Rangers acquire Dan Carcillo from Kings

Sorry for the delay on this one, since this happened on a Saturday night we weren’t around to post this right away. The Rangers have acquired forward Dan Carcillo from the LA Kings in exchange for a conditional 7th round pick. The trade for Carcillo addresses New York’s need for toughness, and even more so since the injury to Derek Dorsett. This is a low risk move, as Carcillo is a UFA after this season making $825,000. The move may be low risk, but I wonder why it was necessary with Arron Asham, who –for all intents and purposes– is the same player as Carcillo, is in Hartford.

Scheduling note: The goal breakdown from last night’s 7-1 win will be up in the afternoon.

16 Responses to “Rangers acquire Dan Carcillo from Kings”

  1. Dve

    Seeing all the posting to this news, it’s obvious that we fans are extremely excited at this move, NOT!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, who cares. Really! This is a low risk move and having a true 4th line player doesn’t really hurt. I think they need a guy that can play in the middle of the lineup. Specifically a righty. Craig Smith comes to mind.

      • Won’t argue with you on this, but I still see snagletooth with a Flyer uniform on, and he upsets my stomach!! Maybe in time we can learn to accept him, never will like him that’s for sure!!!!!

  2. I’m in different about this move. If he pans out great, if not. There’s always Hartford. It’s a 7th round pick. Don’t understand all the emotion either way about this move.

      • the conditions are this:

        -if he wins more than ten fights in one game, then the pick becomes a first rounder

        -if he scores 100 goals, then the pick becomes a first rounder

        -if he gets less than 10000 penalty minutes, then the pick is two first rounders

        -if he doesn’t cost us 20 games because of bad penalties, then it is all seven picks for next years draft

  3. Carcillo is a dirty little rat but isn’t that sort of what everybody wants. Boyle SCORED last night!!! Whoopee!!!!!! The fourth line comes to play offense. Right on. I don’t think anyone wants Gardiner or Franson after last night.

  4. Carcillo – Really? couldn’t agree more about why you need this guy when you already have Asham. Wasted pick …

  5. asham is done…Carcillo is a punk but he has energy and can get the crowd fired up…have you been the garden lately? Its like a morgue during long stretches of the game.

  6. Rangers picked up a tough forward in exchange for a seventh round pick. Not a blockbuster deal, but certainly not a bad one for the blueshirts.

  7. he’s been on pretty successful teams, so i doubt his game is going to be a liability for us.

    • Great point. I hate this guy but we needed to get tougher. For a 7th rd pick and with a low salary, this is a good move.

  8. I like the move. I hope he brings a scrappy edge and defender mentality to this squad. The Pittsburgh game is the reason for this move. Not living in NY, I watch all the games on FIOS NHL Center Ice. We were stuck with the arrogant Pittsburgh announcers, they were making so much fun of how the Rangers are getting rolled over and no one was responding, it was sickening to my stomach. This team needs more toughness for sure.

  9. On Carcillo…this guy adds toughness and a scary edge. Never know with these guys when they will take someone’s head off, so players always get a bit more jumpy when they are around.

    On Asham…he’s a tough guy that doesnt fight & doesnt hit….ummmmm…done dog!

    And SteveD…couldnt agree with you more regarding those condescending asswipe Pittsburgh announcers…I hit the mute button.