Dan Girardi’s motivation to be better

October 16, 2013, by
Dan Girardi has been poor so far.

Dan Girardi has been poor so far.

Dan Girardi has had an atrocious start to the season but yet is one of the key players the Rangers will have to rely on to turn their difficult start around. While plus/minus is not a particularly accurate statistic, his minus 7 rating is a bad indicator and Girardi’s decision making, positioning and overall game thus far have been far from his usually consistent and reliable standards.

The Rangers have appeared all at sea in their own zone so far this season but a quick turnaround from Dan Girardi and in net, Henrik Lundqvist would see fortunes quickly reversed. Perhaps no two players can individually aid the team more, immediately. With both All Stars in poor form the Rangers have required help in other areas and have failed to receive it (goodbye Martin Biron).

Girardi should be motivated. With Girardi approaching unrestricted free agency, a bad season from the veteran blueliner – and subsequently the Rangers overall – could see the long term marriage come to a separation next summer. Prior to this season Girardi stood to command a significant raise on his current $3.4m salary (3.325 cap). Defenders that can play twenty five minutes a game, play physically and chip in twenty to thirty points a year can command quite the financial return on the open market.

The problem for Girardi is that he has been trending downwards. Brilliant two to three years ago, so-so last year and terrible so far this year Girardi needs to turn his play around for his own future as well as for the Rangers hopes of a good year. While no one is expecting Dylan McIlrath, Brady Skjei, Conor Allen or even a current younger roster guy like John Moore to fill Girardi’s shoes in the short term, a bad year all round from Girardi and the Rangers may see the team look to get some fresh legs and save some dollars on the blueline.

No Rangers defenseman has covered themselves in glory this season but Ryan McDonagh is in for the long haul, Marc Staal has a higher ceiling and Michael Del Zotto has more offensive ability so if anyone would be jettisoned in the summer Girardi, given his contract status and age, seems like a logical conclusion. It’s a huge season for the Rangers and Dan Girardi, but its a critical one for the player himself.


  1. Hatrick Swayze says:

    The following is not my conclusion, but I figured this is as good a place as any to share what I learn watching Rangers games with my girlfriend. Her conclusion goes something like:

    Dan Girardi had the prettiest eyes in the organization. That changed, however, during the summer of 2012 when we signed Taylor Pyatt. Despite his slow feet, Pyatt’s eyes are a thing of beauty. So much so, that some women believe it would be sacrilegious for him to ever wear sunglasses. It is no coincidence that Girardi’s fall from grace seems to have coincided with his status of having the prettiest eyes on the team revoked.

    The kicker, though, is that he is not completely damaged goods because he also has the most masculine facial bone structure in the organization. This seems to indicate that we should expect him to round back into form.

    ^^Again, the above is in no way shape or form my opinion. But if this helps me spend my QT with the GF watching the Rangers, as opposed to the Notebook, I’ll gladly listen to such theories.

    • Walt says:

      Hay man, these are interesting points she makes. At least she’ll watch a game with you, can get my wife to do the same, and give her opinion!!!!

      • Gary says:

        My wife and I were engaged during the ’94 run. She watched all the games with me and even let me pick her up and twirl her around the room when they won the cup.

        Now? Bupkis. It’s me, alone here outside Boston (along with the other guy out here) and the TV, and sometimes my girls, though the Bruins and a general lack of hockey interest often get in the way of that. Wife could not care less.

        So Hatrick’s def. onto something there.

    • Chris says:

      This is hilarious.

    • Gary says:

      LO freaking L Hatrick!

    • Ryan says:

      Literally identical to my ole lady and I. She’s a huge Rangers fan, but a bigger Girardi fan

      • Hatrick Swayze says:

        The girls love him… I bet it has a bunch to do with his son (Landon, I think) who got some camera time during 24/7.

        A toddler playing floor hockey will play to the favor to all of those want to be moms out there

  2. Walt says:

    If Dan doesn’t get his act together this season, and the team continues to play poorly, and heaven forbid not make the play-offs, he should be moved along for some decent return. Someone said that we should trade him for Wayne Simmons, maybe not a bad move????????

    I’m not calling for a trade, but that is an option for the team, given the fact that he is indeed trending downward!!

    • Chris says:

      If it’s at the point that the playoffs are out of reach it’d be too late to trade him.

      • Walt says:


        There is always a need for a d-man for teams that are in the run to make the play-off, or a shot at them!!

  3. Hatrick Swayze says:

    I agree that the longer the season goes on, the more his value would go down, but if Douglas Murray can get a 2nd round pick at the deadline, I’m sure Girardi would have some good value.

    There’s always a market for a top 4 d man. A better comparable from last year would be Jay Bowmeester. I forget his return but I would think at worst we would get a top 60 pick, no?

  4. Frank Cerbone says:

    Does Girardi EVER miss a game?????

    Rangers could move Girardi IF Staal,McDonough,Del Zotto, Stralman, Moore done’t get hurt.

    Staal is a minus 7…same as Girardi……Is Staal having problems seeing the puck??????

    If Staal has vision problems, Girardi stays

  5. Erixon20 says:

    I thought Staal started well but had a few bad games. But the whole D looks out of sorts and every mistake gets burried. Girardi and Mac look awful. Del Zotto looks like Del Zotto. I hope Girardi returns to form….he’s such a solid player and easy to root for. I think they turn it around, but I’m sure NYR will give up more goals this year..let’s hope they score more, too.