Taylor Pyatt takes headshot, won’t return

November 7, 2013, by

Early in the second period, winger Taylor Pyatt took a high elbow from Columbus defenseman Fedor Tyutin. Pyatt went straight to the locker room, and later in the period Sam Rosen noted that Pyatt will not return to the game. Tyutin received a two minute elbowing penalty.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Missed the first 2 periods only saw the 3rd. I assume by the shot count the Rangers played better in the first 2 periods then the 3rd. At least I hope so, as they sucked in the 3rd. Talbot stood tall and the Blue Jacket couldn’t finish.
    I never like to see hockey players take shots to the head, as it is not only career ending but also life altering. The league talks about protecting players but in reality unless its very fragrant they turn a blind eye. If the NHL continues to refuse to clamp down on the cheap head shots, the use of goons to protect players will continue.

    • Chris F says:

      The Rangers were tired in the 3rd (back-to-back games) and sat back too much but Talbot stood tall. He looked real solid.

      The Tyutin head shot was not entirely his fault. Pyatt is pretty tall, and Tyutin came across trying to body check him off the puck, but the puck was stuck in Pyatt’s skates and he had his head hung real low looking down and Tyutin’s shoulder clipped him.

      • Walt says:

        It was a clean hit, and as much as I get on Pyatt’s case, I hope he is OK just the same!

      • Centerman21 says:

        That never used to happen in the NHL. Or at least very rarely. Players have no respect for each other. The game is trending this way. Where players lead with their elbow and those pads are solid. If you look at and elbow pad and realize what it is players are getting hit in the head with. You’d feel that player deserves a much stiffer penalty. The 3-5 games Shanny is giving out isn’t a deterrent at the moment. Stuart got 3 games and Nash got a month so far. If you ask me. FLAGRANT infractions should have the offender home until the victim returns to their respective lineup. Praying he’s not hurt long term. The Rangers don’t play that way.

        • Dave says:

          I think a lot has to do with the hard cap on the shoulders. Pads were never this big.

    • Centerman21 says:

      fra·grant (frgrnt)
      Having a pleasant odor.
      I hope you don’t bust my chops bro because that made my morning. I’m awake now! Lmao.

    • orangemike says:

      Yeah the Rangers basically controlled the entire first 40 minutes. If not for Bobrosky (and if Richards could bury a breakaway, looked to me like he shot it right at the GK) it would have been 8-1. They did look a little tired in the last period, but a good workmanlike win, and I’ll take the two points, thank you very much.

      Agree with you, Chris, on the Pyatt head shot, not entirely Tyutin’s fault. Unfortunately, the NHL Channel had the Columbus feed, and so the Columbus announcers spent the next half hour whining about the call, that it shouldn’t even have been a penalty. Why Sam Rosen isn’t on a national network is beyond me.

      The head shot stuff is going to be tough, just like in the NFL. I don’t have an answer, but it seems the present system isn’t really working.

      Regards- orange

  2. Bloomer says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Chris, I miss the first 2 period damn work thing. I got to admit it though, the Ranges are a very different team with Hags(stinky) and Cally in the line up.

  3. Walt says:

    I just read an article on Pyatt, that makes me feel a bit differently about the man.

    April 2009, he was to get married that summer, when he got a call telling him that his girlfriend was killed in an auto accident. They had been together for some 11 years, and he took the news very badly. It’s some 4 years later, and he is trying to get on with his life, but that story was gut wrenching. Maybe I’ve been too hard on the poor guy!

  4. Centerman21 says:

    If this team can continue to play this way. They’ll be real dangerous especially if/when Nash returns. This is looking like a fairly weaker division than expected. Right now a .500 record has the Rangers in 3rd place since the Islanders lost to Lowly Carolina. Right now it looks like this team can compete with anyone. The effort has to be there every game. This team full of 2 way talent seemed perfect for AV and his offensive strategies. His teams in BC always got beat in the playoffs by a tougher team. I don’t think he will have that problem here. At least that’s the way I felt when he was hired and it seems to ring true.

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    I’ve been thinking about the head shots.

    If the nhl wants to stop it.

    Incidental contact head shot. 10 games.

    Flagrant head shot. Toronto calls down to the ice to have the player removed. That player is out until the injured player can skate. You end someone’s career with a flagrant header. You lose your career.

    The nhl needs more Bushido honor and less guerrilla tactics.

    • Walt says:

      You, my friend are on the same page with me. I also agree that if a player is concussed, and can’t play, the guy who concussed him has to sit as well. Along with a fine for the coach, and team, if need be, but this kind of garbage has got to stop before someone gets killed out there!!

  6. MBN says:

    I agree that head-shots should have the guys causing the injury sitting out as long as the injured player is out. But I would cap it at 1 full season of games – 82 games.

    That’s just me though. I would also make the minimum penalty 10-20 games, somewhere in that range. Got to cut this stuff out. 3-5 games is useless.

  7. Chris.C says:

    Small shut out “Happy Veterans Day to us Veterans” on the best Blog.

    Just finished reading that Story Walt, heart wrenching. Lets hope he gets back in the line up soon, I have a new underdog to cheer for.

    • Walt says:


      Thanks for the shout out to us vets. People forget what men gave so that they can speak their piece without fear. I lost a number of my friends in Nam, and I’ll never forget them to the day I die.

  8. Frank Cerbone says:

    Hits to the head should automatically be a match penalty & game misconduct.

    Too many players are not being given penalties and then a couple of days later the league dishes out penalties.

    If a players is suspended by the league after review and that player was never assessed a penalty on the play, the referee must be suspended an equal number of games (for being blind). That will eliminate the home calls that a guy like Lucic always gets.

    Can’t believe over the course of a shortened season a guy like Lucic gave concussions to both Nash & Stralman, and caused multiple facial cuts to McDonough AND DID NOT RECEIVE A SINGLE MINOR PENALTY.

  9. Lou says:

    For those novices to the sport (and from the read, that’s most of you), head shots used to be called “getting your bell rung”.

    The player would sit on the bench, get smelling salts and be back out for the next shift.

    In a contact sport head shots are a given.

    Sure the players are bigger and faster, the pads bigger, but a hard hitting, up-n-down skating game is what makes hockey supreme.

    No other sport offers the athletes giving it all like hockey. This is a sport of real men for real men.

    Which oh by the way is why Brassard has to go.

    As for the hit on Pyatt, some of you may remember Anisimov used to get drilled like that when he started. He has since learned.

    Unfortunately for Taylor, he’s too slow, too cumbersome and too damn dumb (cause if my career, livelihood and health depended on getting faster, I would have done something about it in the off-season ….ala Richards).

    Alas, out with Pyatt…in with Kristo or Powe.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Sounds like you may be a novice to sports science and head injuries. What we didn’t know then, we have a better grasp of now, like CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – the degenerative brain disease caused by repeaded blows to the head over a course of time). “Getting your bell rung” is an antiquated term and illustrated our ignorance of this issue.

      The sport is right to try to make an effort to curb these potentially life-altering injuries. You can’t govern all hits, but taking malicious, dangerous headshots out of the game is a noble cause.

      As for the hit on Pyatt last night, I feel the way it played out, the result was unavoidable as Pyatt put himself is a vulnurable position. I thought the hit was textbook, leading with the shoulder – not aiming high – but caught Pyatt with his head down, looking at the puck.

      Your overall point seems to legitimize blatant headshots and scoff at advances to reduce them, which I find to be an archaic(and dangerous) point of view.