Practice notes: New powerplays/lines, Hank out with “minor” issue

October 22, 2013, by

Per Pat Leonard, Henrik Lundqvist did not practice today due to a “minor” issue. In another tweet later, Leonard noted that Alain Vigneault is not 100% certain that Hank can play on Thursday in Philadelphia.

Also per Leonard, AV switched up his lines once more, which answers some questions from yesterday’s confusing combos:

Chris Kreider-Derek Stepan-Brad Richards
Benoit Pouliot-Derick Brassard-J.T. Miller
Taylor Pyatt-Brian Boyle-Jesper Fast
Mats Zuccarello-Dominic Moore-Derek Dorsett

PP1: Del Zotto-Richards, Kreider-Stepan-Brassard
PP2: McDonagh-J. Moore, Pouliot-Miller-Boyle

Zuccarello, who has been struggling to start the season, has been placed on the fourth line and removed from the powerplay completely. This at least answers questions about the second line and answers questions about kids on the fourth line. People will still have problems with Pyatt ahead of Zucc, but it’s not like Zucc is playing infinitely better than Pyatt and deserves to be a spot up in the lineup.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Dave.im not going to argue the the fact of Boyle and pyatt are here,we all know how I feel about that. but why are they not at least giving fast and zuccarello the second unit power play time.sorry that makes no sense at all in my opinion!!!!!

    • Erixon20 says:

      Because Fast is not NHL ready and Zuc isn’t that good. Sit Pyatt or Zuc and give Mashinter a chance (not on the PP of course). If we don’t have enough skill at least be tough to play against.

      • Mark says:

        Perfect answer. Fast is doing little and Zuc is not that good. Give Mashinter a shot and let him play it tough. This lineup may get it done against the flyers but there is not as much talent as the Rangers would like you to believe and therefore the injuries that they have are difficult to deal with.

    • Dave says:

      I don’t know unfortunately.

      • Jerry says:

        We are always hearing what talent we have in our system,well put them in like other teams do ,let them play and leave them for at least more than a shift or a game.

        • Jerry says:

          Before they all get disgruntled and want to leave.

          • Dave says:

            Which guys do you think haven’t gotten a fair shot?

            McDonagh, Staal, Girardi, MDZ, Moore, Cally, Hagelin, Zucc, Dubi, Anisimov, etc have all seen significant playing time after earning it.

            AFTER earning it. These kids haven’t earned it yet.

        • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

          They will get a chance to play tomorrow. If Kreider can do something and show he belongs, then he stays. If not, then at some point he’ll be sent back. You can’t keep him here only to continually fail in his assignments. It’s not good for the team expected to win and it’s no good for his confidence. The coach has to protect the kid to an extent. It might just be time to push Kreider from the nest and force him to fly on his own. He has to show something. A willingness to drive to the net. Something. He plays scared. We’ll see

  2. phil says:


  3. phil says:

    actually, maybe one 2nd, one 3rd and 2 fourths

  4. phil says:

    and a rookie goalie

  5. phil says:

    bring on the flyers

  6. Walt says:

    I’m glad that they are going to put Miller on the 2nd line, the kid is a gem in the raw. If nothing else, this kid has desire, and wants to play, I question some of the others!!!!!

    • Fotiu is God says:

      I’m lining up with Walt here.

      Sure, we’re all of seven or eight games in, but you can see who’s got the fire coming over the boards: JT Miller is but one of a standout few.

      I’d also end the Zuccarello Experiment. His shootout expertise isn’t enough to keep him with the parent club anymore. Give his ice time to CK, Mashinter, or any kid on the farm with some jam to his game.

      • Rob says:

        If you think that shootout goals is the only thing that Zuccarello brings to the table then you’re not watching the games.

      • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

        I really thought they would smarten up a bit and insert Mashinter in the lineup. Heck maybe even give him a shot on the 1st line with Richie & Brassard. Lol. They have to be harder to play against. This team needs a catalyst. Until Hagelin returns, this team needs a guy that gets in hard on the Forecheck and makes things hard on opposing teams. I liked what I saw from Glencross of Calgary. He’s 30 but only makes 2.5 per and scores 20+ every years. Good fit.

  7. Rangers Rock says:

    The coach is a little better here he just needs to swallow his pride and put Pyatt in the 4th line. Zuc should not be on the 4th.

  8. Chris F says:

    I’m fine with these adjustments.

  9. The Suit says:

    These work for me…until they don’t.

    • Chris F says:

      They’re reasonale on paper. If they don’t work, they don’t work. At least they make sense though.

  10. AD says:

    MZA was by far our best player the first three games of the season; Pouliot could have put in 4 goals with the setups offered up to him. MZA has been bad ever since, but by and large so has the entire team.

    AV is making it more difficult for players with his version of “Dexter’s Laboratory” and silly line compositions. MZA with Boyle and Pyatt yesterday; MZA on 4th today; Brassard on the wing; Pyatt on 1st line; Kreider 1st, no wait, AHL; back to `1st line; Dorsett on 3rd line. My goodness, is AV really this clueless?

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Is this really going to turn into a daily AV bashing? We get it, you don’t like AV, all of 7 games into his first season. Opinion noted.

      • AD says:

        If the team continues to perform the way it has been and AV continues with puzzling, at best, decisions, I suppose it very well will be a daily bashing.

        I can assure you my view of AV won’t change after 82 games, and the first 7 games had nothing to do with shaping my view; only validated it.

        • Mikeyyy says:

          What’s so puzzling? He keeps changing the lines because we suck right now. He’s trying to win a few games. It’s the same thing torts did.

          • AD says:

            Yeah, and Torts won.

            He also didn’t need much time to figure out what the skillset and roles of his players were.

            Torts never played rookies on 4th lines; never would send Dorsett out again with 3 minutes left, right after taking a game losing penalty. Torts would never recall Powe from AHL for PK duty and forget to send him out on the PK, etc, etc…

            But, hey, it’s only 7 games in. There is time for AV to figure these simple things out.

            • Pete says:

              Torts also barely made the playoffs most years.

              I’d be happy if the team got it together somewhere mid-season with a tweak or two and at least made some noise in the playoffs. Besides, cap is going up next year and maybe the team can add some skill and depth through FA

              • Walt says:


                The problem is when we sign FA, they usually come to NY to go through the motions. Personally, I prefer developing, and drafting better, rather than throwing good money at some retread!! But, what do I know?????

    • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

      Are you joking? He’s an NHL coach of over 15 years but he’s clueless. Come on! You know better? The guy is trying to find what works but hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Everyone moaned when Torts did his share of line tinkering but now you all see that most coaches do. If this team were healthy, there wouldn’t be 1/2 the musical lines going on. It works or it don’t.

  11. Chris F says:

    Is there any information on Nash’s progress?

    Has he spoken with the media? Has the team stated whether or not he’s expected to make a return soon? Seems very quiet.

  12. Mikeyyy says:

    Playmakers are useless without finishers.

    I would say he isn’t giving zucc a last chance he is giving Pyatt a last chance.

    Zuc and nash when healthy made a good combo. Haven’t seen it yet.

  13. Steff says:

    I just have a question about Zucc, isn’t he creating anymore, because last year everytime I saw him on the ice something happened (with not as much result as it could have i guess), is that this year different? Is he not creating anymore? I cannot judge, because I don’have acces to games this year, so please fill me in… Because he won’t be big in some departsments but i see him as one of the most creative Rangers actually, and I do not understand the love some of the other players are getting…

    • Dave says:

      He’s struggled a bit to start the year. But that could be bc the team is missing 3 top-6 forwards, and he is drawing tougher assignments now.

  14. Frank Cerbone says:

    Thursday against Phila better not see a Mashinter less lineup. If I see a Rinaldi, Simmonds, Hartnell, or Schenn running around & only a Dorsett to answer back….we are in deep managerial trouble.