Missiaen, Powe sent to Hartford; Talbot (Update: Kreider/Mashinter too) recalled

October 20, 2013, by

Update 6:15pm: Per Steve Zipay, the Rangers have recalled forwards Brandon Mashinter and Chris Kreider.

Original Post: The Rangers have returned forward Darroll Powe and goaltender Jason Missiaen to the Hartford Wolfpack. Missaen served as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup in last night’s loss to New Jersey, and Powe was a -2 in 8:30 of ice time.

Cam Talbot has been recalled to serve as Hank’s backup for the time being.


  1. Chris F says:

    Powe down. Who plays? Does this suggest Nash will be ready by Thursday?

    • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

      I like Mashinter. He’s a beast and if the coaching staff can teach him how to play nasty. He could help in creating jam to this team. I would have liked if Kreider could stay in Hartford until December or February. Learn to dominate the pro game. Pouliot and Brassard have to produce. Stepan needs to get to 100% quick. 3 days off will help

  2. TxRanger says:

    kreider and mashinter got called up, too

  3. Walt says:

    I hope the Kreider kid takes this opportunity to prove once, and for all that he belongs with the parent club, or he may be shipped out if he doesn’t produce.

    I believe he is, and or will be a quality player soon, but because of the way he burst on the sceen during the cup play-offs, and scoreing what was it six goals, people expected that kind of performance from him, and he couldn’t sustain it.

    They should move him, or Miller on the first line with Brass, and BR, to see what they can do. Get Pyett off of that line, and back to the 3-4 where he belongs.

  4. AD says:

    Kreiderhas played more playoff games than regular season NHL games.

    I’d rather see him spend time strictly on the 3rd line with Richards as his centerman, and let him be mentored a bit without the pressure of top line production.

  5. Bloomer says:

    Kreider and Mash bring size and speed. Both are a welcome addition to the club as the Rangers looked small, soft (and slow) against the Mighty Devils.

  6. bitter zen says:

    We keep talking about the kids coming up, Fast, kreider, Miller. Well talk is cheap time to start producing.Look around the league plenty of rookies on the scoring sheet. Has anyone watched Gabby and Dubi of late, oh the good old days. Nash equals Lindros.

  7. Frank Cerbone says:

    Ottowa Sun says Rangers are actively shopping Kreider and they longer regard him highly.

    Like I said since the the 2009 NHL Draft..Kreider-no hockey sense, doesn’t backcheck, doesn’t get involved,does well only against younger, inexperienced players.

    Carolina (Skinner)and Buffalo (Hodgson) are possible destinations. Hodgson is a reall smart, right handed 6-0, 190 lb young center. Skinner is only a 5-10, 5-11, 190 LW, but can finish.

    Some combo of Kreider and either Del Zotto or Staal will get it done.

    • Walt says:


      Will you get off of the Hodgson name, and or trade, we know how you feel about him, you’ve only posted his name 1000 times!! It won’t happen, but nice try just the same.

    • Dave says:

      Bruce “Malkin to the Kings” Garrioch. Note your source before believing what you read.

    • Paco33 says:

      Kreider doesn’t backcheck, appears to be lacking solid instincts, and doesn’t get involved nearly enough. However, to say he only excels against younger, inexperienced players is clearly belied by the only success we’ve seen from him –during the playoffs, when the competition is at its fiercest

  8. Mark says:

    So tired of this organization messing up number one picks and then having to move them. Can we get a GM that knows what is going on? over a decade is long enough right? Do the Dolans know or care that there has been exactly 1 championship in 80 game years at the Garden (add knicks + rangers). Thank god i am not a Knicks fan.

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