Addressing more MDZ rumors

December 17, 2013, by
Photo: Bruce Bennet/Gerry Images

Photo: Bruce Bennet/Gerry Images

In case you missed it, new Michael Del Zotto trade rumors surfaced recently. Apparently the Colorado Avalanche are interested in the defenseman, per Bruce Garrioch (I know…). Del Zotto has also been tied to Toronto and Edmonton. Suffice it to say, Del Zotto has been tied to all 29 teams in the NHL. Pretty impressive.

The Rangers have been pretty steadfast in their approach to trading the former first round pick, they want a right handed defenseman in return for Del Zotto. Garrioch noted that the Avs aren’t going to send the Rangers a defenseman, so that one is pretty dead in the water. While that may eliminate the Avs for the time being, it doesn’t mean the MDZ rumors are at an end.

Edmonton and the Rangers are always rumored to be swapping, even from the Andrew Cogliano for Brandon Dubinsky days. But the only thing that makes sense there would be Dan Girardi, not Del Zotto.

This really leaves Toronto. For a month now, we’ve heard how a Del Zotto for Jake Gardiner swap couild happen. On paper, it’s about equal value. It would be a sideways move for both clubs, as they would be dealing defenders that may need a change of scenery. While this has been just a rumor, it’s the one that has grown the most legs and made its way around the blogosphere and Twitterverse.

So what do we make of all this?

Nothing as of now. Rumors are rumors for a reason. Scouts always attend games, which is where most of these rumors come from. It’s a scout’s job to attend games. Basing rumors off scouts in attendance is a bit irresponsible. That said, too many people have said the Rangers are looking to deal Del Zotto as long as the price (a right handed top-four defenseman) is right.

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  1. Mikeyyy says:

    It doesn’t matter what hand they use. If the forwards can’t take stretch passes in stride then there’s no use for an o dman

  2. Kevin Baumer says:

    Andrew Cogliano!?!?!? I’ve been saying they should get him!!! He’s the second-fastest player in the league, you know.

  3. Bloomer says:

    MDZ has been New Yorks’ favourite whipping boy for some time now. I almost hope he does get traded so he can excel like Zubov did when Neil Smith moved him. Trading MDZ is right up there with all the other moves that has diminished this team such as: trading for Nash, firing Torts, hiring AV and signing Lundquist to a 7 year cap consuming deal.
    MDZ is not the problem with this team, their problems are much higher.

    • Erixon20 says:

      So you’d rather have Dubi, Anisimov, Tim Erixon, Cam Talbot and Torts? Sather has made a TON of bad moves, but those aren’t any of them IMO. I’d trade MDZ (although I think he will become a good Dman in the NHL) plus someone else of value (eg Boyle, although I really like him) for some goals or a top 4 RH Dman in a heartbeat. No one wants our spare parts either.

      • Gary says:

        I think the boyle could be really useful to a young rebuilding team

      • Ray says:

        Come on, be realistic. I liked the Nash trade at the time just like most people here did. And including Erixon seems to have been as harmless as the Rangers expected. But the W-L record doesn’t lie. Replacing Dubi and Anisimov with Nash hurt the Rangers. It transformed a Cup contender into a .500 club.

        And the Lundqvist signing is about the future, not about committing to Cam Talbot now.

        OTOH, I like AV now and didn’t when he was hired.

        • Jackson says:

          It’s too easy to blame losing Dubi and Arty for our .500 play. There are far too many variables for such simple reasoning. For all we know, keeping said players could have us in the same situation or worse.

    • Arisrules says:

      Thinking that Torts somehow would be getting more out of this group with how Henrik’s game has deteriorated (not to mention the number of injuries we’re facing and the precipitous decline of both Callahan and Girardi) is delusional.

      • Bob says:

        Almost every player on this team has regressed under AV save McDonagh and MZA. Yea Torts was the problem.

        • Arisrules says:

          Because Richards and Kreider have been poor as well, right? This Torts revisionist history is hilarious.

          You should start from the premise that we are basically on the same pace as last year. What’s the biggest difference? Lundqvist’s game has fallen apart. We are playing at the same level, despite going from elite goaltending to average.

          Our special teams have improved drastically, while on 5v5 we have dorpped off. But again, this team, as has always been the case, is going nowhere fast without Lundqvist. In the past he covered up the team’s mistakes, this year he hasn’t.

          Lundqvist’s dropoff along with the drop off/injuries in the games of Cally, Girardi, and Staal has a lot to do with where we are as a team.

          As I’ve said, Torts probably flogged this group as far as it was going to go (and he did a great job over the years). He clearly lost the lockerroom though (just the Richards comments alone should be enough to tell you that), and was going nowhere fast if we kept him here. A change had to be made both for the team and for him.

          • Erixon20 says:

            Agreed 100%

            • Bob says:

              Richards is projected to put up 60 points this year, same as last year. Yea big whoop. Kreider spent the bulk of last season in CT, but whatever…go ahead, add him to the list if you want. That’s still only three players who are producing more offense than last year.

              Meanwhile Staal, Brassard, Moore, Stepan, Nash, MDX, Pyatt, Cally, Girardi, and Stralman’s point per game ratio is all down vs. last year. And yes Hank isn’t playing well either in this new system.

              The players may have not liked Torts, but that’s on them. The fact is he got more out of them than AV is.

              • Arisrules says:

                We were basically a .500 team under Torts last year, and that is what we are this year, despite all the injuries (especially Nash for a month) and the shell of Lundqvist in goal.

                If you want to go player by player we can. Cally has technically had three injuries so far (that’s definitely the type of season he wanted before his UFA). Richard’s stats were blown up last year by the last week against bottom feeders. All of this advanced metrics were horrific all year long. He’s a completely different player this year after AV smartly moved him to the wing (he just doesn’t have the legs to be a center); not to mention his play on the revived PP (again special teams are much better this year, both PP and PK). There are similar arguments to be made for all of those guys you mention(particularly Girardi who was very very poor last year by most metrics, and this year has continued to regress or plateau depending on your take, but he hasn’t looked good). But we’ve just been unlucky with injuries so far.

              • Arisrules says:

                The Rangers are 16-17-1. They were 16-15-3 at this point last year under Torts. If ou were to read these boards, you would think that the dropoff from last year’s team to this is immense.

                It’s not! And we basically have the same record despite all the injuries, the ghost of Lundqvist, inconsistent play from Stepan/Brass/Hagelin (not to mention Stepan’s absurd contract dispute), continued decline in the play of Girardi, etc.

                We have another 50 games or so to right the ship. We are in a shitty division, so we’ll be in teh playoffs. But if Lundqvist finds his game and we get healthy, we can make some noise again.

      • @Centerman21 says:

        Hank would still have the same usual stats if Torts were here. Packing it in when the other team has the puck in the Rangers zone to block shots. It’s AV’s man coverage that has left Hank with some confidence issues. He’s been left one on one with forwards right in front more times in 33 games than in 5 years Torts was here. It’s gonna take time for him to adjust.

        • Erixon20 says:

          The low collapse is also what kept us pinned in our zone all last year. Once our guys adapt to AV’s system we will possess the puck more, and not spend the entire game diving to block shots in our zone. You pro Torts guys liked that style? Guess what, it was/is unsustainable thru 82 games + playoffs as proven by our beloved 2011-2012 Rangers. That team had heart but was burned out by the system employed and the methods used to employ it. Anyway, that is history.

          • Pete says:

            I like the style that wins. I’ve been a season sub since 1963 and I saw more playoff games under Johnny Torts than anyone since The Cat. You can have your pond hockey. I’ll take a guy with a resume and results. He had both.

            • Erixon20 says:

              Torts did a great job but it was time to go. As a fan, I was proud of how hard NYR was to play against for the 1st time in ages. AV has 2 Presidents Trophies and would have a Cup if Luongo didn’t choke it away. I prefer the style he employs but wish he emphasized toughness a bit more.

  4. Walt says:

    You mentioned Gardiner as a possible return for MDZ, didn’t he play college hockey with Step, and Mac truck???? Or am I thinking about someone else?

    Cogliano for MDZ would work. Then McIlrath stays up, Staal comes back, and we would have two forwards with afterburners on their skates, not bad!!!! Can you see the line of Cogliano, Hags, and Brass, or Miller when the time comes, speed to spare, and great forechecking line.

    There are too many rumors floating around, I take no stock to any until a move is made, MDZ is a Ranger, and we will pull for him.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, they played in college together.

      You really think McIlrath, he of 5 minutes a night, is ready to play in the NHL? Come on. Didn’t we learn from last year?

      • Kevin says:

        *Watches highlights of the Anisimov goal* YES! He definitely should be up full time, what could possibly go wrong

      • Walt says:

        Given a chance, I believe the kid would do just fine.

        I hate to compare him to MDZ, but he is far ahead of MDZ when he came up his rookie year. Besides, he brings an element that is lacking, grit, and until someone else on the team shows any gonads, he is viral to us right now.

        If he makes a mistake or two, so be it, MDZ is still making his share, and no one is calling for him to be sent to the AHL, maybe out of town, but not the AHL. Give the kid a chance!!!!

  5. paulronty says:

    No to Cogliano. We have enough smaller type players. We need a Ryan Clowe type, too bad he got messed up and wanted too much money. I’d like to move Boyle with MDZ if possible(cap issues).

    • Dave says:

      I wasn’t saying the Rangers are targeting Cogliano, who now plays for Anaheim. I was just mentioning that the Rangers/Oilers are always mentioned together.

  6. George says:

    Much rather trade Girardi than MDZ. MDZ is only 23 and still has to hit his prime. MDZ is still young and has been in the NHL for 3 years. I’m a huge fan of G but with him being a UFA, I would move him to try to get better peices to improve for the future.

    • Ray says:

      Girardi appears to be the one Ranger skater who has been hurt by the coaching change. Some of the other players may be slow to adapt, but they can. The Tortorella system really did play to Girardi’s strengths and mask his weaknesses.

      • AD says:

        I could easily add a handful of other players to the list of those hurt by the coaching change.

  7. TxRanger says:

    what if the avs offered o’reilly?

  8. Dave says:

    Montreal is rumored to be interested, albeit via Eklund. The only reason why I bring it up is because Ek mentioned a specific time frame (yesterday/today), which he rarely does.

    I mentioned something on Twitter about Diaz being the only viable D target. Worth keeping an eye on.

  9. Erixon20 says:

    This place s/b called the TortsBlog. Amazing. I can’t belive people want back the shooting gallery defensive scheme where we’re pinned in our zone for minutes at a time, our D is sliding everywhere (which really helps the breakout), but the forechecking team knows where to be on the wall to block the only breakout strategy in the playbook, and our better guys are burned out from overuse with a month left in the season. Those were the days…..