Dreger: Cody Franson a potential target

December 18, 2013, by

On today’s Dreger Report, Darren Dreger noted that the Rangers are still shopping Michael Del Zotto, and that the Leafs are still a potential fit. Since the Rangers are looking for a right-handed shot on the blue line, Cody Franson is the name that Dreger has thrown out as a potential target. Dreger also mentions that Jake Gardiner is being shopped by the Leafs.

If I had a choice between Gardiner or Franson, I’d take Gardiner. That said, Franson for MDZ is something I’d probably pull the trigger on. He’s a right-handed puck mover, is an RFA after this season, and has a comparable salary to Del Zotto. Both of their zone starts, quality of competition, and puck possession metrics are similar, although MDZ starts a lot more shifts in the offensive zone.

The roster freeze is tomorrow at midnight (11:59pm), so a move might (MIGHT) happen soon. If not, then teams can make moves on December 28.


  1. Chris F says:

    Teams can’t make moves the week of Christmas? Is that part of the new CBA?

    • Walt says:


      I believe this has been the case for a number of years. It probably is a way to not disrupt families during the holiday season!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Just curious, why Gardiner over Franson? Gardiner can’t seem to stay in the lineup and Franson could b the righty offensive d man the Rangers have been looking for. I don’t know too much about them, maybe you could shed some light on then strengths /weakness of both

    • @Centerman21 says:

      I think the Rangers would take any righty with a slap shot and top 6 skill on an NHL blue line. They need someone that can advance the puck blue line to blue line. Beat the forecheck of the opp. DZ has been better of late. He’s been shooting.

  3. Bloomer says:

    A right hand dman who can work the PP is a needed on this Ranger squad. Cody is a bit of a turnover machine, thus he would fit in well on the Rangers.