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Rangers recall Dylan McIlrath

December 12, 2013, by

In some surprising news, the Rangers have recalled defenseman Dylan McIlrath. McIlrath is everything the Rangers need at the moment: a right handed physical defenseman.  This is a move that a lot of people wanted, but we at BSB speculated might be a bit of a rush move since most reports are that McIlrath may not be ready at the moment.

The move signals a few things. First is that a style change is coming, as AV has recognized the vanilla nature of this team and a need for serious grit and toughness on the blue line. McIlrath has made major strides this year, and while many expected he would get his cuppa this season, no one expected it would be this soon. This is the first step for AV in adjusting his philosophy to the team that exists around him.

The biggest concern with recalling McIlrath is his skating ability and his defensive presence. He had a very unimpressive training camp, but has improved steadily while in Hartford. If he can continue his development on the big stage, then this is a solid move. If not, then it could be a sign of desperation. Regardless, McIlrath was getting his shot at some point this season. It just so happened to be sooner than we expected.

Categories : Call Ups/Demotions


  1. supermaz says:

    He’s not ready….He’s not ready…He’s not ready…..STFU and give the kid a chance. I see at least a half dozen other players on this team who don’t look ready to me, he can’t be any worse than the embarrassment we put on the ice each night.

    • Jackson says:

      The problem with rushing a prospect who doesn’t seem ready lies in the issue of how said rushing will affect his development. The debate is whether or not to risk a relative stall in his development by giving him a limited role in the big leagues or allowing him to continue his development in the minors where he is sure to be given more room to grow. It’s not as clear cut as many make it out to be.

  2. Mikeyyy says:

    What do you need to get back into this game coach mcginty?

    Heart. A lot of heart.

  3. Grananimal says:

    I have been waiting for this to happen. Get him with Ulfie and let him tutor him.

  4. Gary says:

    Good start. Now they need to take it slow w/ the kid. Sprinkle him in to situations where he can succeed and keep him w/in his limits.

    Also, a trade to find a grinding, annoying winger who can drop the gloves is very important right now. A premium. If they can get this done – similar to the Clowe trade last year – suddenly Winger X, Dorsett and McIlrath on hand (for however long) puts some backbone in this team.

  5. The Suit says:

    Like it. Grit.

  6. Bloomer says:

    Looking forward to watching the Undertaker play. Not sure how he fits into AV’s “puck possession” style of play” but I like the move.

  7. Walt says:

    After getting the news from the “Suit” last night that McIlrath was called up, my inital reaction was wow!! After a night to reflect on the news, I say WOW, that’s great!

    Gary, your post is spot on, we need a winger with guts, along with this kid, and maybe the kid from Chicago, why can’t I remember his name, to patrol the ice for us. Then I’ll say bring on Filthadelphia, Pens, Devils, Bruins, or anyone else who dares to try to push us around again.

    This isn’t the cure all needed, but at least we go from vanilla, to maybe strawberry, a few busted lips from the Undertaker! Guys like Nash, Step, Hags, and Zucc will be protected, thats more important than puck control.

    Slats has to re-evaluate the roster, make moves sooner, rather than later, and get this team on the right track. I’m not pinning this on AV, it’s in Sathers court now, and he has to correct things before it spirals out of control.

  8. SalMerc says:

    He is a work-in-progress. Hope he plays well, but where is the scoring help?

  9. Frank Cerbone says:

    McIlrath as a 6th or 7th defenseman getting 10 min a gm is not going to kill this team. Sending out McIlrath2 shifts every priod is not a big risk ECEPT TO THE OTHER TEAM’S BIG GUYS. I personally don’t think McIlrath is a great fighter, but when he hits someone, they stay hit. He hits people so hard that I am afraid NHL referees will try to limit his bodychecking. Haley is hurt & out until January. Beech has talent, an Avery loose cannon type, who loses a lot of fights, but he is 6-2. Connor Allen is a 2 training camp reject from the Washington Capitols. JTMiller is a 3rd liner who needs a full season in Hartford. Coligniano is a UFA at end of season, bring world class speed, has never missed a gm in 7 seasons, great forchecker, & is pnly 26.

  10. Fotiu is God says:

    Well played, Dave. The jaundiced eye has to say the McIlrath call-up quietly screams desperation.

    Had Slats and Schoeny asked, I would’ve held The Undertaker until the New Year.

    But as The Hells Angels are wont to say, “What the f**k, run amok.”

  11. Frank Cerbone says:

    How far into the game before 6-3, 220 lb Dalton Prout & Dylan McIlrouth become “dance partners”?