Despite strong debut from Talbot, Rangers still lose in Philly

October 25, 2013, by
(Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images)

(Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images)

Well the Rangers lost another game, this time to the lowly Flyers. The Rangers wasted a solid debut from rookie Cam Talbot, who filled in for the injured Henrik Lundqvist, and only managed a single goal to a Flyers team that couldn’t buy a win. Talbot made 25 saves in his debut, but a boarding major to Benoit Pouliot and a disallowed goal from J.T. Miller eventually sealed the Rangers fate.

This wasn’t a complete disaster of a game. The shorthanded club played relatively well all things considered. A team missing a pair of All Stars and a potential quartet of Olympic players is bound to have some issues. New York had some issues scoring, that’s for sure. But on the bright side, they limited their defensive breakdowns. That’s a big positive, since that was a huge issue coming into this game.

When you’re missing three core scorers, offense will be tough to come by. The defense was fine in this game. If there’s a positive, take that.

Flyers 1, Rangers 0



This one was just a bit of bad luck. Derick Brassard was unable to handle the puck along the boards following a Brad Richards pass, and Matt Read was able to chip it past him for the break. Michael Del Zotto made the right play in taking out the passing lane, but Read was able to rip the shot past Talbot for the first goal of the game.

Rangers 1, Flyers 1

A goal is a goal is a goal.

A goal is a goal is a goal.

A bad angle shot by Richards. Steve Mason should have had this one. A bit similar to the Patrick Kane goal a few years back, right?

Flyers 2, Rangers 1

Hockey happens.

Hockey happens.

Sometimes, hockey happens. Sean Couturier won’t get much credit for the goal, but his pass to Read set this up. The initial shot from Nicklas Grossman was blocked, but Read was able to collect the puck in the high slot. Read got the puck to Brayden Coburn, who blasted it past Talbot. (Update: If you look at the coverage, you can see Stepan down low and Staal up high. That’s a coverage fail.)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the Benoit Pouliot boarding call and the Miller non-goal. Regarding Pouliot: I can see why the refs made the call. He did puck Maxime Talbot, but it was about five feet from the boards. Honestly, it looked like a hockey play with a bad end result. It is unfortunate what happened.

As for Miller, it looked like a kicking motion. It’s tough to disagree with Toronto there.

The Rangers are now 2-6 on the season with one more road game before finally coming home to New York. That game is in Detroit on Saturday. They really need a win in that game, but the shorthanded club may need to do it the old-fashioned way: Winning by a score of 1-0. Remember those days?

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  1. Craig says:

    The new offensive system by AV is working like a real charm. Despite the three forwards injured, I seriously doubt that the Rangers would be 2 and 6 if Torts were still coach. I know he had to go, but I miss his passion and fire behind the bench

    • Arisrules says:

      you meant the way the Rangers were 3-4 last year with a full lineup, and got lit up the first two games? Right.

      Look we are missing 3 of our top 6 forwards on a team that we all know doesn’t have a lot of pieces. Combine that with the fact that Stepan missed most of pre-season and has been off so far, then you are literally playing without 3.5 of your top forwards. We’re not going to score.

      To make things worse, our goaltending has been atrocious for the most part, which is usually our strong suit (i would have loved to have seen Tort’s record without lundqvist the past couple of years), and usually reliable players like Staal and McDiesel have been making a lot of mistakes.

      So yea, here we are.

      it’s really tough to judge a team with a new coach, especially when he is missing most of his offense and his best player is playing like a backup AHL goalie. I am waiting until the 30 game mark or so.

      having said that if Nash is out indefinitely, it is hard to see how we make a dent in the playoffs.

  2. Walt says:

    That five minute, and game misconduct on Pouliot was pure BS. The only reason it was called is because there was some blood, and the home crowd started screeming for a call. I turned to comcast, even Bill Clement said that it shouldn’t have been a major, and that it was an accident, but WTF!!

    As for the game, Talbot played a decent game in goal, we had a few chances, but we got out played. The non-goal against Miller was also questionable, but I won’t complain about it.

    Is it me, but Fast is just too light in the butt, and always seems to be on same whenever he gets hit. The boy needs to get into the gym, and add some muscle mass!

    Well, one more road game, and then at home at last. Let’s hope our hurt guys get back ASAP, and we start winning. Last thing, man I thought McD was hurt, when he ran into Kreider. Sure wish Kreider would put the other team players on their tail, the way Mac fell when he got hit.

  3. Tommy T says:

    Well, another stinker in the books, i was fortunate enough to get a free ticket from a friend in row 9 behind the bench. It was a tough game to watch live, in the offensive zone at least, Defense is really starting to come together. Lets get home and get some healthy guys, and then judge this season.

  4. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    At least the Red Sox lost.

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    It will get better when the other guys get back.

    That will shift all the lines down, and then the guys that are playing against the top lines now will be playing against less competition.

    We need at least nash and hags back…I would like to think with those two back in, this game would have been an easy win.

  6. Bloomer says:

    Well look at the good news……the Rangers still remain unbeaten at home.

  7. Eric says:

    We all need to stop talking about it will get better when injured players get back. Torts needed to go but there is no way he would allow these type of efforts. AV laid back style is killing the a Rangers with this current roster. He needs demand max effort and get players to do what every it takes to win. AV needs to hold the players accountable.

    Is Hank really injured or are new the pads really an issue? Stephan missing camp really has hurt him. If Stephan missed camp with Torts he would be in the dog house. Pouliot penalty was a joke. Talbot lost his footing on a slight push. These are Nhl players that need to be stronger on there skates. Pouliot is a waste of a roster spot. Let miller or kreider stay up for the season and let’s really see what they could do.

    I hope Dolan loves the remodeled Garden, that most likely he will be kicked out of at some point to expand Penn Station. This road trip could be season killer. Looks like there will be no playoff revenues this year. I know we are like 10 games but we are digging a pretty big hole already.

    I am diehard Ranger fan but this team sucks and so does the coaching staff right now. I really have hard time watching them and most likely will not watch them lose to the Red Wings 7-1. I have better things to do on Saturday night.

  8. Bloomer says:

    Torts didn’t need to go. He was the right coach for this franchise. Some certain people in the press who are thin skinned, had their feeling hurt so they did a smear job on him. He is doing fine in Vancouver. The Canucks have bought into his team concept and work ethic philosophy. New York fans are getting just what they deserve, a underachieving team of fat cats.

  9. BobM says:

    As I said yesterday with a new update:

    Goalies dropping like flies

    Lundqvist out – no one’s saying anything other than “a minor issue”

    Pekka Rinne out at least a month – hip infection

    Tim Thomas on IR, probably out at least a month (that lasted long) – lower body injury

    Hurricanes’ Ward out 3-4 weeks after injury vs. Wild

    Do you think that all of the goalie injuries is being caused by the smaller padding?

    Or perhaps, the smaller net depth is causing the goalies to have to play the puck more on wrap arounds and that is causing the lower body injuries?”

    This is like the Rangers worst start to a season in what, like 90 years?

  10. Greg B says:

    If they call that a good goal and we get points from the game, I think we would all be having a more positive feeling this morning. But it was overruled, and we have 4 guys out still (we need a positive update on Hank today).

    We need someone to step up now (three games ago) and get offensive production! Stepan, Brassard, Boyle, Pouliout, Zuke, Pyatt (ugh), Miller, Fast – someone has to put some goals on the board. We’re not going to win games with Richards being the only guy able to score.

  11. supermaz says:

    Apparently Zucc wasn’t the problem with the offense.
    Maybe we should actually bench players who deserve to be benched.
    Boyle, Pyatt, Moore, Dorsett, and Brassard cone to mind.

    • VinceR says:

      Another call to bench Boyle…again, last night, just as all the other nights, he was one of the best players on the ice. How does he “deserve” to be benched?

  12. Pete says:

    So basically a team without their top two forwards (and 3 of 6),an underachieving goaltender (and apparently an injured one as well), and less than zero secondary scoring is having a hard time winning games…? Surely you kid…

  13. Mikeyyy says:

    Just watched the mashinter fight again.
    Simmonds is a little bitch. No honor at all.

    He should actually be suspended for trying to ram someone’s head into the dasher.