2014 WJC: Buchnevich notches assists in win; Skjei strong in win

December 26, 2013, by

Both Ranger prospects participating in the 2014 World Junior Championships contributed to their teams victories this afternoon. Pavel Buchnevich (2013 3rd) had 2 assists and 4 PIMs in Russia’s 11-0 blowout of Norway. Brady Skjei was a +1 USA’s 5-1 win over the Czech Republic.

Skjei, who got comparisons to Ryan McDonagh on the air during the game, is a very fluid skater who is rarely out of position on defense. He kept his game very simple, putting pucks on net when he had the chance (the 4th USA goal came off a rebound from a shot of his that was deflected). The Rangers, according to the announce team, have been very happy that Skjei has been developing in the McDonagh mold. If you remember, McDonagh was not a noted scorer in college either.

The Russia game was not televised.


  1. Frank Cerbone says:

    Hockeys Futures projects Skjei as a bottom pairing, finesse defenseman,with no offensive skills. He is more a candidate for the ice capades than NHL. Did someone say an offensively challenged Sanguinetti?

    • Chris F says:

      And I’ll wager a hefty bet that Frankie boy has never actually seen Skjei play.

      He’s much happier finding potentially negative snippets of info on the kid and using it as ammo in his diatribes against the organization.

      Anyone compared to McDonagh is someone to be excited about.

  2. Dave says:

    “Skjei is a two-way defenseman whose game is stronger on the defensive side than it is on offense. He plays a sound game in his own end of the ice, although he does not make use of his big frame. Skjei is a very good skater for a player of his size, but it isn’t a skill that he relies on up to this point in his career. Skjei definitely has some outstanding traits, but he is not yet the complete package. At this stage, he appears to be a lower pairing defender when he reaches his full potential.”

    Way to cherry pick on the last sentence.

  3. paulronty says:

    Defencemen take much longer to develop than any other position so patience is required to see what you’ve got. Montreal made a huge mistake trading Mac because they were impatient and didn’t wait to see what they had.

  4. Walt says:

    Brady is a smooth skater, and although soft at this stage of developement, he can skate, and that can’t be taught like checking!!

    He has another two years of college hockey to play, let him grow into his big frame, he may turn out to be the real deal!!!!!