!! and could eventually be Dan Girardi’s possible replacement. Think about it. He was drafted (think 1st overall). Has 2 years left on his current deal that (i think pays him $3.5 per year. Also a right shot. Gets like 20+ assists per year.
    If it is Stastny than is he going to be BR or DB’s replacement? Doubt it’s Parenteau, he’s in his 30’s right?

    • TxRanger says:

      I hope they’re going after a big splash here. I could see Colorado willing to move Stastny, knowing he’ll bounce anyway, for a modest return. The trade depending on whether he signs with the Rangers and all that. That or I hope we can get ROR, the kid is sick.

  12. Al says:

    Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie and Pierre Lebrun just said on TSN the Rangers are looking to trade Ryan Callahan and will trade Dan Girardi as well if he doesn’t re-sign before the deadline.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      I saw that. Bob McKenzie said one or both are likely to be traded if not re-signed because the Rangers know they’re not a true cup contender. I wonder how true that is.

      • TxRanger says:

        trading callahan? that would be the nail in the coffin that is the dying career of glen sather. you dont trade away a captain, especially one who is the heart of this team. if they traded him, this team will mos def miss the playoffs for years.

        • Bloomer says:

          A greedy player who puts himself first..move em

          • TxRanger says:

            Ryan Callahan is a home-grown guy who really is a huge part of why this team does not suck anymore. So, I think he deserves some reward for that. Yet, the contract he wants, $42 mil over seven years is crazy talk. I hope he budges on that, because if not, he will be wearing a different jersey by March 5th, which would be sad.

            I read an article mentioning the Rangers are pursuing Andrew Ladd, and how that pretty much means the end of Callahan in NY. This is so strange.

  13. Lou says:

    I am / was a huge Callahan fan. But frankly, in the past 2 seasons, its been injuries, ineffective play and sporadic scoring.

    Cally claim to fame was leadership – that was the key “ingredient” he offered. Well, if he is all that much of a leader why is our home record worse than the away record? Why cant he rile up the troops to beat up on the Isles? Why cant he “will” the team to 6 wins in a row?

    Bottom-line. Cally was a leader when other leaders surrounded him (Prust, etc.) He is a so-called leader by example; but this teams needs an in your face / true leader. One that will make the “boys” like Stepan, Hags, Brassard, Boyle, and Moore play like men!

    Trade Cally for Statsny straight up (gives us more strength up the middle and then bundle Girardi, Fast and Brassard for a power forward (Ladd?) and Dman (Byfluein)! wow.

  14. SalMerc says:

    Callahan will probably get hurt during the Olympics anyway, so we won’t be able to trade him even if we wanted to.