Rangers embarrass themselves in Jersey, lose 4-0

October 19, 2013, by
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

I’m not as high-tech as Dave is, so you don’t get pictures tonight.  Not that you wanted them…

Well, that was fun.  The Rangers dropped a laugher tonight to the Devils in Newark by a score of 4-0.  Let’s break down the ineptitude…

Devils 1, Rangers 0

This play started in the offensive zone, where Derick Brassard made an ill-advised pass through the middle attempting to find John Moore at the point.  Instead, the pass was picked and the Devils went to work in the Rangers’ zone.  As the cycle progressed behind the net, Moore got caught wandering and failed to pick up his man.  Hank provided a juicy rebound and Andrei Loktionov was left all alone in front to net his first of the year.

Devils 2, Rangers 0

The Suit and I found ourselves in a little disagreement over this one on Twitter.  Girardi committed to a questionable pinch, and a nice pass by Jagr saw Adam Henrique streak behind Darrell Powe and Girardi along the boards.  Henrique sped in an ripped a shot over Lundqvist’s blocker on the short side.  Suit thought Hank should have had it, I thought it was just a nice shot.  Anyone care to weigh in?

Devils 3, Rangers 0

Dominic Moore took a stupid penalty for playing the puck with his glove off the face-off.  He claimed he didn’t know this rule in the pre-season, but there are no excuses now.  On the ensuing powerplay, Michael Ryder took a hard, low shot from the point.  The shot hit Dan Girardi’s stick and deflected under Lundqvist’s glove for a backbreaking 3-0 deficit.

Devils 4, Rangers 0

This goal was simply a result of soft play in front of the net.  The Suit made another astute observation about the mismatch in size between Zucc and Dainius Zubrus on the draw, but the net-mouth coverage was seriously lacking all the way around.  Hank gave up a big rebound and Zubrus followed the rebound up, nearly unmolested to put this one away.

Closing thoughts:

  • Missing Nash, Callahan, Hagelin and MDZ from the lineup at once is a tough blow for this team.  That said, they gotta bring more than they did tonight.
  • The effort is there from Jesper Fast, but he looks outmatched.  If not for the injuries, I’d have to think he’d be back in Hartford.
  • The Rangers made life real easy on Cory Schneider tonight.  22 saves in a Marty Brodeur special.
  • My scotch bottle is now empty.  Thanks, boys.
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  1. Bloomer says:

    Rangers simply outworked in all 3 zones. This team does not like to battle and does not resemble the team that we have followed the last few years. I agree with Suit, another bad hair day for Lundquist. The Rangers play an uninspired game of hockey, they are brutal to watch.

  2. BobM says:

    Okay kids, it has been 7 games now.

    I am beginning to think that John Torterella should have gotten some sort of prize for even getting basically this same team to overperform as well as it did the past two years.

    As for our new offensive system, it has created goals by forwards of Richards 4; Callahan 3; Dorsett 1.

    We have scored a grand total of 11 goals and given up 29.

    I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…


  3. Seahorse says:

    Pouliot needs to stop turning it over in his own zone

  4. Melissa says:

    Honest question – who should’ve had Loktionov on the first goal? I watched that goal a couple of times (yes to torture myself) trying to figure out who to blame and I couldn’t figure it out. I was actually keeping an eye out for this recap to see how you guys broke that one down.

    • Justin says:

      That was Moore’s man, Melissa. I don’t have a problem with him ranging a little bit to support the winger, but he lost Loktionov, who was wide open.

      • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

        Hey Justin. It’s been said the winds of trade are blowing and with all the injuries the Rangers could use a big top 6 forward. Preferably a RW. Or just a righty Centerman but the Blues just resigned Stewart to a 2 year $8.3 mil salary. He’s got 2 assists on the season and a -3. He’d fit in NY pretty well and the Rangers could do without DZ at this point so maybe the Blues would take a pick and Del Zotto for Stewart. He’s a perennial 20 goal scorer and he could be that guy in the oppositions crease that AV wants and the Rangers don’t have. What does anyone think?

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    If they keep playing like this. Not sure if av will survive it.

    Messier is only a call away.

  6. AD says:

    This team is playing like they have no confidence in their coach; and no willingness to give him a chance, either.

    Despite all his worts, maybe the players actually believed Tortorella helped lead them to the most succees they ever had in their career. And maybe after giving 110% for 3 straight seasons, they are none too pleased to see their GM pull the rug out from underneath them by replacing the coach they believed in.

    This has disaster written all over it.

  7. The Suit says:

    After that observation on twitter, AV moved MZA off of that line to get him away from Zubrus. That’s a miserable matchup and I still can’t figure out why he put him out there to begin with.

  8. Bloomer says:

    I can understand a coach mixing lines to figure out who fits in where. But Brassard has never looked comfortable on wing to me. Yeah it worked for BR, but I think BR played wing a lot in Tampa and junior.
    Definitely Fast isn’t NHL ready and what is wrong with Lundquist? Is there a rift with this team? Because I got to think this is one dysfunctional team right now, especially on the blue line and in goal.

  9. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    That second shot was on Lundquist. He was very mediocre. He needed to set a better tone in this game. Having a first line that did not include Pyatt would have helped too.

  10. Eric says:

    I am not making excuses , but missing Nash,Cally and hags is huge. You are missing 3 guys that could play in the top 6. Mdz needs to be on the ice because Faulk is over matched.

    On Wednesday I thought we turned a corner but tonight we showed how bad we could be. Defense was suppose to be our strength and they look terrible.

    The forwards look lost. How was Pyatt on the first line. Pouliot is terrible. At this point why not give the kids a shot.

    In closing we look bad. We need to get healthy quick before this season is over. AV needs to hold the players accountable because this team looks horrible

  11. Mikeyyy says:

    The team is missing half of its top 6

    And one of its top 4 d. Mdz

    While the spanking received from uncle daddy’s Debbie’s is atrocious, they could have played worse.

    Avs style of letting the players sort the room out works with vocal leaders. Our leaders are quiet.

    Case in point, watch old 94 hockey games. Messier was talking to people the entire game. Our guys now. All quiet.

    Someone needs to be the voice of this team and fast.

  12. Walt says:

    When Hank is on, he is great, when he’s not, he is stinking up the place. This is what the fourth game where he gave up 4 goals already this season. Jump on me, but if Hank wants to be paid at the rate of $10 mil, for 8 years, prove you deserve it, because right now it appears that he should be at the AHL level! Look to the Ducks for a goalie, they are loaded with them.

    McD signed a big contract, Ryan give the team a refund with the type of play your giving us. For that matter, Girardi as well, or the entire team.

    It’s clear as day these guys are not motivated! Well shake things up, bring up Kristo, Kreider, Lindberg, McIlrath, and send the shit heads that are not putting out an effert down to the Pack, and let them think about their future with this team, or their future in the NHL!

    Look at the Devils line up, what quality players do they have, maybe 3-4, that’s it, and we get blown out by this group, WTF!!!!!

  13. Mike O. says:

    A couple of observations-

    1. Blaming Lundqvist for Ranger losses is like the fools who are blaming Eli for the Giants’ season. Could somebody please throw a check, just every once in a while?

    2. How old is Jagr, like maybe 60? Could somebody realize he is on the ice and keep an eye on him?

    3. Finally I’m starting to see some credit being given to Tortorella. Where were you guys last spring? Everybody wanted him executed.

    15th place isn’t going to do it.

    Regards- orange

    • AD says:

      Not here; never wanted Tortorella fired. Only praise for the guy who brought back a winning mentality and culture to this dysfunctional organization, and who developed our youth very well.

      My guess is the players feel Sather made a horrible mistake and will not buy into AV or play his game. Why should they? The players know it is not a formula for success, so they are all starting to bale out on this club.

      Welcome to the new era of dismantling the Rangers.

      • The Suit says:

        Everyone wanted Torts gone except the 5 guys who write at this site, Bloomer, and AD. Maybe a handful of others. Still, we have to move on from that. Ship has sailed.

        • Evan M says:

          I definitely wanted Torts to stay around, and have defended him on this blog many a time. Though, I don’t see the problem as the coaching right now. While I can’t speak intelligently as to what goes on in the locker room or among the players, when a coach is fired because he “lost the team,” that’s the same as telling those players that they have control over the team. It fractures peer leadership and the team mentality, and it shifts blame off of the ice.

          Hopefully, this is a just a really bad road trip and things get better at home.

          • Ray says:

            There is a difference between bad coaching and a bad coach. Tortorella’s first full season with the Rangers was awful. The second was brilliant. He was a completely different coach, focusing on young players and the direction the organization was going.

            The Ranger problem may be bad coaching, but AV has been around long enough to adjust his style to his players.

    • Walt says:

      So we are fools to blame Hank? If he is all world, play like it. It appears that you are apologizing for him and casting the blame on everyone else. There is plenty of blame to go around, and he has to bear his share. This coming from one of the fools that blames everyone!

  14. Old Fogey says:

    Thank God blogs didn’t exist 20 years ago! I would have stopped rooting for the Rangers a long time ago. I know you guys bleed Ranger Blue but there’s a big difference between a small cut and an arterial puncture!

    Having gone through 40+ years of Rangers hockey, I know how frustrating this season is so far, but throwing in the towel only seven games in? When acclimating to a new coach and system? With no home games played yet? With three of the top six injured? Can’t we at least wait until they lose 7 games at home before calling for a wholesale revision of the lineup?

    Hank ALWAYS starts off slow. They were awful starting off last year as well but still made the playoffs. Please! Let’s give EVERYBODY a break for a bit longer. If the team is still playing like crap by
    Thanksgiving, THEN we can call for heads to roll!

    • Justin says:

      You are now officially my boy, Old Fogey.

    • Seahorse says:

      Yeah but with blogs people vent one game at a time. The world is ending one day and the the next the next the team is godlike. I need to get on a baseball blog. I’d love to see what the after game reactions are when you play every day

  15. Bloomer says:

    My beloved coach Torts is gone, As a fan, I am prepared to move on, but am wondering if the Ranger players are.
    Like most coaches AV has strengths and weaknesses. One strength is he is not afraid to put in the press box players who don’t perform. We saw that with MDZ. Key injuries to forwards is giving him fewer options upfront. I think Fast could be sent down and give Krieder and Kristo another shot. They could add some life and enthusiasm to a line up that just doesn’t seem like they want to battle.

    • Ray says:

      I view Krieder somewhat differently than the other kids. Krieder is strong and AV thinks he should be strong in front of the net. Which means retooling his game. That’s the sort of thing one does in the AHL and not in NY.

      I’m not saying Krieder can’t be a decent third or fourth line player now, but will he ever have the impact of Ryan Clowe in his prime?

  16. Douglas Peters says:

    Am going to continue to say this until a change is made. AV WAS THE WRONG CHOICE!!!!!! Even with no NHL coaching experience Messier would have these players ready for each game. Win or lose the effort would be far superior. There is no accountability for lack of effort on the ice. Where is the offensive system that AV is reputed for?

    Send all to AHL and bring up entire Whalers team for next game including Lundqvist. We would see some desire and effort out there at least.

    Slats, what have u done to a perfectly good them!

    I am a digusted NYR fan and my patience is wearing very thin.

    • Walt says:


      How many times has anyone have to say that you earn your stripes. Mess is God like in this town, and feels that he is owed the job, sorry my man, he has to learn the trade, and prove himself.

      Everyone forget that Mess wanted more money, made demands, and forced the Rangers to trade him off to Vancouver, where he choked his chicken. When he came back, Leetch gave up the captain position, because Mess was our captain. Ever think he is self centered, and that a major number of streets in NY were named after him, “ONE WAY” ! Sorry to bust your ballon, and I am a big fan of him, but the truth is the truth.

      No one man is bigger than the team, I don’t care what he has done in the past, he has to prove that he can coach. Time and again, super stars can’t coach their way out of a paper bag, maybe Mess can, but he has to prove that he can coach!!

    • branted says:

      sather should be the one that goes next he has no vision at all. by trading gabby you’d think he was sticking with the coach only to turn around n fire him too. AV was the total wrong choice he was only rumored to be the best available guy, no thought at all was put into the hiring other than that. the guy doesnt kno anything about the east, the teams or its players. when the heck is sather going to be held accountable already!!! the rangers will never win a cup as long as he is running things. he’s a joke.

      • Walt says:

        Can’t agree more with you. When he was with the Oilers, he once said “If I had the money that the Rangers have to work with, I’d win the cup”. Well he hasn’t done squat, and air head Dolan stays loyal to him, why?????

        If, and when Slats is gone, look at JD, and what he has done in St Louis, and now with Columbus, that my man is a good GM in the making!!!!! I would go after JD, but there are plenty on this blog who say Mess should be the GM, again I would disagree with them.

        • branted says:

          totally agree! JD is one of the best hockey men out there and I’m sure he’d love to come back NY.

  17. BobM says:

    Being an Original Six team, the odds would indeed favor former NY Rangers being GMs or Coaches in the league. Slats, Al Arbour, Don Maloney, John Davidson, George McPhee, Lindy Ruff, Fred Shero and Emile Francis immediately come to mind. Phil Esposito even coached a few games here and there. As good as Herb Brooks was, he was fired after 4 years. How many remember Bryan Trottier as Rangers head coach? Patrick Roy is doing well, but I had my doubts about Mess being Rangers coach too.

    Who knows, but as of this point, I doubt that things could be any worse.

    • Walt says:


      They are bringing up a few kids from the A, let’s see if that wakes anyone up. Things will improve, they just have to.

  18. The Reverand says:

    If the Rangers don’t start igniting a fire soon, Lundqvist will seek other options during free agency.