Practice notes: Nash/Moore skating, Pyatt concussed

In a series of tweets from Andrew Gross, Rick Nash (concussion) skated before practice, and has been symptom free for a few days now. Nash is still close to week-to-week than day-to-day, but seeing him skating is always a good sign. Gross also noted that Dominic Moore (oblique) was skating with Nash before practice, and that Taylor Pyatt is indeed concussed after taking a headshot from Fedor Tyutin against Columbus.

There is no time table for return for Nash, Pyatt, or Moore.

8 Responses to “Practice notes: Nash/Moore skating, Pyatt concussed”

  1. This is good news, but again I’ll say this, “Rick don’t hurry, get well first” !!!

    I understand Nash traveled to see another well known neurologist not long ago, and probably was given the green light to start light work outs. Good news on D Moore as well, tough news on Pyatt!

  2. Sorry to hear about Pyatt.

    Nash being symptom free for a couple of days is very encouraging. That’s news we can all get on board with.

  3. You know I’d really like to know what happened to Messier’s concussion helmet? If it did reduce concussions it would be a shame nobody is using it.

    • I think they were bought out by Bauer and they’ve incorporated some of that technology into their lids (RE-AKT?). The thing with that helmet is that it can reduce your chance of a concussion if you smack your head against the glass or ice. No helmet can stop the brain from rattling around inside the skull when you take a shot to the jaw or have your head whipped around. That said, you’d think if it reduced your chances, even just in a few instances, it would be worth considering. Maybe with a big, well-recognized manufacturer on board we’ll start to see them with increased frequency.

  4. Mashinter in 4 Pyatt Sun RT @stevezipay Really need another guy to deter other teams from even thinking about going high on r skilled guys

    • Haley an excellent middleweight fighter doing good in Hartford.

      But McIlrath is a legitimate heavyweight that knows his role. Anytime anyone went near Christian Thomas or near Bourque, McIlrath was over the boards on the next shift dispensing mayhem & distruction. Can’t believe Rangers find room to fit in McIlrath. McIlrath are 2 heavy weight types that keep the big guys off our good guys. Love Haley, love pending UFA Tanner Glass. BUT WHEN BIG GUYS GO AFTER OUR GOOD GUYS, HEAVYWEIGHTS MCILRATH & MASHINTER ARE THE GUYS YOU NEED. Dorsett is an average middleweight guy, but he scares no one. Funny everyone that fights Tanner glass ends up bleeding ie. Crowe, Simmonds, Dorsett.