Miller back in the lineup as Mashinter sits

November 6, 2013, by

Per Steve Zipay, J.T. Miller will be back in the lineup tonight against the Penguins. Brandon Mashinter will sit to make room for Miller in the lineup. Mashinter played very little in the loss to Anaheim.

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  1. Chris F says:

    Glad to see Miller get another opportunity. Daily News has suggested he was bound for Hartford.

    With that said, I do like Mashinter in a 4th line role. Now, if only there were someone not pulling his weight who Mash could replace. 😉

    • Ray says:

      Shame AV didn’t take this opportunity to send Pouliot a message. He didn’t do any more than Miller against the Ducks.

  2. AD says:

    It seems there was little purpose to not playing Miller vs Anaheim. AV blew it there.

    I do agree, and do like Mashinter on 4th line; just not to displace Miller.

    • VinceR says:

      I’m thinking this was a message like it was for Zucc for the one game. I just didn’t feel JT was really playing all that badly (AV mentioned today he needs to be focused and in the moment).

      Of course I don’t know why this means Pyatt still has a roster spot, but…

    • Centerman21 says:

      I like Miller and his fearlessness with the puck a lot too but he hasn’t scored anymore than Mashinter. Miller does a lot with the puck but doesn’t know yet how to convert on chances. At least Mashinter brings a needed level of Physicallity and size. I don’t know what it is AV doesn’t like about Mashinter. He could have played much more than he did. Especially in the 2nd & 3rd period against a “big & mean” Ducks team. I hope Miller scores tonight.

  3. cv19 says:

    At this point I’d rather see Miller rather than Pulliot. Keep him in the lineup. Pulliot ‘s career is shaping up like Stephan Matteau’s. Came into the league with great promise which never materialized.

  4. Doug Peters says:

    While Mashinter is a big body with some skill, Miller is creator who belongs in the lineup.

  5. becky says:


  6. Jerry says:

    I agree pyatt is not worth a spot.and after watching a few games I’m changing my mind on Boyle and eating crow I’ll admit he’s a good defensive/ fourth liner for us.but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

    • Walt says:


      He was a beast tonight, PK, blocking shots, goal, and an assist. Do you want any salt for that crow? Just busting on you for some laughs, nothing personal!

  7. Joe says:

    AV still doesn’t get it Mashinter sits, while the dreggs of the the team Pyatt,Pouillet play and play good minutes offer nothing but taking space on team.We need Mashinter’s toughness. As for Miller he should be in Hartford playing big minutes for now and up here later in the year.