Rangers forget they had a game, don’t show up for 4-1 loss to Washington

December 9, 2013, by
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After a tough loss on Saturday against the Devils, the Rangers had the Washington Capitals, a team that Henrik Lundqvist has absolutely owned over the past three meetings. As long as they put forth a solid effort, they should have at least come out with a point. But instead they forgot to show up, and allowed the Caps to walk all over them in their own building. After a scoreless first, the Rangers allowed the Caps to jump out to a 3-0 lead without much fight. After that, the Caps did a good job collapsing around the slot and protecting the house.

Henrik Lundqvist played a solid game last night, but the team in front of him made rookie Phillipp Grubauer look like Patrick Roy. There aren’t many positives for this game, and I’m going to avoid harping on negatives. But I will say this: The New York Rangers succeed as a team and they fail as a team.

On to the goals:

Caps 1, Rangers 0


This goal was a little bit on the weird side. John Moore blocked a shot while falling to the ice, and used his glove to shovel the puck out of the slot, but right to Martin Erat for the point-blank shot. Hank stopped that, but Jason Chimera was able to get body position on Justin Falk at the side of the net and was able to bang home the rebound.

Caps 2, Rangers 0


Dan Girardi gave the puck away to Jay Beagle behind the net, who fed Steve Oleksy at the point. Oleksy’s wrister was an innocent one, but there were bodies in the shooting lane and Hank didn’t even react until th shot was behind him. You can tell it was going to be one of those games after this goal.

Caps 3, Rangers 0

Whether or not you believe there should have been a penalty shot, it was called, and Mikhail Grabovski buried the penalty shot with a slapper over Hank.

Caps 4, Rangers 0

This was another one of those weird goals that Hank didn’t appear to see. The Caps had some good pressure, hitting a post on the shift, before Nate Schmidt collected the puck at the point with some room to move. Schmidt got a shot off through a screen at the top of the circle, and Eric Fehr was able to deflect it through Hank’s wickets.

To be fair, I didn’t even see the deflection. The initial goal breakdown I had noted the screens, but the goal was credited to Fehr, so he must have deflected it.

Rangers 1, Caps 4


This goal was all Michael Del Zotto. He started the play with a solid rush up the ice. MDZ got a low, hard shot on net from the boards, which Grubauer couldn’t freeze. As the battle for the loose puck in the high slot continued, MDZ circled all the way around the net and back to the left point, where he collected the loose puck and ripped a rising slapper. Benoit Pouliot got his stick on it to break up the shutout. The red arrows in the pictures are the path MDZ took for that goal.

Fenwick Chart:

Courtesy of ExtraSkater

Courtesy of ExtraSkater

This is pretty much what you would expect to see from last night’s game. The Caps didn’t register a shot for half of the first period, but then the Rangers stopped skating and the Caps took over the  game. It wasn’t until late in the third the Rangers started closing the shot attempt gap.

Honestly, I’m just as frustrated as all of you are at this point. There has been no compete level at all, and the blame is all around. The leaders of this team need to take control, and will this team to victory. They need some strong efforts and some wins. Otherwise, we are looking at a team that will be 40-40-2 at the end of the year.

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  1. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Too many nice guys on this team.No MEAN and NASTY.

  2. supermaz says:

    The Rangers are just too easy to play against. Going nowhere fast. Time to reshape the roster….trades need to be made to toughen up this team. All forwards are expendable with the exception on Cally Nash Stepan Kreider and Zuccarello. And everyone on the defense except McDonagh. Get those phones heated up before its too late.

    • @Centerman21 says:

      There was chatter that Carolina had been in talks with the Rangers about a trade. I don’t think it was DZ they wanted but with the injury to Staal it looks like that is dead for now.
      IMO the Rangers should trade Staal. They need Girardi for his right handed shot and he still is the hardest working guy on the ice every single shift. I hate to talk trade this one and that one but he carries value and hasn’t been great in this AV led system. A team like Carolina looking for defense would give up a nice player for Staal. I really doubt Staal resigns here after next season anyway. He wants to play with his 3 brothers in Car. Maybe the injury isn’t that bad and it’s happening now.
      Why not let Beach play 4th Line mins? Need some grit down there. The team is too easy to play.

  3. Bobby says:

    The amount of wide open shots this team misses is getting incredibly tough to watch. I hate to keep ripping the guy but del zotto had a wide open, close range slappy that missed the goal completely. If you can’t connect on opportunities like that, how the hell are we ever to score? He’s not the only on, almost everyone is missing shots they shouldn’t be. Shots getting straight up blocked and deflected away are just as bad. Just frustrating that every other shot taken by this team, the MSG announcers say ‘high and wide’ or ‘deflected away’ on almost every shot! it’s starting too be ridiculous.

  4. Bloomer says:

    Dave lets be honest, Lundquist did not play a solid game last night or against New Jersey the night before, A .885 save percentage and letting in floating shots from the blue line is subpar goaltending. He needs to be better, he let his team down and he let him self down.

    As far as the rest of the team, there is no urgency to score on offence. No taking the puck to the net, no roughing it up in front of the goalie or punishing the other teams dman…nadda. They are soft and passive and its time to make some moves. They are too comfortable and a shake up is needed unless of course management is content with mediocre, less then average hockey.

  5. SalMerc says:

    Time to shake it up. Maybe move someone big to prove a point that no one is very special here. Playing .500 hockey means your stars are under-producing and the rest of the guys tread water.

  6. Walt says:

    I love this team, and have since 1956 as a little boy, but this is getting too much.

    Here it comes folks, I’m about to piss everyone off, but I’ve said it many times, and last week was called out on it. After the Boston game, I said that when the going gets tough, this team buckels up, and folds. Well they said I was crazy, and so on.

    Last night, Dan Maloney said that this team isn’t skilled enough to win against certain teams, and certainly not tough to beat others. He went on to say that maybe some teams saw the results of that Boston game, when we were up 2-1 going into the third, Boston started the rough stuff, and we folded. That may well be the stratigic thinking going forward for some of the tougher teams against us. I believe NJ employed this thought process as well the other night, and we lost Staal, with no response.

    Hay Glen, do you want your players taken off of the ice on stretchers? WTF are you waiting for to bring in guys like Shawn Thorton? Orpik took liberties against the Bruines the other night, and he was blindsided, good for Thorton for protecting his team mates! You are fielding a spinless team, soft as jello, and someone will get hurt if you don’t respond. Bring up McIlrath, Bickel, and the new guy they just traded for. What could it cost us, a game that we would lose anyway? Please, get some players with three piece sets, and let them protect the likes of Nash, Step, Callie, Hags, all the skilled guys that shouldn’t have to play scared.

    Now everyone who disagrees with me can start blasting me for this post, but before you do, just think about what I said, then have fun at my expense.

    • phil says:

      you cant bring up Mcllrath.. to play 3 minutes a game…he isn’t ready yet… trade for a big defenseman with a big shot and a big body and a big fist……….been missing it since Beukeboom

      • Walt says:

        The kid is very close to being ready, bring him up in the mean time for protection, that was the point of the post.

        • Chris F says:

          Walt, my man, I gotta vehemently reject your Thorton / Orpik analysis. Orpik wasn’t taking liberties and Thorton wasn’t defending a teammate.

          Orpik threw a clean, hard shoulder to chest hit on Erikson, the type of hit you’d like to see Rangers players deliver. Thorton tried to fight Orpik but he refused.

          That should’ve been the end of it. But later in the game during an unrelated scrum, Thorton found Orpik, pulled him out of the mess while slewfooting him, then punched him in the head multiple times wshile he was down on the ice.

          That is not the type of “toughness” NY needs or wants.

          • Chris F says:

            Just saw your comment further down.

            The Dupuis slash seemed rather accidental, although reckless. Similar to Callahan’s OT 4-minute penalty versus NJ. Swinging the fully extended stick as you rotate trying to whack near the pick is always reckless.

            Definitely agree on Neal though. He’s dirty and there’s no way he accidentally skated straight into Marchand’s head.

          • Walt says:

            Thorton saw his team mate Marchand laying on the ice, after being kneeded in the head by Neil, and wanted Orpik for not fighting earlier. If Orpik is a coward, and won’t defend himself, then he suffers. Nothing was done to Emery when he went after Holtby, why should they go after Thorton. Orpik is the typical Pen, starts shit, then skates away when challenged. I commend Thorton for his actions, and will continue to do so until the NHL puts an end to the other dirty crap. I’ll agree to disagree with you on this one my friend.

            • Chris F says:

              So your comfortable with players having to fight everytime they throw a big hit, and if they refuse they are fair game to be jumped?

              Orpik didn’t even have an opportunity to defend himself. He was focused on the scrum in front of him when Thorton grabbed him from behind, kicked his skates out from under him and punched him while he was down on the ice. Inexcusable.

              I really wish you’d rewatch the replay a few times objectively. I agree it was not much worse than Emery, but the League’s inconsistency shouldn’t excuse this type of behavior.

              • Walt says:

                I saw the game live, and Thorton was reacting to a fallen team mate. Orpik was challanged earlier, big man, wouldn’t drop his gloves, but goes after a guy like Louie Ericksson, who never fights, and has a history of concussions, is gutless.

                You play by the sword, and die by the sword! Orpik, and the entire Pens organization is chicken sh*t!! Kunitz cheap shot Marchand from behind, then backs away when confronted by Marchand, another brave move. Mario le wimp pulled the same crap, and their coach whines like a pig when one of his boys get hurt, as does Cindy, just horse crap. Let’s agree to disagree.

            • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

              Thornton’s cheapshots were bushleague, dangerous, malicious and against the “code” he claims to abide by. The one thing I will say is Orpik’s hit was a little high for my liking, but in no way excuses Thornton’s actions.

              He wasn’t “defending” a teammate as much as we was giving fodder to those to want fighting and enforcers out of the game.

              • Walt says:

                I hate dirty play, but the Pens started the chippy garbage, and Thorton defended his team. No one talks about the Neal’s move with the knee, DuPwee’s slash that broke a leg. I agree that he was a bit over the top, but if the Pens want to play that brand of hockey, so be it. Maybe the Bruins should go after Cindy, and see how they react to their purse swinging captain being hit dirty.

    • jeff fahrer says:

      i”ll go further. For Hank not to say he was a Ranger for life, before his contract, indicates to me he is a hired hand. He should have been treated like one, and one who isn”t the fastest draw any more.
      In my eyes the only one on the roster who is not expendable is McDonagh.

  7. phil says:

    honestly…its time…boyle completely innefective over the weekend…Pyatt…a waste of a roster spot… Quite frankly I would trade Stepan now while there is value… it would shake things up and I think he has been pretty poor

  8. phil says:

    time to Move Staal was prey season to Carolina… or after the first two weeks when he looked ok…too late now.. I would move Del Zotto right now and just work on salvaging Moore’s confidence…putting him with a strong stay at home so he can succeed…. Bring up Conner Allen and AJ give them a shot….

  9. phil says:

    bring up Hrivik , Kristo, Beach….give them each a shot

  10. SalMerc says:

    Talbot may have some real value on the trade front as well. Hank ain’t going nowhere. Stall, MDZ and most definitely Boyle. If our 4th line isn’t going to put the puck in the net, maybe we put players on that line that will put opposing players into the boards!

    • phil says:

      agree….ward and chimera made boyle look like a little girl out there (sorry women)

  11. Walt says:

    After thinking of my earlier post, look at the people Boston lost in that game because of the Pens no class players.

    Kelly- broke leg because of a slash by Pascal Dupwee
    Louie Ericksson-concussion by hit from Orpik, who left his feet making the check
    Marchand-whom I hate-kneeded by Neil to the head

    Now you understand why I said good for Thorton for defending his team. I hate dirty play, but turds like these have to pay for their cheap shots, you fight fire with fire!

  12. AD says:

    The Rangers are playing confused and lost. Confused about the merits of AV’s “system” (I’ve thought all along the core doesn’t buy into his philosophy – they’ve seen under their prior coach what it takes to win and they don’t see it with AV). Lost because they don’t have the skillset to play Av’s style of game.

    I am all for player accountability, yet when the mediocrity is so pervasive throughout the lineup, there is a coaching issue here folks. It doesn’t take a genius to realize inserting Hagelin as top line LW opens up ice for Nash and enhances our #1 forward’s production. It doesn’t take a genius to realize MZA is our most creative passing forward, and that Kreider’s performance is enhanced with MZA feeding him the puck. Other than power plays, Kreider’s production has gone down ever since he was paired with Nash. Hagelin is invisible on the ice because he is opening ice for other forwards that are not a threat skating with the puck; and Callahan is being placed in a defensive, forecheck role.

    When will those who report on the Rangers start holding Sather and AV accountable? This organization is, once again, a joke.

    • phil says:

      agree..pieces of the puzzle don’t match the system…so they aren’t buying into it…#Messierbymarch

    • Walt says:

      AD Well stated. The obvious question, why fix what’s not broken. The points about Hags, MZA, and Kreider are spot on, nice job.

  13. BenM says:

    A couple notes on the above comments:

    Cam Talbot will not and should not be traded. Dirt cheap, quality backup goaltending is worth holding on to

    People saying we should trade MDZ and J Moore will be our savior, have you watched the last couple of games? If it wasn’t for Staal’s injury, Moore would be stapled to the bench. He has not been playing well (see goal 3 against NJ). DZ on the other hand, really impressed me, especially with that final goal. Late in the game, down 4-0, yet he was still trying. Good for him. Bad for the rest of the team who quit when down 2-0. That being said, McD has been our only consistently good dman all year.

    Stepan is a good player, but not a 1st line center. I’d really like to see the Rangers, post-Richards buyout, sign a true 1st line center and push Stepan to 2nd line

    I’d be interested to see a 4th line of Dorsett-Boyle-Bickle. (sit pouliot and pyatt)

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      To further your comment about J. Moore, my brother is a Devil’s fan and after Saturday night’s game he texted me this:

      “I thought I saw John Moore in the middle of the road last night but it was just a parking cone.”

  14. paulronty says:

    I had my serious doubts about hiring AV and they just intensify with every game. This team has a lot of talent but lacks fire & they appear to be a very confused lot. The third line is a revolving mess and Brassard & Hagelin have gone down the drain.

  15. BobM says:

    The only positive that I saw last night is that OV did not get a point. Obviously, the opposing team has noticed how to pick apart our system and when they counter with their own, the Rangers scrammble.

    Time for a full re-boot. This season is lost, face it.

    Why make statements like: “There aren’t many positives for this game, and I’m going to avoid harping on negatives. But I will say this: The New York Rangers succeed as a team and they fail as a team.”

    This sounds like something that a Ranger spin doctor would say. Ever hear of the story of the emperor has no clothes? But I will say this: State the obvious or credibility suffers.

  16. HARLEMBLUES says:

    It’s not coaching.Nash and Kreider are the only big skilled players.They both play big but differently and Kreider is starting to play with a edge.The other big guys play small and are slow and teams don’t fear playing agsinst them.No protection for the smaller,skilled players.Guys are taking cheap shots because there isn’t any protectors.This team has too many nice guys not enough MEAN and NASTY.Look at the 94 team HOFers yes but MEAN and NASTY up and down the line up.This team needs some MEAN and NASTY and will be tougher to play aganist.MEAN and NASTY opens up ice,protects guys and says DON’T FCK WITH US.Kyle Beach is a Ranger because of MEAN and NASTY.Don’t bring up Dylan until he is ready.Glen do your get more MEAN and NASTY.

  17. Sally says:

    Is there a black cloud over New York ? NYC’s sports teams don’t seem to be very good this year.

  18. Ray says:

    My impression is that AV is technically a better coach than Tortorella and deserves the regard in which he is held. However, he can’t get the Rangers to play 100% every night out the way Torts could. The question is how to get AV’s brilliance with motivation as well.

    My suggestion is to trade Nash. It is hard to motivate Nash and the 17 dwarfs. Without the presence of Nash, Callahan becomes the pre-eminent Ranger by a mixture of play and personality. And Cally as the true leader can get the team to play night in and night out.

  19. SalMerc says:

    I wish I knew the kind of players that prosper under AV. This is the problem you have when you hire re-cycled coaches. AV may not have been the right fit for the roster.

  20. joe719 says:

    There were many nights during Torts reign, where the team just didn’t show up. That infamous Buffalo game from last season comes to mind. It would be foolish to trade Nash. He is the only True All-Star on the team. Better to start surrounding him with comparable players; not this group of 3rd line forwards. As for Callahan, he looks like a shell of what he was. He has to still be hurt. I can’t really remember any game, so far this year, where his physical play was on display. Just another of the problems facing this group.

  21. Jeff P says:

    Wasn’t Girardi an all-star two years ago? I can’t believe how much his play slipped.

  22. Lou says:

    I called this about 3 weeks ago….the cancer of having players like Brassard, Pouliot, Pyatt, MDZ, etc. has spread.

    These are guys going through the motions. Heck MDZ tries his long-range passes just to get rid of the puck before getting hit.

    Boyle goes into the corner ass first.

    Stepan is content to glide.

    There is NO leadership whatsoever. Players held accountable by there own teammates….and oh btw, Calley is shit this year. Wait till we see him in the Olympics – you wont be able to recognize him.

    Shame on Calley, for not caring enough for THIS team!

    Boyle, Pyatt, Pouliot, DMoore, Brassard, Asham, MDZ, Girardi — that’s a lot of trash for any team to carry around. Get rid of these guys and bring up Allen, Hrvick, Fast, Haley and McIllrath.

    Would rather lose with the young guys trying and learning than the others not putting out.

    In hockey effort reigns over skill (otherwise Pittsburg would win every year)…and this team has no guts, no balls and no pride!