Dorsett, Asham in; Pouliot, Pyatt scratched

December 10, 2013, by

Update: Per Pat Leonard, Taylor Pyatt and Benoit Pouliot will be scratched tonight. Dorsett and Arron Asham will dress in their place.

Per Steve Zipay, Derek Dorsett (wrist) was back on the ice for this morning’s skate. Dorsett has been nursing this wrist issue for a while, and the Rangers could really use his spunk back in the lineup.

Marc Staal was not on the ice, as expected. He is suffering from “issues” that may or may not be concussion related. The team is calling it a neck issue for now. (Update: It’s a concussion)

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  1. Hatrick Swayze says:

    This mean D Moore will be dressed tonight also?

    Which would give us Moore, Dorsett and Asham in for Miller, Pouliot and Pyatt… if so, I won’t complain.

    • Tiki Tim says:

      Like the handle.

    • Dave says:

      Problem is that they are inserting 3 fourth liners in place of 1 4th liner (Pyatt), 1 rookie who wasn’t ready (Miller) and 1 expected 3rd liner (Pouliot).

      The failure of Pouliot really opened a hole at 3RW.

  2. Tiki Tim says:

    Doesn’t change the overall problem with the team. Inconsistent scoring.

  3. evan says:

    That vancouver game feels like it was 2 months ago. Staal is gone for who knows how long. Girardi and Callahan look like shells of their former selves. I dont know if the beat downs they took constantly blocking shots in Torts system have caught up with them, but they look 2 steps slower.

    You all know I wanted a coaching change, but my biggest fears are being realized. This is not a coaching issue, this is a general management issue and a talent issue. We lack it plain and simple. Henrik cannot stop everything when our defense has 0 depth and constantly turns the puck over. And when his form dips, like it has this year, the weaknesses of the rest of the squad show times 10.

    I dont care if Scotty Bowman was coach, we lack talent and it is starting to show each game. Hagelin has spurts each season, but constantly disappears. Kreider I think will be great. Brass is a ghost. Stepan wanted 1C money and he is not playing like it. Richards is now a one way player. MZA is showing he can hack it. Still, I do not see a roster with guys who can win the cup right now. I hope i am dead wrong, but the two losses over the weekend were the biggest red flags of the year.

    Now this summer bettman is announcing that the cap is going to 71 million. Sather will most likely sign some 30-35 year old UFAs to big contracts and these guys will come play terribly for us.

    My plan was to wait until early to mid january to assess this team, but the way we have played at home shows that may be in need of a major reconstruction of this team unfortunately. Sather has been here i believe 14 years. The blame should fall on him

    • Tiki Tim says:

      I love Cally as much as any Rangers fan, but is he worth the risk of a 7 year deal? Nope. His style of play isn’t going to age well, it already isn’t aging well.

  4. FrankCerbone says:

    So Asham with ZERO goals in Hartford is called up-makes sense.

    So Staal is out again after being targetd by Reid Boucher, 20 yr old, 185 lb player, who never got more than 53 PM in a season, and only did that once. He was also targeted by 190 lb Mike Ryder, another pretty much finesse type player.

    Like I have said after his eye injury last season-trade this guy a year early, rather than a year too late. He’s a 6-4 guy that plays REAL, REAL small, and he commands ABSOLUTELY no respect by opposing players on the ice. Now he is out with another concussion & probably has very little trade value.

    We went thru this with Michael Sauer-a guy who was injured all thru juniors & wasted a #2 on him. Then he turns pro & gets injured at Hartford. Eventually he gets called up, plays well, then separates his shoulder. I say please, please trade this guy before he gets injured again. All Sauer’s brothers are all retired/disabled. Eventually, he returns from the shoulder injury & my pleas to trade him are again ignored. Right after returning from separating his shoulder, 1st game back he sustains a concussion and his career is over.

    Sather continues his ridiculous mismanagement of assets.

    • Spozo says:

      Welcome back Cerbone it’s been a while.

      But are you serious? A player sustaining a concussion and taking a puck to the eye a year ago is mismanagement of assets?

      Get back on you “Kreider sucks because hockey news said so” rant. At least that one is sort of subjective.

      Ps Staal was actually the one making the hit. He took a shoulder to the jaw while trying to run through the guy. No targeting at all.

      • Hatrick Swayze says:

        Agree. Staal was probably seen throwing his helmet down in the tunnel because of frustration that he put himself in a prone position. Not because he doesn’t command enough respect in the league to avoid being hit by all players under the legal drinking age in the US.

      • Mark says:

        Staal’s frequent injuries aside. I believe that after 14 years there is an element of mismanagement of assets. Lets see, get rid of Orr to get Brashear? Then Shelley, then the Boogie Man, then Rupp and Scott and now? looking for some toughness. How about looking for a power play QB for about 10 years. Or having to recover from bad free agent signings? Or having to get rid of a sniper because the coach (who was getting fired soon) did not like him and now we look for more goal scoring. And lastly lets hope that Kreider is the man because we really dont have that physical power forward either. If they dont win soon at some point the buck has to stop with the GM.

        • Walt says:


          Your points are valid, but as long as Jim Dolan owns this team, his lap dog Sather is safe!!

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      Yea… count me in for the group that would rather see one of our defensemen (Moore) get absolutely turned inside out and walked by Ryder allowing for the Devils to go up 3-2 late in the 3rd period than see one of our defsnesemen (Staal) get checked by Ryder in a meaningless play which had no impact on the game. Then let me comment about how the guy who takes a hit is the problem with our defensive corps.


    • Tim B says:

      Few things Frank
      -Asham isn’t a scorer anymore. he did have a few nice seasons with pittsburgh. Hes a bottom 6 forward anyway. They dont score much to begin with.
      -I do admit Staal is more liekly to suffer a concussion as he has had too many. Honestly it doesnt help the Rangers with him injured Every season. I would honestly trade him.
      -no one could have predicted Sauer would suffer a bad concussion with the Rangers. When Phaneuf hit him it looked like Sauer fell out of a 5 story window. The impact with his head and the boards was pretty good. Even if it were a different player who took that hit who doesnt have concussion problems previously would probably be out with PCS. That was no ordinary hit/concussion. If he wasnt so close to the boards then he may have been back along time ago.

    • Mark says:

      All the focus had been on ripping MDZ. Before the injury i had written that Staal had more trade value (since MSG keeps talking him up i guess), but he has played like a statue..No hitting, no aggressiveness etc. Now he is unfortunately injured and there we are. Sather should not listen to the fans but it is amazing that the fans seem to be able to figure out what is going on just a step or two before management does. (like toughness finally being called up from the minors)

  5. TxRanger says:

    with staal always so banged up, i say we trade him soon. he’s not going to resign anyways. even if he did, is it worth paying him all that $$$ if he’s gonna be banged up?

  6. Walt says:

    When it comes to concussions, once a player is concussed, the probability of repeat concussions is enhanced. Look at players like Lindroes, Keith Premieu, Marc Savard as examples. Once they had the first concussion, the second, third, etc., came that much quicker, and with more devistating results.

    I hope that isn’t going to be the case with Marc, but I agree with the above posts, trade him while we can get something in return. He will be with his brothers, and parents in Carolina soon enough, and if no move is made, we loose an assit!!

  7. SalMerc says:

    Stall injury really ties our hands with respect to MDZ or Girardi trade. No one wants our 3rd and 4th line players because even we don’t want them. Look for Hags, Stepan, some kids or Talbot to be dangled out there to see what they catch.

  8. Frank Cerbone says:

    MDZ much smaller than Staal yet very rarely see anyone MDZ, because MDZ hits back.